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We make a lot of excuses for people who are still moving with the program. Rationalizing their behavior with things like "I once was one of them" or "They're too scared to face the truth".

But were you like one of them? Are they really scared to face the truth?

I think the vast majority who are still sleeping are incapable of seeing it.

Many, if not all of the major religions around the world speak of "the chosen" repeatedly in their scriptures.

This is something I think may have been lost in translation through out the centuries. It's always been described as people who believe and remain steadfast. But is that really what it means?

I know religious folk (Christians, Muslims, Sikhs etc) who just do what they are told by their particular church/mosque/temple etc. No real critical thinking, repeat actions only out pure fear or habit.

Ask them about covid, the deep state, mass manipulation, false flags, weather manipulation, royal families, banking schemes, demonic possession or whatever else and they will look at you with blank eyes or just immediately dismiss everything you say.

I truly don't believe the majority is capable of seeing "it" nor will they ever.

They can be molded into behaving against a particular system but they can never truly think for themselves. Lots of people on this very site are like that. They were all in to the system prior to Q and then went all into Q after and now fervently defend it just as normies defend government. Not that Q and government are synonymous, but rather the behavior in both followers is similar.

One of the largest ever NPC gatherings just occurred in the 18 hour long line ups for the queen of babylons funeral. They stood there like bots on a line for 18 hours just to nod or wave like an idiot at a billionaires rotten corpse after paying for the rotten corpses funeral themselves during a recession lol.

"The Chosen" could mean anything. I'm not convinced we understand what it means but it sure as hell ain't some religious NPC.