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The Great Awakening is "great" because its not just "wake up the government is corrupt!" Its "wake up theres a satan worshiping global 'elite' that infiltrated almost every aspect of global society including major governments, big corperations, and religion."

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Whos being blatant with anti-semitism? Glowies? Maybe 10 anons who get overexcited? This post makes it seem like everyone who knows about KM are jew haters. Insanity

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I would guess they might just take out anyone who they notice doing serious research

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the blaming everything on Jews is something many in the conspiracy community are gonna have to get over.

We arent blaming jews. Were blaming KM who just so happened to infiltrate Judaism a long time ago, then they infiltrated christianity and other religions. You putting focus on jews is exactly what youre accusing us of doing

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If a day comes when people are lined up to decide what percentage Ashkenazi they are in order to determine if they are good or evil, then the bad guys won the war.

Dude you need to get this through your thick skull. Nobody is going thru bashing all jews cause they might be KM. "A criminal entity infiltrated a large group" well guess we cant talk about it cause thats racist 🥴

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I dont think its rebranding, i think its understanding history.

You say the only reason to push KM is to attack jews, WRONG. They arent jews just pretend to be. Nobody is going around slinging KM insults at jews on the street. To me it sounds like thats what you wish we would do so you dont have to accept that KM actually exists and is controlling things

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They also are very fond of Naziism, and will go out of their way to tell you how Hitler was a good person

Nazis were run by KM, Hitler was controlled by them. So no he wasnt a good person, but id say at some point he probably realized the degree he was controlled and perhaps had a change of heart.

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If he hasnt addressed it by now he probably wants to appear independent of the investigation so they have less of a reason to screech about bad orange man

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From telegram:

New filing in the Igor Dancenko case -

Reveals Special Counsel Durham intends to introduce as evidence the internal LYNC messages of FBI Analysts/Agents.

This includes the messages of FBI Analyst Brain Auten - who helped "manage" Danchenko and helped cover-up Hunter Biden evidence.

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What anons who have been here for years are fooled by lin wood?

Ive been on .win since it was announced on T_D. Ive seen plenty of people fooled by lin and people like lin. No im not going to provide examples because i never saved any of them nor do i feel like dumpster diving to find them.

One doesn't NEED to be CO to do what Tucker, or Candace are doing. They just need to be imperfect humans with limited understanding.

True, but personally i think there more than enough public info out there for these people to know certain stuff. Especially since theyre political journalists right? If you claim to be republican/right wing and you say biden won the election then you are a fraud and not to be trusted in my eyes.

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I read this as if you were offering it from your trench coat in a dark alley.

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You ask why nothing has been done about the criminals...take a look around you and see just how corrupt the gov't system is.

So you understand then why im so skeptical of mass adaptation of a system where you can anonymously spend wherever you want and only have investigations when the company(s) that operates the system allows it. Its basically giving the elite's the ability to stop us from following the money. The only way that doesnt happen in my opinion is if we the people actually take back power in our governments.

My advice, do some research on the technology

I have been here and there. Ive had to learn a little more so i can better interact with scammers making people set up crypto wallets to "invest" money with them. But ill take that advice and look up something tonight.

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Blockchain technology makes it impossible for synthetic fraudulent shares or tokens to be created.

How so?

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Because you make it sound like you know everything, and I mean that in a nice manner. My point, it's going to be a transition that will be easy, without disrupting your everyday person and how they transact.

Not sayin i know everything at all thats why im asking questions. I dont really care how seamless the transition would be. Forcing a population to do anything without them knowing is gonna be a recipe for disaster.

This also takes away a 3rd person being in control as it'll all be automated.

Bullshit. Someone programs the algorithm. Nothing in cyberspace happens without a human initiating something.

These contracts and services are audited, and can even be thoroughly audited by, lets say the new FED body if you will.

So why arent there widespread public audits and arrests of people through their crypto wallets? Because the crimes are happening en masse. Ive personally seen scammer transactions that add up to $30,000+ and NOTHING is done about it.

Its fine if you don't, but don't spread the same talking points around, claiming it a scam and only criminals use it, if you don't understand it.

I diddnt say "only criminals use it" i said it started as a way for people to anonymously purchase illicit things. Maybe not verbatim but you get my point. So criminals are a huge userbase for crypto. Yes i admit im not an expert on blockchain stuff but every time someone tries to explain crypto to me it genuinely sounds like theyre trying to get me to join a pyramid scheme.

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Please enlighten the rest of us and tell us every aspect about the SWIFT banking system and what makes it all run

Why should i be the one to explain it? Youre the one who says its going to be used by every american wether they know it or not. To me that sounds like it could be malevolent in nature.

There is technology to both cover your personal privacy while transacting, and also parts of the tech that can make it transparent when needed

In other words they control when transactions are private and public. Who controls that decision?

Everyone who's misinformed on crypto/blockchain ALWAYS uses bitcoin as the patsy...you weren't fooling anyone.

Im not trying to "fool anyone". I said bitcoin because its the most widely known, im sorry i just assumed your pronoun... i mean crypto coin. You think im some leftist shill? Im just a skeptical young conservative, your insults are misplaced.

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Yes. Except cash is an already established norm that every american uses to improve their daily lives. It should be backed by gold and silver but isnt. So yes thank you for agreeing with me that crypto funds criminals and the cabal

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