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Epstein was not just another honeypot. Instead he was the nexus for separate cabal groups that each had their own separate blackmail networks.

Think of it this way: if two mafias that each get their power through blackmail want to form an alliance (for example, to take down the USA), how can they trust each other? How can they be sure that the other side (who works exactly like they do: lying and deceiving people into traps to control them, killing when necessary) won't pull a double-cross to come out on top? The answer is they don't trust each other at all, ever. To form a contract they exchange control levers under a neutral party, capable of punishing either side, but not in a position of controlling. Epstein and Maxwell were that "neutral party," acting like an escrow agency of blackmail material. Like a keystone in the bridge between two mafias. Capturing this keystone (note: I don't think there is only one keystone for Q, I think Q uses keystone in multiple circumstances, making Epstein only one keystone among others that Q tells us to look for) is what Q alluded to in post 4566, telling us that Maxwell is bigger than we think, that "one leads to another to another..."

The separate mafias have an idea of their own members that might be compromised, but have no idea of the other, separately-controlled, cabal alliance members' potentially compromised members. This gap in knowledge allowed the white hats to gradually pick apart their comms and control structures, and follow each of the separate mafia connections both up and down the command and control chain. When the white hats insert an anti-cabal instruction, they are playing one cabal branch against another, and the cabal branch that suffers the damage doesn't know who to blame. As a result, they lash out at their own allies. At the same time, neither party can pull back and abandon their plan, because they already agreed to be punished if they do.

It's pretty amazing. Their control systems are being infiltrated, subverted and destroyed by their own hands. If the client list had been released this opportunity would have been lost forever.

Like a lot of ideas, it's only theory until the war is over and the books are written. But that's my view. It recently came up as a comment to a thoughtful post about King Charles by u/electricbroth1.

For this interpretation, I've leaned heavily on the work of other anons, including the symbols decoding blog: anyone who wants to explore this theory further should read his post on Walker, Texas Ranger, the "Baby S" section in particular (https://decodingsymbols.wordpress.com/2022/07/25/epsteins-baby-mandate-bushs-consolation-prize/#BabyV). His posts are long, but they've been getting easier to read over time, and they go a long way to proving cabal comms in popular programming is a real thing.