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I'm sorry, but if it were the good guys, they would not be committing illegal acts of invasion and unethical recruiting. Think people.

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My mistrust of the government came early and has ALWAYS been there, it is a constant because it is a condition of man's heart when faced with absolute power:

My first memory is the JFK Assassination, we knew the FBI/CIA killed him, everyone knew, it was the beginning of the decay in America. No one believed the Warren Report. To this day, files are still held secret.

Apollo moon landing was a lie, take a trip to Huntsville, AL space and Rocket Center and see first hand. That piece of tinfoil didn't fly anywhere. Ha, they think we're stupid.

Operation Paper Clip, bringing 2000 War Criminals to work in Defense and Aerospace.

MK ultra was carried out on innocent Americans, especially children by the CIA. Unspeakable acts of torture.

MANY Military experiments were carried out on our servicemen w/o consent using biological warfare chemicals. Our government is horrible.

American Prisoners Were used for Agent Orange experiments.

The suppression of herbal treatments, especially for children's cancer.

The Entire Vietnam War and the massacre of 500 unarmed civilians that the government considered collateral damage. Illegal cover ups.

Iran–Contra affair. More Illegal dealings and cover ups.

The killings at Ruby Ridge.

The massacre of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX.

The depravity of the Franklin Child Prostitution Ring, my first introduction to Pedos and what they are capable of doing to the most innocent. Unforgivable.

The denial and cover up of Chemtrails.

The Clintons, pay to play and the IRS

The Bush family grift

Obama and his destruction of America while enriching himself

COVID-19 is not just a health and economic crisis. It’s a corruption crisis.

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Healthcare costs are already 20% of our GDP and climbing. The United States has the best healthcare in the world, however; greed and corruption have captured that system. It can be saved if the people demanded it, it is just not something we understand or think about until we need it. Not only are hospitals closing, but there is no new blood offering to work as a paramedic, an EMT or a rescue worker due to the low pay or no pay. Those people are actually the ones who will determine if you live or die. Without Paramedics on site fast your chances diminish. Without EMTs there is no one applying first aid or pumping your chest; no matter if it is a heart attack or car accident.

This type of care has been in place for decades and we think it will always be there when we call 911 (just like in the movies), however, there is a big push to kill it in rural areas. Unless we wake up, the destruction will continue and no one will show up to help when we call.

There are doctors, nurses and specialists who are fighting so much corruption, that they too are exhausted. The doctors use to run the hospitals, but now the shareholder does. The government, our government, has their hand out also.

Did you know that in order for a hospital to recoup the care provided they must double or triple charge the commercial insurance consumer? The man that has a job and purchases insurance thru their work has commercial insurance. So, in other words, those who work must pay for those that don't have any insurance. Migrants anyone? This is coming into play in 2024.

There use to be a larger percentage of commercial insurance customers, (working middle class) but this is the first year that percentage is 49%. The math tells the story of doom. There are now 51% of citizens not contributing to that system of having a hospital that can pay their bills, pay doctors and pay specialists.

People can bitch all they want to about our system and level of care; that is until we no longer have a system or a hospital or emergency room. And that is arriving soon. What we will be left with, on this current course, is a class system. Only those who have money will receive care. Only those who can pay a retainer fee for a doctor will have one. It is called MDVIP-affiliated doctors.

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Without much fanfare, hundreds of rural hospitals have already closed and 600 more are due to any day now. Thousands nationwide are in financial trouble due to our government and insurance companies. They want us sick..... They want us dead........ and it is happening right under our noses.

Hospitals where the land was donated, and the communities built the buildings and funded them and where they were private, not for profit, are now being gutted and bought by investors outside of the communities.

When the hospitals die, the businesses die and the people die. Ground work being laid, so get ready for the 15 minute cities

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I ran across a podcast a couple months back, it was a bunch of political hacks discussing the Roy Moore scandal. They were gloating how well it worked, how much money they put into it and how gullible the people of Alabama were for believing it. The girls were paid a handsome fee.

They were actually bragging how they had accomplished it (although expensive) and how it works every single time.

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BQ, Very Important info, thanks for posting for the rest of us to see. Somedays, I wonder if our Nation is not already circling the drain. There is so much suffering at the hands of evil.

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Look at the blue states only. See what the established wealthy are doing regarding local housing, allocating taxes and keeping 'their' wealth to prosper themselves and their kids?

Everyone else can complain all they want, but the truth is - the left is robbing you....legally.....County by County! The Democrats who preach equity, inclusion and anti racism are distracting you, out maneuvering you and gathering wealth (housing, land, resources) for themselves. Locally. It is a simple strategy. Unopposed. Unchallenged.

One can now SEE it via the Blue States. (the grift expanding) County by County the wealthy gain and preserve their wealth. Exclude the poor (both black and white).

The divide is happening right under your noses because you refuse to get involved, Locally, and see the grift happening in your own back yard.

While you concentrate on War, Debt, the UN, NATO and WEF, (and feel helpless) the Democrats and Rinos plot to plunder this nation's wealth county by county. And, they are succeeding. The exact thing happened in the 80s. It has happened over and over and over.

I agree with other Anons, Conservatives need a swift slap in the face. WAKE UP!

You ARE free Men - Act like it. Use your God given intellect and Protect your way of Life and protect those who cannot protect themselves. That is you duty - AS GOOD MEN. Honorable Men.

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I heard what was said, but I have an issue with who may be in control, if anyone.

If there are "White hats" as guardians, how could they have allowed any man as CIC that has managed such destruction upon our land and to our people?

Not to mention the innocence of children destroyed.

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Lawfare is the use of legal systems and institutions to damage or delegitimize an opponent, or to deter individual's usage of their legal rights. The term may refer to the use of legal systems and principles against an enemy, such as by damaging or delegitimizing them, wasting their time and money, or winning a public relations victory

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That is because we already know ... The Globalist Parasites want every cent we own and are actively stealing it.

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He would be an excellent choice. A critical thinker who owes no one. Well spoken and solid in his conservative visions for this country. Does not go for the race card and calls anyone out who does.

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The Rothchild's have infiltrated the Israeli government much the same way they have done in the US, but they want to clear the nation of Israel, of any people they deem not their caliber. Why? To set up their coveted world dominance in Jerusalem!

The city of London is not enough, the United Nations is not enough, the HQ in Brussels isn't enough........Even the Vatican won't do....... They want to usurp God and rule in Jerusalem with the Luciferin religion.

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6 Years Probation

$6,000 Fine

$2,700 To Georgia SOS office

No communications with Co defendants, witnesses or Media, gag order

Giving up certain rights

Testifying against co-defendants

Enter Moral Turpitude on documents as Humiliation

Bullshit Movie Dismissed

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And set the precedent for all future government corruption, including putting into place a weak and controllable man involved in illegitimate private gain. Everyone knew the game - and yet did nothing to prevent the carnage.

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