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The Ingersoll Lockwood website has reared it's ugly head around here again and I'd like to invite all anons, frens, and lurkers to recall that this site has been proven in the past to be compromised.

A trip down memory lane:

It is of my opinion as a long time anon on multiple boards that what we are actually dealing with in terms of the Ingersoll Lockwood site and by proxy all those associated with it in the realm of media, influencers, paytriots, and podcasters etc... is what we originally saw in the Spring/Summer of 2018 on the boards: The infiltration by Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, and several other "alt media" promoters. Except this time around instead of centered around infowars the love is spread out over several networks of distraction and paytriot sophists. Also we don't have Q actively posting to call this stuff out for anons... But we don't need Q. We're anons & pepe farms always remembers! We didn't need Q to figure out Neon Revolt had infiltrated both r/greatawakening & v/greatawakening as a mod. Subsequent digging unravelled the mining operation he was leeching from his subscribers!

Chalk it up to my autistic mind, memory, and just deep gut feeling but I think a lot of these outlets listed below are one of many parts of the same network described above.

  • Real Raw News
  • Ingersoll Lockwood
  • Austin Steinbart
  • George News
  • Stu Peters
  • Charlie Ward
  • Tore
  • Scott Mckay
  • Simon Parkes
  • Phil Godlewski
  • Wayne Willott AKA Juan O Savin
  • Santa Surfing
  • Michael Jaco
  • David Nino Rodriguez
  • Field McConnell, Tim Holmseth, and the rest of their fake "Federal Pedo Task Force"

...and a long list of others that host and promote each other. Birds of a shit-feather.

The important thing to recognize is that anons of all stripes are their target audience. They target the researchers, the diggers, the secular and the Christian. Shit, some of these charlatans would make the righteous Gemstones blush with envy!

In my comment below you'll find a copy/pasta of the 8kun research transcript formatted better for easier reading. If the text is enlarged on mobile, switch to desktop view. Hat tip u/winn Thank Q fren!

Edit: Thank Q u/BQnita or whichever mod added the flair and sticky this morning! Additional thanks to all anons name dropping other known shady actors & elements. There's a litany of these clowns and it can be easy to forget names & faces... Hence the crux of the post itself.