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Is the Border Crisis really a Border Crisis?

How many illegals are moving in, in reality? What is the narrative?

As far as I know, Trump completed almost 90% of the wall that he had planned to build. Not sure of the actual figures, but apparently a lot of it was built. (458 miles). When Biden came in, he passed exec orders to halt the wall building, but inexplicably, later on, after more than a year, he started it up again. Why?

(*Same thing happened with the pipeline, with drilling, etc. First, shut it all down, then later on in the administration, start it up again. Biden administration resumes sales of oil and gas drilling leases on federal lands) CNBC

What's the narrative that normie conservatives and liberals alike will adopt to explain this? Biden needs to win votes? But if Biden is truly serving the Deep State and is unfettered, there is no explanation of why he would do this. Because the goal is not to be re-elected, but to destroy the USA.

But what if Biden's hands are tied? What if devolution (aka continuity of VITAL FUNCTIONS of the govt) was implemented, and the Biden administration is not really in charge of as much as the normie narratives imagine?

How Much of Trump’s Border Wall Was Built? USNews (Feb 2022)

US to fill gaps in Trump-funded border wall at open area near Yuma, Arizona ABC 11(July 2022)


To figure this out, let's think about the real implications of this.

Prior to DJT, with no wall, the border was widely open. With a lot of the wall completed, and then being added to by Biden Admin, then

a) there are far fewer sections of the border that have to be policed by ICE, and

b) the resources available to police the remaining open sections are far greater, because far fewer resources will be required in the areas that are protected by the wall, and

c) the areas where trafficking cartels and coyotes can operate are far fewer and more concentrated.

So in fact, beyond all the narrative hooplah, that's actually great news. All the incoming illegal activity has been channeled to more concentrated specific areas that can now be patrolled by more resources than previously.

Then, add to this the narrative that "hey, Biden is in power, and the Dems are anti-wall, etc, and want all the illegal immigrants, smuggling, etc, to come through." Which is certainly true with regards to the Dems and the Deep State, but what if Biden isn't exactly in power as the narrative says?

All the bad guys will be thinking "hey it's free range, we can all go full boar at the wall now! This is great." So they all come marching to those concentrated, narrower section that are now policed by greater numbers of resources.

Curiously, the pattern of ICE actions, etc, follows the same pattern as the oil drilling and border wall construction. All shut down when Biden first comes in, but then resumed and increased.

"During fiscal year 2022, a 12-month span between Oct. 2021 and Sept. 30, 2022, ICE deportation agents carried out 142,750 immigration arrests and 72,177 deportations, increases of 93% and 22%, respectively, compared to the previous fiscal year." ICT-BD-NEWS

And the removals, etc, have only increased since 2022, as a recent post (by u/mmtwo ) pointed out:

"During the first half of fiscal year (FY) 2023, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) increased removals and returns to 225,483, up from 170,896 over the same period in FY 2022." ICE News Release

Curious, huh. For a Chinese controlled administration, they sure are doing some very MAGA things.

Here's the kicker.

The Title 42 ending "disaster" has been a total rug pull for the Deep State.

  1. Title 42 about to end - massive narrative bombs being dropped, about how tens of thousands of illegal are rushing the border

  2. Right at the last minute, Biden admin reinstates Trump policies, with some even stronger elements.

In Major Reversal, Biden Resurrects Trump Border Policy Ahead Of Title 42 Repeal Daily Wire

U.S. finalizes asylum restriction to ramp up border deportations once Title 42 lapses CBS News

Biden administration rolls out new asylum restrictions mirroring Trump-era policy CNN

How is this possible if all the Biden admin is truly under Black Hat control? It doesn't make sense.

Adding these factors together, one might well ask, is the whole Border situation in fact a trap, set up and sprung by the DJT admin (+ devolution)? What is really going on there?

(And in asking this question, we need to recognize that there is a real difference between narratives on one hand, (what we are told by media, govt, etc) and what is actually happening on the other. We should not mistake the narratives for actual reality.)

If Trump knew that the Deep State would steal the election (he knew) did he in fact trick the Democrats into making Biden their chosen puppet? Who better than Biden, the utter epitome of the corruption of the deep state, the worst Crime family this side of the Clintons, to completely red pill America and expose all the criminality?

"We have it all!" What if DJT team (Q, etc) had all that info on the Biden family, knew that Biden in power would be an ideal situation for exposing the true nature of the Swamp system?

And if they knew that, could they also set the border situation as a trap? A trap that would serve multiple purposes:

  • Strike narrative wins by making the Border situation even more of an issue than in 2016, waking middle America further

  • Have it done on Biden's watch

  • Concentrate ICE power and resources in specific, "open" areas a now much more restricted border

  • Send out the message to the Cabal minions and crooks that Biden, soft on immigration and border control, is an ideal opportunity to go "all in"

From a narrative viewpoint, for the White Hats, the border situation has to LOOK LIKE its a total disaster, to discredit Biden, expose the corrupt situation (human trafficking) and make mainstream Americans wake up. Therefore, regardless of the reality behind the scenes, the White Hat's have a stake in the narrative that the border situation is a disaster.

That narrative would also further encourages the cabal and cartels to attack the border, in concentrated areas where they can much more easily be captured and arrested than during the Trump era pre-wall.

Again, from a narrative viewpoint, the black hat Deep State is cornered, checkmated.

If the reality is that if the border wall construction is being completed, ICE is capturing more and more illegals as they attack the border, etc, the Deep State cannot really talk about this. Why?

Because it destroys their own narrative that there is and never has been a border crisis and that Trump raising this issue is racist, dictator, etc. They cannot afford to have middle AMerica even get a sense of how much the illegal immigration / illegals voting / human trafficking is important to the Swamp. So generally speaking, they cannot blow the whistle even if they see that a trap is being sprung.

In other words, it would not be an advantage to either side to report on the reality behind the scenes. instead, they would both want to use as much narrative spin to hide the truth. The true story would never be promoted by either side.

But that is where Q and the anons come in. If we look behind the narratives put out there via MSM and th4e spin makers on both sides, and look at the facts, apply critical reasoning, we might just come up with BETTER explanations for what is actually happening. I.e That things are not what they seem, and that a trap operation is being run by the Patriots who, by the way, are in control * See Addendum at end.

So, is the border situation 2021 - 2024 actually a trap, one among many? Is DJT that smart, or the team behind him (the Q folks and the real white hats) that smart, that they are capable of such moves? I think so.

Either way, the main thing is to start looking at what is being said out there aka The Narratives (coming from both sides) and then vet those narratives by looking at the actual facts and applying the knowledge that Q shared and using logical reasoning and analysis, instead of buying in to narratives.

This theory will really benefit from further digging, but some of the facts paint a very different picture to the ones that doomers and naysayers will quickly embrace.

5G warfare is by nature narrative warfare, because it is ALL about influencing the populations and how they think and see things. And if Q is awakening people to one thing, its that things are NOT what they seem, or have seemed.


On Patriots In Control

I like to think of this using Game Theory, like in a chess game. Control of the game board does NOT mean that all the opponents pieces are removed, or that you step in and make all the moves yourself so there is no actual opponent. Rather, if you control the board and the game, this happens by securing positions on the game board that are so strong that you can essentially force moves by your opponent, by restricting their options and limiting their previous capacities or immobilizing their resources.