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Never in history has a First Lady shadowed the President like these two clowns. She goes on every state visit and is in every photo-op. There is little separation or affection between the two, with her looking annoyed constantly with the Potato.

She is his handler and now she has the coof. It may not be comms, but her absence will be a tremendous blow to his functionality. You just don't replace her, especially with Joe getting more senile, every day.

I think FJB declares Covid within 48 hours and takes 2+ weeks off. The narrative will be: "he's working hard from the White House" and his visibility will drop even further. This will provide an assessment time for their next move and set up Covid Psyop 2.0

Trust in FBJ is zero. It's better to say he has Covid than to have out front like Trump was, in Covid Psyop 1.0

A quick switch out of Biden may be in the works, like Newsom or Big Mike, but without cheating and mail in ballots, it's never going to happen. Not to mention, mounting a campaign this late in the game, is nearly impossible.