Can anyone tell me the Executive Order numbers that pertain to vax mandates for federal employees and contractors?

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Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat all got DWAC'd hard today ( 💥 B O O O O O M 💥
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Another 10 & 2 clock (
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Did hell just freeze over?! (
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Systemic mental illness (
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California assembly bill AB455 aims to block the unvaccinated from doing basically everything short of staying inside your house. Of course everyone is up in arms to defeat this bill, and as a person who will never get this shot, I'm obviously very concerned. However, after thinking about it, I'm not really sure if it would be better if it is defeated, or if it is passed. Let me (try to) explain...

For the past year and half most of society has been obeying these "steps." 15 days to slow the spread. Then another step to wear a mask. Then another step to no church, or indoor dining. Then another step to get a vax and you won't have to wear the mask. Then another step to "haha, tricked you, even if you got the vax you need to wear the mask again." And on and on... Each time there is another "step" taking away a bit more freedom, then a bit more, then a bit more, and bit by bit we progress to a position where it's eventually too far gone to recover from. People look back at Germany with Hitler and the Nazis and ask "how did the people allow it to get to that point?" This is exactly how, bit by bit, one step at a time.

So I was thinking, what if AB455 passes. That isn't just another "step" that's one giant leap all the way to (the precipice?) Would that be the breaking point where people (at least in our state) finally stopped obeying and fought back? Half of society is so naive, weak, and brainwashed that they have allowed things to escalate bit by bit, without much resistance. Maybe what we actually need is a giant leap straight to a doomsday situation, like AB455 passing, to finally shake these people awake.


The were 12 of us; 10 women and two men, all age 45 on up, at our patriot lunch today. We were sitting at an outdoor covered area, and we had two banners hanging, one Trump and one the Q logo in red/white/blue. Anyway, after we had been there an hour or so, a woman came over to our group and said hello, and she pointed to the Q banner, and said "I've seen that O thing on TV." She said that she was led to believe that it's the logo for a dangerous group of people, and that she was confused because she had been watching us all talking and laughing and having a great time, and that we (her quote) "all look like such nice, normal people." Haha, we all got a laugh out of that, and we all thanked her. Hopefully she'll tell some friends about her experience.

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