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I was thinking about this very idea. Growing up in the 80s and 90s I now believe we were gaslighted about divorce.

The media (and many of our schools) were constantly hammering us with “50% of all marriages end in divorce “

More bullshit marxism

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Thank you for this information. Hopefully someone from congress will read it and ACT accordingly.

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It’s (so far) the ONLY thing about which DJT was incorrect.

He always said that if fake president took office that the market would tank

VERY odd that it hasn’t

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As one who bicycled down the street to the capitol immediately after the speech, I can attest to the truth of this

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I hope you are right AND I hope the media purge is next. As long as the media is what it is, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to win (and by win I mean get the TRUE message across to normies).

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This is a brain and belief challenging article.

Very enlightening and a perspective which I had not contemplated

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“ELIMINATE the ninnies and the twits!!”

I haven’t heard that song in years. Thank u!

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I too think it’s been a bit light of late

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