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Listen to the contempt in his voice for Americans of White European heritage.

seething with hatred

by G-Anon
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Funny, because if they tried to pull this shit 400 years ago, his head would be on a pike.

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Uvalde was exactly like Sandy Hook

A complete hoax.

Every one of the 400 Leo's that responded are complicit in the LIE

So is the media.

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wagering is not a sin

if it is, your 401k will land you in hell

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This incident has convinced me that FBJ is entirely under Q control...

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That is not the same girl with Obama. That is purportedly his niece and there are a number of photos of them together. Now, that doesn't mean it's really his niece nor does it mean she is not a victim.

The photo of Cowell is legitimate. I believe he was in Thailand, at the time.

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Perfect time to drop FJB's blackmail video where he assaults a tied up child..

You KNOW it exists, just like I do.

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nobody had another 7 and I folded

however, I had the current high hand (AAAQQ) for a bonus of $200 and it held up

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On average, black women are the most racist, selfish, egotistical, stupid, arrogant, indulgent and morally corrupt class of Americans.

it's not even close

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She's 100% controlled and being deployed by the Deep State to take the reigns of emerging narratives as the credibility of nearly every MSM talking head CRATERS and viewers turn off their TV's

clear as day

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how about you explain 6 millions jews being gassed, instead ?

and what about Albert Bourla and Phizer ?

you good with that? you good with Zionist Mayorkas turning an army of terrorists and murderers loose on Americans? You good with Zionist Blinken running the reputation of the USA through the dirt? And how about Garland? You good with Zionist Garland destroying the rule of law and leading a Gestapo against Americans?

pull your damn head out of your ass...

not being rude, just sayin.

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