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If there's one thing that I know about being an autist, it's that quitting is simply NOT in our DNA. Autists have no such concept, for they know nothing less than winning. Winning at all costs. We'll go full psycho mode about achieving our objectives if we have to, because that's exactly how our singularly focused minds work. We have no concept of losing, quitting, or defeat.

Victory is written in our very DNA.

Your so-called "pure blood" DNA means nothing if you came here all this far to quit. Focus on the wins. Focus on the wins.

Focus on the WINS.

This website is titled GreatAwakening-dot-WIN for a reason.

Instead of focusing on how (allegedly) useless the Trump Cards are, focus on how devastating the Twitter Files disclosure drips are. Instead of wondering why Fauci hasn't been executed yet, SHARE this incredible new documentary that just dropped that has been especially designed for waking up normies by making the whole jab situation easily understandable and digestible for their comprehensions.

Because - and I can GUARANTEE you this - the more that you focus on what is (seemingly) not going your way, the more shall you fall down into a downward spiral where everything gets worse and worse and worse by the day. Instead, the MORE that you focus on the WINS (which ARE occurring in greater numbers each passing day, by the way), the more that you'll feel uplifted, enthused, and motivated.

Many of you have already gotten such learnings in real life itself. Think about the time that you had a heartbreak, or someone that you loved passed away. Was it "time" that helped heal your grief and the (resulting) death spirals, or was it the moving away of your FOCUS away from it all, that TRULY helped you get over it all?

There's your ANSWER.

If you didn't quit on DJT when he literally endorsed the jab publicly (and got booed for it too, at that), why quit now just because he launched some (apparently worthless) NFTs? Get real. These are all optics. For the man with the golden tuft is not a fool. He's playing his enemies in real time, as he always has. And even if we assumed for a moment that he was indeed a fool, do you think all of his support staff and advisers are ALL somehow retarded for allowing him to advertise some stupid NFT (for seemingly no reason) by disguising it as some big announcement? Your Kash's and Fitton's would've openly been throwing tons-of-fits if this was indeed something that was legit detrimental to the plan. One man can be as insane as he chooses all he likes; but to have his entire crew lose their marbles all at once? Never HABBENED, never WILL.

Also, people of such stupidity can't exactly win elections, manage empires, or run a whole country (real nice) for four good minutes, let alone four breathtaking years.

DO NOT let optics kill your common sense.

Think about it. How does the drummed up fight that is Trump vs Musk make any sense, if ultimately, their actions are all aligned towards the exact same cause? How does the other hyped up battle - Trump vs DeSantis - make any sense, if they're still fighting the exact same war against the exact same enemy? Which "war" have you ever heard of where a side decides to decimate itself? And thus, the most logical conclusion is that there's a game being played here for the normies. A show, even. Theater. Mind Games. 7D Chess. Optics. Illusions.

It's all a slight-of-hand.

There's a reason Q always, always, ALWAYS told us to Enjoy The SHOW.

We absolutely CANNOT lose after coming this FAR. And ALL evidence we've seen of events so far agrees wholeheartedly to THAT.

So divert your ENTIRE FOCUS on the WINS and get cozy and sleep stress free. Don't let the optics divert you away from the popcorn.

We are autists.

Losing is NOT in our DNA.

Enjoy the show.