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Evidence and witnesses subpoenaed at the senate trial could be interesting and could lead to more impeachments which could lead to more subpoenas and so on…

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Although, it could be interesting if Q+ et. al. used their puppet against them somehow.

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lol elephant comms! I love you bastards! ❤️🇺🇸👑

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Perhaps it is possible that they knew but thought it was a different occupying force (perhaps “Hamas” is not what it seems to be)?


I’ll just put this right here.

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Wtf are you even talking about? Please explain. I don’t know why some people are upset. I merely asked some questions and gave some very good info.

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How so? It’s just a question. Were you emotionally triggered by it and unable to think clearly afterwards?

Think about it. Then answer the question. Then reply. Please. I’ll wait.

Edit: lol are you one of those incel-simps?

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You are indeed an outlier and, of course, based af. 👑🇺🇸👊

Congrats. We need more of you.

I’m guessing you were aware of other psyops long before “covid” and perhaps before 9/11?

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Lmao except that such “independent” women are often dependent on corporate fascist megacorps founded, owned, and managed almost exclusively by men.


Wow lol are triggered incel simps downvoting my comment above? LMAO

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Is it reasonable to expect a [edit 4: young] female to resist a military grade psyop?

The “men” in her life failed to protect her. Is that her fault?

Should she be forced to breed only with another clotty?

Is it reasonable for male true bloods to seek only true blood females?

Perhaps, but consider the size of the true blood eligible bachelor pool versus the size of the true blood eligible bachelorette pool.

For the sake of the human population, at least one of these three must happen:

  1. True blood females breeding with multiple true blood males

  2. True blood couples making LOTS of babies

  3. Many true blood males taking one for the team and breeding with clotties in hopes that the toxxine did not get transcribed into the famale’s gametes and if they did then the resulting dna does not get passed down and if it does, well, fuck.


Below are some things to consider.

Her first dose came from a batch that wasn’t nearly the worst of batches but it was indeed a bad batch. Her second dose appears to have been saline (zero deaths as of December 2023 according VAERS out of a total of only two reports for that batch; nothing serious reported).

Her first dose’s batch resulted in 766 adverse events including 15 deaths, 17 disabilities, and 13 life-threatening illnesses. For comparison, the worst batch (by deaths) resulted in 60 reported deaths and the second worst batch resulted in 40 reported deaths.

Edit: consider the under-reporting factor (by one conservative estimate, the numbers above should be multiplied by at least 40).




Also, look here for a list of spike detox guides and a decent overall summary:


Edit 2: not sure why the downvotes lol

Edit 3: are triggered incel-simps, or “simpcels”, downvoting me after failing to read past the first sentence?

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Free credit reports and scores. Live updates. Check anytime. Free notifications. Dispute items. Check it out. Free.

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From the God Emporer’s Truth linked in OP above:

[Very sly, but a vote for Vivek is a vote for the "other side" — don't get duped by this. Vote for "TRUMP," don't waste your vote! Vivek is not MAGA.]

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