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She is trying to hide the PROOF, which DJT HAS! As of now she has "plausible deniability". Remember when she was questioned in all those hearings? Her response about 1K x, "I don't remember" (plausible deniability). She would NEVER admit she was culpable.

So the eff bee eye raids and takes all the evidence that Trump has, He draws them in, hook, line and Sinker! Bet they are all copies and he still has the original or the other way around. Now HE has evidence which he can Use in Court against Her, Obama and Brandon. And all those records also (what's the word?) accuses? Incriminates the eff b eye and the other departments overseeing the eff be eye. Grassley and Ron Johnson have the goods on these agencies as well. eff be eye has lost the game and can no longer shout they didn't know! They have become the criminals and now they can be choked off! $$$ Nov election is the key. We must not get distracted and let them mess with that election. We need to stay the course and let happen that which will be. They are hoping for a civil war so they can have an excuse to mess with the election. They see The RED wave coming. How many MAGA people have been elected in the primary? They are in a panic BIG time.