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Who's talking to Chris Wallace?

LMFAO! Who named this show?

What difference does it make who he's talking to when nobody is watching?


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Why Did the CEO of MERKE ( Drugzzzzzzz ) Lead the Sandusky Sex Abuse Investigation at Penn State? Kenneth Frazier Was Also First to Quit President Trump's Economic Council


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I've always interpreted

Do you TRUST the Chain of Command?

As: Trump is still President

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How did Trump get rid of Isis so fast?

He defunded the cia's Isis task force, that's how.

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Do not engage. Part of the problem is people would rather shout at them than offer more viable, popular alternatives.

This is the fox model of conservatism. It's retarded. "Oh they're hypocrites! Oh look at those stupid liberals! Can you believe how dumb they are?"

All the while never articulating better alternatives. That negative energy is never going to amount to anything.

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Not really about calling them names or hypocrites. Any political debate has a topic. If you know the topic and you know the facts these people don't have a chance.

If you're reduced to calling them names and getting in a shouting match, perhaps you don't have a grasp of the topic at hand.

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You echo my thoughts, exactly. We had black history in high school 30 years ago. It was called American history. Part of the fabric of America.

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The two most populous white nations with 98% of the nuclear weapons? Can't have them getting along.

It would not be kosher

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This is where you really begin to see how Tucker Carlson is a gatekeeper.

Cabal of Democrats? No, Tucker. It's a Deep State controlled by a cabal of satanic pedophiles.

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Zelensky retreats to the bunker for his final days?

So familiar...

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Self-sufficiency is not a vice.

It's a virtue.

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Sounds like a BMW E46 330ci

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Those two things are directly connected.

The world is evil because you lost your way. You lost touch with God.

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I frankly don't care what it is. This woman should not be on any network spreading hypocritical nonsense while claiming to be a voice standing against liberalism.

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