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Well, there was already that whole thing with Trump promising to lock HRC up once he became president the first time. And then it seems like he just forgot all about that. 🤷‍♀️

So on a practical level, I seriously doubt anyone is going to alter their behavior because they're afraid that Trump is going to retaliate. They already know that he will threaten to do so, no matter what. And since he didn't do much in regards to actually locking these people up his first go round, it's not much of a threat, is it?

And technically speaking, it's not the President that does these investigations and prosecutes people. It's the DOJ, who are supposed to be independent of politically motivated stuff and aren't the President's minions, but we all know how that goes.

And did the DOJ seem to have Trump's back during his first term? Why would things suddenly change?

I know that a lot of people are going to be upset on hearing me say this, but I think there are a lot of people that need to get their heads out of their daydreams and take a big bite out of a reality burger.

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I rarely initiate conversations here, but I would really appreciate to hear what you guys think about the following topic;

If abortions have been banned in a woman's home state and she leaves the state specifically to have an abortion, do you believe charges should be brought against her for the abortion when she returns to her home state?

If the argument is that abortion should be illegal because it's murder, it doesn't stop being murder simply because it happened outside of state lines, right?

Also, what are your views in allowing law enforcement to use a person's apps like period trackers/Facebook messenger/text messages and such in order to file criminal charges against people if they use these digital methods to orchestrate/enable an illegal abortion?

I think that TPTB are going to have to really come up with a solution to these issues in the very near future, and I am really interested in hearing what other people think about it. I've gotten the impression that many people think that because the SC has overturned Roe vs Wade, that the issue is over and the job is done. But I think the work has just started with the individual states establishing laws now.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. ✌️

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That's probably the funniest, yet most accurate definition of a mall I have ever heard. 😂👍👍

Thanks for the much needed laugh.

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I still don't understand why President Trump didn't see to this in his first term.

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That is why you should double check whatever it is you're going to share with skeptics before you share it.

It bothers me a lot to see how many people here just automatically believe anything they're shown as long as it supports their beliefs.

I'm not trying to call you out or make you feel badly about it. It's just that your post came up when I'm extremely irritated about this type of thing, in general.

The Q community is supposed to have great skeptics and researchers, right? Yet I'm constantly seeing people here getting suckered into believing stuff they see on someone's Twitter or just some random post somewhere.

And then they share it with someone who actually looks into it, and when it's shown to be BS, they get mad at the person who did the damn work to verify the info.

This type of thing makes the entire Q community look incompetent and gullible to normies.

Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm on some potent pain meds due to surgery. I guess I'm just irritated with everything right now.

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Yeah, I just said I did a web search and nothing came up. The only thing I can find are fact checkers saying it's bullshit.

And that was after I went to WaPo's site and looked for it there.

Did you actually read this article? Or did you just see someone's Twitter and take their word for it?

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How many times have we heard "It has to be this way."?

If it has to be this way, why are so many people arguing against it actually being this way?

I truly am sick of this shit. Either it has to be this way or not. Stop going back and forth.

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I'm sure that's exactly what some enlightened soul was saying about you before you had your eyes opened to what is going on.

None of this stuff is new. People aren't born knowing this stuff. It's just that Q brought the information to a larger audience.

Everyone has their own time line when it comes to learning about this stuff. It's hypocritical to be so contemptuous of others simply because they're not on your timeline.

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Kind of ironic that you're saying there's no money in people hawking vitam8n D, and then having people post about all the vitamin D supplements they're taking.

Last I checked, those supplements aren't being given away free.

Eat a healthy diet and go outside a bit and you should have all the free vitamin d you need.

I think all those supplement and vitamin peddlers are just as corrupt as "big Pharma".

God gave us everything we need to be healthy and heal ourselves.

Just my opinion, of course.

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It's interesting how most Q followers here don't worship the almighty dollar.

The people I'm around in the real world are mostly Trump fans, and only a few believe/follow Q.

My entire family are Republicans/Conservatives and are absolutely obsessed with making money. Only the Q people in my family aren't.

Just thought it was interesting.


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I think the Paxlovid will not be as controversial as the vaccines because many people don't view pills as dangerous as injections. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the people who refused vaccines popped these pills like they were M&Ms.

I still don't (and will perhaps never) understand why people who understand that doctors and hospital workers lied about the covid and the vaccine and such run straight to these same people every time they get a sniffle.

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Do you believe that the people who couldn't/didn't prepare enough deserve to suffer and/or die because of that?

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I notice a lot of the "if you can't/don't follow what we say, you deserve to suffer and die" type of mentality with this.

It's like they're completely ignoring the fact that many people simply can't do these things. I think people have this idea that anyone that hasn't already moved out to the country, started up an off-grid energy source, got their fields planted and their animal husbandry going, while learning how to hunt, deliver a baby, amputate a leg and sew their own clothes are just lazy and entitled and they deserve whatever they get.

Have a look around these boards and look at how many good, hardworking people can't afford their groceries or gas in their car to get to their jobs.

The reason so many people live in cities is because that's where the jobs are. Rural areas where you can have the space to grow all your own food simply don't have the jobs people need now. If people don't have the money to feed themselves now, where do they get the money to buy property out in the country, where they would have no income?

Just read over the link Brent75 posted. There are some very good arguments why this idea of a complete financial collapse goes against everything the WHs are supposed to stand for.

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What I don't understand is the glee so many people have, imagining the death of everyone who is not young and healthy enough to grow and hunt their own food and living in an area capable of doing so and having the tools and know how to do it.

Like everyone who can't do that (which is millions and millions of people, literally the majority of the country) are worthless and deserve to die.

And then they turn around and talk about the cabal wanting to kill off millions of people because they're "worthless eaters".

Does no one else see the problem with this?

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I have an observation that I would really appreciate some feedback on, if anyone would like to.

I've noticed that many people seem excited to see a financial collapse in the US. Like they're eagerly awaiting it and want it to be really bad.

My question is, why is that? Surely they understand that many, many innocent and hardworking people will die, and even many more will suffer greatly.

So why are so many people looking forward to it?

And I apologize if the answer is supposed to be obvious and I haven't figured it out myself. There are many things that I still learn everyday here, so I'm hoping someone could help me understand this issue. Thanks in advance.

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You can catch even more with manure, and it makes me wonder why you want to catch flies. Just sayin'

That's what I've been trying to figure out since the first time I heard that expression. What will I be needing those flies for? 😂😂

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And put more stress on the employees, trying to figure out what happened and then quickly remaking it for her while she's at the window.

I don't know why they would think she had to go back to the end of the line. Have they never had a screw up at the window at McDonald's? They either fix it while you wait at the window (holding up the entire line) or have you pull ahead or into a parking space and they bring it to you.

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