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Really? Then why have over 80% of hires in the Fortune 500 over the last 18 months been MINORITIES ?

btw... 'whataboutism' is communist vernacular

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how is what's happening to Trump 'legal' ?

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Hands Down, Musk is the Person of the Year, by every measure.

But that would be in the Real World.

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Actually, Portugal... her body was never found and she may still be alive.

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Biggest Fishing Expedition in HISTORY

A Conviction looking for a Crime that does not exist.

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lots of fence sitters on Trump... I know many.

BLM is was an astroturf movement from the beginning

placating to Blacks is one thing... no need to lump BLM in with them. They fucking burned down cities FFS... that's a crime in itself. We know who was funding them already.

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The world needs to see a person like Obama, Bill Gates or Oprah doing something evil and horrible to a child.

Blast it on every electric billboard in the world AT ONCE.

Time Square. Wall St. Piccadilly Circus. Las Vegas. Tokyo.

Then let's see them try and walk down the street.

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Funny... when I put on my Q Sunglasses, the headline reads:

Kevin McCarthy spending eternity at Camp GITMO

6 Year Delta >> "Watch the News. Leakers exposed. These people are stupid"


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No better demonstration of Power than stomping a boot down on millions of humans they regard as 'useless eaters.'

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All GAW users must adhere to the highest standards of conduct, whichever .WIN they are on. If we are notified by other moderators of uncivil behavior on other .WINs, you WILL be banned here!

Your insults:

sensitive bitch

fuckwit garbage

foggiest flying shit

dial back your paranoia

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flat earth ? lol

find my flat earth posts

why do my opinions upset you so and what is with the strawman and condescending sarcasm?

and yes... from the outset, this board was about WAKING UP THE NORMIES and that happens with eyes on posts, not wonky stuff that the vast majority of people reject or don't understand or consume

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