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The info below is a supplement to my April 20th info I posted re: aspects of Pres. Trump's Presidential-style motorcades during his NYC arraignment, which has now been reinforced by key components of Trump's motorcades over the past week.

During both of Pres. Trump's arraignment hearings, there's compelling video and photographic evidence that Pres. Trump may very well still be Commander-in-Chief (and/or President), based on identifiable components indicative of a 'Presidential Motorcade.'

And yes, I bring the receipts. =-) Included below are 'Presidential Motorcade' component highlighted in this post WITH LINKS TO VIDEOS & PICS showing the following:

(1) Ambulance included in Trump's motorcades

(2) Massive # of police included in Trump's motorcades

(3) "Rear Guard" police vehicles followed ambulance in Trump's motorcade

(4) A whole direction (7 lanes) of the highway was shut down for Trump's route to Miami courthouse & 4 lanes of the highway were shut down for Trump's route to the airport leaving Miami courthouse

(5) Motorcade vehicles wrap around Trump's plane on tarmac & extra layers of security around Trump's vehicle pulled up right next to stairwell of plane

(6) Multiple matching 'decoy vehicles' (black Suburban SUVs) used in Trump's motorcades

(7) Big number of people in Trump's Secret Service & security detail

(8) Dedicated U.S. Secret Service vehicle(s) & SUVs outfitted with front / rear / side mounted police-like red+blue light bars

(9) Special tactical unit ("CAT" - Counter Assault Team") in Trump's security detail (combat-ready, bad-ass, heavily armed, sharp-shooter types who were carrying long rifles)

(10) POSSIBLE / UNVERIFIED: Military personnel deployed in security detail (Video & photo of military-style gear worn/carried by some of Trump's security - but these may just be the 'special tactical unit' guys)

(11) SEMI-VERIFIED: 'Overwatch' helicopter escort(s) overhead Trump's 6/13/23 Bedminster, NJ motorcade prior to post-arraignment speech (Video of single helo overhead verified & screenshot of ADS-B Exchange showing quantity of 5 helos overhead, but helo owners/operators are unidentified - unknown if helos belong to military vs. police vs. news reporters) NEED HELP FROM PLANEFAGS TO VERIFY PLEASE! :-)

To set the stage, here's an article by TheDrive.com that outlines the key features of a Presidential motorcade: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/4518/the-fascinating-anatomy-of-the-presidential-motorcade

This new info (below) about Trump's motorcade elements over the past week also tie back to (and reinforce) SGAnon's audio file #48, in which he called out a handful of interesting aspects of Trump's motorcades during Trump's NYC arraignment activities (on April 3-4) that strongly suggest Pres. Trump may still be Commander-in-Chief and/or POTUS.

For reference, here's a link to SGAnon's 4/13/23 audio file #48 where he talks about Pres. Trump traveling in Presidential-style motorcades during his April 3-4 NYC arraignment activities: https://rumble.com/v2hx3ry-wh-alliance-v.-nato-ww3-taiwan-invasion-start-trump-signals-still-us-cic-kyhtml
*See time stamp range 22:19 - 23:09 (where SGAnon lists a bunch of notable elements in Trump's April 3-4 motorcades)

Below are links to my 4/20/23 online posts that provide the supporting sauce/receipts validating SGAnon's claims about visible 'comms' during the April 3-4 'Presidential motorcades' re: Trump's NYC arraignment:

GAW: https://greatawakening.win/p/16an0tuGCT/sganon-calls-out-visual-comms-fr/

Poal/QStorm post: https://poal.co/s/QStorm/630983


Reinforcing indications that Trump is still Commander-in-Chief from visual clues/comms during Trump's 6/13/23 arraignment in Miami (and his motorcade routes between Bedminster, NJ & Miami), as well as Trump's recent speeches on 6/10/23 in NC and GA...


As TheDrive.com article states: "An ambulance is a constant feature at the rear of the Presidential Motorcade. It is there to treat injuries that may occur following an attack, a wreck or an unexpected biological event. This resource is primarily reserved for the President."

• There was an ambulance (a "Presidential motorcade" detail) in Trump's motorcade for his 'boxes hoax' arraignment in Miami on 6/13/23 (ambulance was also in the motorcade for Trump's NYC DA Alvin Bragg indictment on 4/3/23 - 4/4/23, as SGAnon pointed out afterwards).

• Ambulance in Trump's 6/13/23 motorcade at Miami courthouse seen on these videos: • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_uvqBW4Nc at time stamp :57 - 1:17 (motorcade leaving courthouse)

• Ambulance is also seen towards the end of this video showing Trump heading to the Miami courthouse with a whole side of the highway shut down for his motorcade (the ambulance is the last car in motorcade): https://links.truthsocial.com/link/110539723085065839 • Alt. link on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JdZMz2HwVa93/ entitled "Just a Normal Guy on the Way to the Courthouse"


Per TheDrive.com article, a large number of police (on motorcyles and/or police cars) are involved in Presidential Motorcades and are referred to as "Sweepers" in the configuration. "Sweepers" are described in the article as follows:

"Sweepers - These are usually throngs of police on motorcycles and in patrol cars as part of a Presidential Motorcade. They deploy in front of the motorcade, clearing the way so that the motorcade’s speed can remain as consistent."

• There's around 30 or so motorcycle police in Pres. Trump's motorcade as he leaves his property on 6/13/23 heading to the Miami courthouse. See video at: https://rumble.com/v2tzlr2-lesgooo.html (entourage of motorcycle police is at the very beginning of video). I'd bet this is a totally unheard of quantity of police escorts for a FORMER President. :-)

• Aerial view of motorcade vehicles (including motorcycle police) on highway taking Pres. Trump to the Miami courthouse on 6/13/23: https://links.truthsocial.com/link/110539723085065839 (Alt. link on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JdZMz2HwVa93/ )

• Street view of many motorcycle police "sweepers" leading Pres. Trump's motorcade approaching the Miami courthouse on 6/13/23: https://twitter.com/danscavino/status/1668722810838032393?s=46&t=EDG421JAcKkWDZDtggG5yA (see time stamp 0:0 - 0:15)

• There's 14 motorcycle police escorting Pres. Trump on 6/10/23 in Columbus, GA. These pics were taken at a Columbus, GA airport after Pres. Trump's speech, prior to departure for his speech in Greensboro, NC. There's 4 photos of Pres. Trump's motorcycle police escort team in Columbus, GA here: https://truthsocial.com/@DanScavino/110522191245625868


Per TheDrive.com article, the Presidential Motorcade incorporates motorcycle police driving behind the ambulance, referred to as the "Rear Guard" - described in this article excerpt:

"Rear Guard - This is usually a phalanx of local police vehicles, such as motorcycles and marked patrol cars. Their job is to provide early warning and a defensive buffer for the rear of the motorcade."

See 'rear guard' police car & multiple police on motorcycles behind ambulance in this video of Trump's motorcade leaving the Miami courthouse on 6/13/23: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_uvqBW4Nc (see time stamp 1:12 - 1:20)


• On 6/13/23, local officials in Miami shut down SEVEN LANES of traffic on a Miami highway to prevent other cars to be traveling on Pres. Trump's side of the highway en route to the courthouse and shut down FIVE LANES of traffic on a Miami highway for his motorcade to exit the courthouse:

• (1) Motorcade heading to courthouse with 7 lanes of highway shut down for POTUS Trump - video at: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JdZMz2HwVa93/
• Alt. link at https://links.truthsocial.com/link/110539723085065839

• (2) Motorcade leaving courthouse with 4 lanes of highway shut down for POTUS Trump - video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_uvqBW4Nc (see time stamp 2:10 - 2:58)


• Trump's mondo motorcade pulling up on the tarmac bringing Trump to his plane before his Miami arraignment looks pretty darn Presidential as well - much like the others shared above, and there's an ambulance in that motorcade as well. Here's video of that scene: https://rumble.com/v2tsjw6-ready.html (alt. link at: https://greatawakening.win/p/16bPZosXFw/-the-calm-before-the-storm-/c/ )

• Another video of Trump's major motorcade on the tarmac bringing Trump to his plane - see video at: https://truthsocial.com/@DanScavino/110539646723490376

• Motorcade cars also wrapped around Trump Force One (like we see for SITTING President motorcades - except for Faux Biden, of course - LOL) at Miami airport as Trump was flying back to Bedminster, NJ after his 6/13/23 Miami arraignment - posted by Dan Scavino at: https://truthsocial.com/@DanScavino/110539646723490376 & https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/1668725610842320896?cxt=HHwWgMDT3cHGwKguAAAA & (alt link on il Donaldo Trumpo's Rumble page at: https://rumble.com/v2u0img-adiosuckers.html)

• Something else I noticed at Trump's plane at the airport scene in GA for his 6/10/23 speech is there's a guy in Trump's security detail who's standing there holding the car door open for Pres. Trump the ENTIRE time Trump was outside greeting supporters on the tarmac, as if he's making sure Trump has a speedy entry into the car should something go wrong (see left side of video re: the black car positioned right below the plane's stairs): https://truthsocial.com/@DanScavino/posts/110521224165084481

• NOTE: This motorcade car line-up wrapped around Trump's plane on the tarmac is similar to what was pointed out about Trump's 4/3/23 - 4/4/23 flights during Trump's DA Alvin Bragg arraignment in NYC (see my 4/20/23 post for reference).


Per TheDrive.com article, Presidential Motorcades incorporate multiple decoy vehicles matching the type of vehicle carrying the President. The vehicle carrying the POTUS is referred to as the "Stagecoach" and the matching decoy vehicles are called "Spares", as described in this excerpt:

"The 'Stagecoach,' the name for whatever car the President is in, is the whole focus of Presidential Motorcade. Everything is centered on making sure that car makes it to its destination. In addition to 'Stagecoach,' at least one identical car always accompanies it, and sometimes many more. These cars, known as 'Spares,' are used as a backup and blocking vehicle should POTUS's vehicle have a mechanical issue or is attacked, as well a serving as decoys.

While the motorcade is in motion, highly trained Secret Service drivers execute a classic roving 'shell game,' weaving Stagecoach and Spare, or Spares, in and out among each other so that a would-be attacker would have a tough time picking the car actually containing the President."

• Just like during Trump's arraignment in NYC on 4/4/23, there are numerous matching black Suburban SUV 'decoy cars' (another Presidential Motorcade element) in Trump's motorcade in Miami on 6/13/23.

• Video at Miami courthouse: https://twitter.com/danscavino/status/1668722810838032393?s=46&t=EDG421JAcKkWDZDtggG5yA (6 black SUVs - see time stamp :18 - :58)

• Video leaving Miami courthouse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_uvqBW4Nc (6 black SUVs - see time stamp 0:0 - :27 & time stamp 2:50 - 2:59)

• Photo: https://truthsocial.com/@DanScavino/110538531130859917


• Note the yuuuuge amount of Secret Service agents & security detail folks protecting Pres. Trump on 6/13/23 when he went into the Versailles Bakery in Miami after the arraignment: https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/1668721237462335490?s=20

(8) SUV carrying Presidential Secret Service Protective Detail (referred to as the "Halfback" vehicle):

Per TheDrive.com article, in a Presidential Motorcade, there's a dedicated SUV carrying the President's U.S. Secret Service security detail (these guys are dressed in more formal attire wearing suits+ties). The USSS vehicle is identifiable as having red+blue police lights mounted on light bars around the vehicle, described in this excerpt as follows:

"Presidential Security Detail SUV: Code Named "Halfback" - Halfback is the following car for Stagecoach and Spare(s), and it carries the President's Secret Service protective detail. Usually this vehicle is a specially outfitted Chevrolet Suburban with police lights mounted on a light bar, in the interior windows, and in the grill.

This is basically the President's first line of backup should something occur while en route, and it will follow a pre-planned set of defensive driving and VIP protection tactics based on a long list of contingencies. Rear-facing third row seating usually has at least one overtly armed Secret Service Agent sitting with the window or tailgate open."

• Here are some videos of SUVs with red+blue light bars on the vehicles in Trump's motorcade approaching the Miami courthouse on 6/13/23: • (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_uvqBW4Nc (see time stamp 0:0 - :57) • (2) https://twitter.com/danscavino/status/1668722810838032393?s=46&t=EDG421JAcKkWDZDtggG5yA (see time stamp :22 - :58)

• Here's video of some long rifle-toting, military-looking guys with hardcore gear on (including helmets and big bulky vests) getting out of one of the SUVs with red+blue light bars on the rear side windows when Trump was at the Miami courthouse in this video (at time stamp 0:08 - 0:18) at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuhKGHKvK9U, but they could be SWAT type guys or just some type of 'riot gear-dressed' police.

(9) SPECIAL TACTICAL UNIT INCLUDED IN TRUMP'S SECURITY DETAIL ("CAT" - Counter Assault Team - a.k.a. "Hawkeye Renegade" team):


Per TheDrive.com article,

"Counter Assault Team Vehicles: Nicknamed "Hawkeye Renegade" - These vehicles are also usually black Suburbans or some other large SUV, with police lights, rails and running boards for external transport of agents, and they always have their