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The echo chamber has reached overdrive mode. Hand me my Telecaster, it’s time for a nice solo.

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I can feel the change. All is gonna be great. Even my cat Thalie came on the bed to wake me up this morning, something she has not done for months.🤗

Have a blessed day, I am moving huge pieces of furnitures across countries today so I will not be available… at least until the BBQ is lit.

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I am sure beets bring some nice nutrients.

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You can probably, just make sure you know how to revert back to your current OS (MAKE A BACKUP FIRST!)…

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Why have you put the wrong name in the subject?🧐

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I wish you a blessed day and a wonderful quiet weekend!

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Well, if he’s gay, the sound might more be like a blow.

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I make my own pepper purée, give or take some specific ingredients:


  • fresh hot peppers
  • half as much garlic cloves
  • olive oil (oil will make the capsaicin less potent, i.e. it will burn less)

possible add-ons:

  • half a fresh banana
  • pomegranate seeds
  • tomato concentrate
  • herbes de Provence

This purée is fantastic with ribs, pasta, or juste omelette au fromage. Diluted with vinegar, it’s like a homemade Garlic Tabasco.

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Juls! So nice to hear from you!🤗💐

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The style fits but the seed should have changed, so it’s quite unsure whether it’s another larp. It however dropped 1700 after the first one: https://qalerts.app/?q=%234958


BTW, it’s not dumb if you ask: it’s dumb not to, Fren.

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That looks like a real Eden Garden! 🤩

We have some grapes growing on our house’s side, I collect some whilst it still is green in summer and press it to obtain verjus (« green juice » in old French) which I put in frozen cubes.

Verjus is what was used in the Middle Ages when lemon was not known in some place. Marinate some chicken in it, it definitely has a nice, distinct, flavor.🤓

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Yes, you may even add a little tangerine.

BTW, always buy your lemon organic so you can peel their skin and blend it with the garlic.

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Yes, LQdy!🤗💐

I never am explicit regarding the quantities of oil and lemon juice: the oil defines the texture, and the lemon the acidity (BTW, its C-Vitamin will prevent the mix to have its color change due to oxidation): it’s a matter of taste.

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Yes, not even one hour after my post. Well, he knew he was out since 2018 so thanks God he remained lucid and spread love for so long. Truely a modern Saint.🙏🏻

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Cooking tip of the day:

  • blend one medium can of chickpeas with one or two shallots and a cooked beetroot, and of course olive oil, lemon juice, salt and eventual garlic.

That’s it: a delicious purple hummus which you shall enjoy as a dip for fresh vegetables. Around 8g carbs/100g.

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Thank you Zev. You were a model whom shall be followed.🙏🏻💐

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I pray Dr Zelenko and also u/thorn ‘s father. I need them to recover because it will relieve so many good people. I also wish there were less hate and more capability to judge oneself before others… because when we’ve won, we will have to find the energy to joyously forgive those who’ve been hating us so much.

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This depressingly makes sense.🤮

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That guy still has a job? Is he pal with the CNN weewee polisihing guy?

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Was the woman mouth digitally enlarged?

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