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Has anyone given any thought to what just happened while we are surrounded by other life altering events?

Our Government just approved:

87,000 agents for the southern border? NO

87,000 agents were just approved for our local police, fire and EMS? NO

87,000 agents were just approved to help our Family services and schools? NO

87,000 agents were improved for medical care and prescriptions? NO

Those jackasses in Washington, just approved 87,000 agents for a Armed IRS to audit (shake down) the American people. It also puts the IRS duties into LAW, which is was "voluntary" before. LET THAT SINK IN WHILE YOUR PISSED OFF ABOUT THE RAID. They don't want you to read it or you WILL be running down the street with your hair on fire. This is the last ditch effort to bring Communism into our legislation. AND WE SAY NOTHING.

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This happened to the French after their government went so far in debt to help the US during the Revolution in 1776.