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All I know is if 20,000 people died and I was one of those people, I would be "one" of the dead. Lol

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Oh man! I would love to see you guys take the title. Would turn the world upon its ears.

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The sad part is, less than 34% of the population voted for him... He never had a mandate. Except that one time on the ski slopes!

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Hey Micio, I don't believe people in the US are either. Unfortunately, in both our countries, we've let weasels let bigger weasels into our chicken coops. Now things just need to be cleaned up.

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Well, you have to understand. Our parliament system sucks and we have too many parties splitting the vote. Trudeau won with less than 35% of the popular vote.... not shitting you....and many of those people will tell you they only voted for him because of his hair. Not fucking kidding! Toronto is much like California... liberal brainless sheep who will never realize how stupid they are.

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Even Rogan and Russel Brand are asking why this isn't in the media. Watch Brands latest. I'm not surprised the spark is here. The one thing that unites a country quicker than anything is hatred of the leader and Justin an idiot who just poured gas on the fire of Canadian Patriotism. I am surprised at how quickly it's taking off.

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