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Have you looked at what the restrictions are that will be loosened? No? Thought not.

The only restrictions that matter are a) if they have a violent or criminal history and b) if they are in good health and c) are able to work.

The other restrictions are nonsense things like which country they come from and the number of immigrants allowed from each country.

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Too busy wallowing around in all that free money I get for being an illegal. I have to go buy a Mercedes, get an abortion, and pick up some more purple hair dye with all the tax dollar money I'm stealing from you honkeys.

Why would I bother with a shit ass h-1b visa when I take in so much money being an illegal, not working, and popping out 10 kids in order to fill the US with brown skinned people?🙄

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You know, I am so goddamn tired of the blatant hypocrisy here.

How many times have I heard you guys complain that what you're against is illegal immigrants? And now that more will be legal, you're bitching about that, too!

Why don't you just go ahead and say you don't want more non-whites here? Stop pretending, and let your flag fly on that.

Especially when I see so many people advise people like Purkuss here to come to the US illegally, to get out of that horrible SA. You know, what with all the horrible blacks there. 🙄

Or whenever someone from Australia complains about things there, you guys are sure fine with them coming over illegally.

What do those people have in common? Oh, yeah. They're white.

I am so over the hypocrisy I see here everyday.

Fuck all y'all. 🖕

I'm done. I'm sure that the fucking whineyass crybabies here will run squalling to the babysitters and get this deleted and get me banned, but I just don't give a fuck.

The ones of you who will read this before it gets pulled- remember what hypocritical shits you are. Remember that you're fucking shitty people. 🖕

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I thought the argument against immigrants was they weren't coming here legally. And now when you're told that more of them will be legal, you're saying it's an "invasion"?

Hey, by any chance, could it be true what the libs say? That you just don't want non-whites coming into the country?

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The US has relied on migrant workers for decades. It's nothing new.

People bitch and raise hell about how much things cost. They don't want to pay people living wages. And I don't see many American-born people running to do shit jobs that these migrant workers are doing.

I see plenty of people on this forum claiming they can't get jobs, or they can't make ends meet. They're certainly not running to do any of these jobs that the migrant workers are doing.

And you certainly don't want to blame the companies that hire foreign workers for cheap prices rather than pay American-born people living wages. Like Trump Winery. Remember when there was that dust-up when Trump was in office, and he was going on and on about "America First!!!" and then turning around and bringing foreign workers into the country to work at many of his resorts and other businesses? Did you say anything about that when it was happening? Oh, no? You didn't? Why not?

TL;DR: People are hypocrites who want stuff cheap, don't want to pay Americans living wages, and then bitch when foreigners are brought in to work for pennies at jobs Americans won't fucking do.

I am so goddamn done with the hypocrisy here.

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I already watched this series. It was called Succession.

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