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I think most trump people falling off the bandwagon are pretty pissed he left us in the state of the plandemic and constantly pushes the vaccine. Also "Our Greatest Ally" ✡️.... people are starting to recognize they're the ones actually causing the problems and they control the left, the right, the media, big corps, the education system. Seems Trump may have just been playing the field here for those people.

Unless there's some kind of last minute trump comes out and saves the day, which most of his base are Christian and Christians are taught to trust God and not trust man, so they're not really trusting Trump either.

Remember that poem "The Snake"?

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Space force is a farce man. Never trust NASA, Space force, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Jaxa, ESA, or any other entity or body who claims to be going to outer space. They are all liars. It is impossible to go to space. God bless you.

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I mean you guys really should consider the fact that CNN labeled the tagline "TEMPERATURES RISE AT THE WEATHER CHANNEL", so they purposefully put this on their show. The drama show countinues. Major blow to CNN? I doubt it. Pig boy didn't even get upset. Staged. Bread and circuses. Bread and circuses. Maybe not, but nobody posted the black pilled perspective so here you go... They have to throw this side of the fence a bone or two to keep us occupied. That and the "General Flynn said" or "Sydney said", "Trump Jr said" or "Patrick Byrne... Fucking Patrick Byrne said 100% something big is happening by next week every week since the election"... Solid advice here, organize locally. Shun the degenerates in your neighborhood or just cut ties with them. Organize the super based of your community. Keep the youth from being indoctrinated. Rant over.

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Read the bill yourself I don't need linked to a post "debunking"... Cough cough

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I wonder if they fudged those numbers back then as well

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The truth will never come out...

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No there's a pattern. You've never heard of Kapparat? Happens every year in Brooklyn thousands of Jews sacrifice chickens in the streets. Freaks out the residents they just leave the dead chickens in the street don't even clean them up. People complain cops do nothing. What kind of demented practice is that? Goes right along with the sacrificing to Molech. This is all hush hush though

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We can agree to disagree. Call it anti-semitism if you want, reading more into the Talmud it is just getting worse and worse at this point. You would have to explain away quite a lot to refute it is very bizarre.

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Yeah not believing the cookie cutter website sefaria.org. Reads like I'm reading snopes... Interestingly enough I am finding many more good resources about the Talmud, of course none are found through google. Seems to be hidden information on the topic.

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