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CHIPOTLE wants to fuck your kids

This is grooming.

Drag Queens are faggots that prey on children.

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CHIPOTLE has the Pedo triangle right in the fucking logo.

LBGTQ is a cover for Pedophiles forcing grooming agendas on your children

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PEDOPHILES are hiding behind the LBGTQ Movement

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There is 3 now. Ginsburg died.

I think you need to focus on AG Merrick Garland about to use the Justice Department against the State mandated audits.

Did you see the ADL and 49 Jewish groups pushing for amnesty for all Illegal aliens?

Comes a point when it's fucking obvious what is going on, but faggots like you continue to gaslight.

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Merrick Garland is a JEW.

If Obama had been successful in placing him on the SCOTUS, that would have made 5-9 Justices Jewish.

2% of the population with a clear majority on the SCOTUS

Garland is an INFILTRATOR

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this is the same shit these groups were saying right before they opened the floodgates to the EU for Islamists and North Africans


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big push by Zionist shills to push the Jew victimhood agenda

oy vey, it's so transparent

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buy HELLO brand kids toothpaste

Fluoride free and kids love the taste.

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Kamala has a plan to feed the world with muffin stumps, too.

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These companies built on BRAND IDENTITY threw decades of careful marketing and image control right down the fucking drain.

Stunning, really.

This used to be Nike:


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Let me guess:

They gave them the weed first and everybody forgot to show up for their vax appointment.

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Amazon just bought MGM with taxpayer dollars.

Boycott them, too.

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There will be an effort to turn the Great Awakening into a JEW vs. ARAB shitshow.

proceed carefully

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ever heard of the term Shabbos Goy ?

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We lost tens of millions of good people in the previous 2 World Wars, not to mention tens of millions more in deliberate genocides, in the name of communism and revolution.

We're paying a small price for tearing down the NWO

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