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It WAS something physical. At this rate, it will soon be worth no more than the paper it's printed on.

Wealthy people who really understand money, Trump included, are almost always cash broke. Case in point, Trump had to scramble to come up with his bond. The man is worth no less than $5B and a small fraction of that is in the form of cash, most likely earmarked as business operating capital.

You might take comfort in your federal reserve notes, but I never will. My hope is we go back to gold and silver backed money.

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It's still hard for me to believe that we're having these kinds of debates

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This is great. This is also why I'm looking for land in Kootenai County.

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NOTE: Gold and Silver don't go up and down. The dollar get's weaker or stronger. In 1920, a $20 gold piece could by a custom tailored suit. Today a $20 gold piece can by a custom tailored suit.

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The one on the left is practically undressing him 😂

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SUPER EPIC. This one is not a reach. This is an impossible “coincidence”.

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Brad Miller replied: Courts-martial have NOT begun. The effort we have initiated is intended to get to that point. We certainly have not arrived there yet. This is going to take time and significant effort.


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K sorry. On lunch break and rapid fired.

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This is why doors fall off planes

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Next to "simp" in the dictionary is an 8x10 glossy of that faggot

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They're basically a lesbian couple except less manly

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It's nonsense. They've been instructed that they can make adjustments, put it back before a grand jury and re-indict.

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