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Many employees still remain who were surely a part of those conversations.

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Apple has been woke

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If you want to cut the head off the monster, you can't attack it's toe. This is a complicated long battle.

We live in a fallen world. This has been going on for thousands of years. It's one of the oldest crimes committed by people who thirst for power. The fight never ends on earth...

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They know who the money is being laundered to.

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People are weary. The doom is a result of just wanting this all to be over. That’s not how it works. This fight will take years. Getting Trump back in office is just one step in taking down the cabal. And when they appear to be gone, years down the road they will reappear. As long as the world exists, satan exists. The Earthly fight doesn’t end, EVER

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I'm not jumping off the Trump train, but I don't see any proof of this. Makes us look fucking stupid

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All I see is them saying bad things about him. We need confirmation on this before we just post stuff

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I hear you but it's literally taken a century or more for us to get here. Can't fix it all in 2 years.

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Nice thought but I seriously doubt it

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doubt it. we're going to find out if the white hats are indeed in control... if not, we're FUCKED

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Is this a wave? Doesn't feel like one. Feels like 2020 AOA

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Penn is lost and it looks like AZ soon will be too

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