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What a blinky, stuttering, illiterate mess of a White House Press Secretary. She is the worst person I've ever seen at the position in the entire history of the job. What a fucking joke

The poster child for diversity and inclusion.

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Trump was denied loans by American banks because they knew he was a threat, which is being played out today. He was forced to get creative in obtaining loans to keep his business going. Including borrowing from Russian banks.

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I said nothing about disregarding things out of hand. Verification is required, I said clearly. A timestamp is a great start and absence of one is sus. Now, why don't you do the board of favor and go confirm this post. Thanks.

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We need timestamps on any videos like this otherwise it's nothing more than false flags and pre-recorded video. Although interesting, verification is definitely required here.

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Everybody should know that the cult and the cabal follow what they consider the ONE


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Ukraine is home to this type of activity. Parents and grandparents are directly involved in child sex trafficking. It's happening on well-known live streaming platforms.

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This is exactly like Sarah Silverman's sick joke

Is it molestation if the kid makes the first move?

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And what I believe was the technology used to Target the drones at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

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Because the Secret Service was behind the Kennedy assassination and so was the CIA and FBI

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And I can guarantee Obama is not in control of shit. The Optics on this is horrible for Biden and the fbi. Patriots are in control, not renegade.

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I cannot comment on whether or not I am part of the fifth column subversion of the United States of America

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