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Nothing pisses off a MOOCH more than another MOOCH out-mooching them.

“How dare this mayor and city council have the guts to give migrants $51 million,” Smith said, speaking about newly-inaugurated Mayor Brandon Johnson (D). “I demand you to have the same passion and urgency to pass the City of Chicago Reparations Ordinance

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Seth is asking Abbot what took him so long and questioning his motives...

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They'll claim they planned to run it for one day, only.

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And that wedge of the Pentagon was staffed by the group of JAG's looking for Rumsfeld's missing $2.3 Trillion, led by Comptroller Dov Zakheim.

Years earlier, Zakheim was CFO of Systems Planning Corporation, who developed the Flight Termination System. A remote control system for Boeing 767's and 757's that can fly EIGHT PLANES SIMULTANEOUSLY

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Agreed. Why celebrate something rather than analyzing the pro's and con's and deeper issue of BRICS ?

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All right, here's the 800 lb gorilla.

With the release of Hunter's laptop, Biden is quickly moving to be removed via 25th Amendment.

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No eyewitnesses to a missile, however, if there was one it likely had to be launched within the grounds of the Pentagon.

The reason I say 'IF' is because I believe it is also possible the building was pre-rigged and timed for detonation with the flyover of the jet in question.

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This bitch is like one of thousands in Ukraine doing to same exact thing and Zelenski and Biden know all about it.

https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/politics/natl-biden-gushes-over-ukraines- beautiful-women/1837034/

Wondering why American Pols continue to go to Ukraine? Sexual tourism and the associated blackmail.

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It's a yellow journalism rag owned by Carlos Slim, who conspired with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti to traffic human beings, especially single mothers and their children.

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Training? Training?

You think training greenhorns to fly F16's against the Russian AF is a good idea?

Sounds like a cover to get them into the theater and have the flown by Mercenary pilots.

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Maybe there is an ongoing investigation...

SOMETHING has burgeoned the number of Federal sealed indictments..

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