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Do you know how hard it was, as an American Veteran, from a military family with generations of service in the US MIL, to have to do what I just did for the last 2 years? Both the Left and Right despised me, and every major media outlet took their turns besmirching my good name because I DARED to threaten their propaganda campaign. They tried to take everything from me. Only problem was, there wasn’t anything left for them to take.

You think I WANTED to do this? You think I enjoyed reporting that the country myself and my family served in for decades, is actually the evil empire? You think I enjoyed learning that all I had ever been told, turned out to be a lie? No. But I chose to do the right thing because it needed to be done, regardless of the consequences, of which there were many.

Will those of us who combated the propaganda machine ever get the proper recognition for what we did? Probably not. But if we lived in real world, Pulitzer Prizes would be going to the brave citizen journalists on Social Media for their accurate reporting, in spite of the vast sea of disinformation.

I don’t know how or when, but we will have our vengeance.