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What’s striking about this and the Project Vertias report is that DARPA released this document, in a way, exposing everything.

Seems to me like Fauci should face a military tribunal including those asshats in the NIH, CDC, members of the media and big pharma

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"Crucially, the PRA confers upon sitting presidents the power to object or agree to the production of records for Congress, both for themselves and their predecessors. In this case, President Biden formally consented to the document production, thus overruling Trump’s assertion of executive privilege."

  • The Hill article above.

Now do Trump and Obummer.

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I will be the first to submit my cat's headshot.

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That's a factual statement. Wait--


(Opens up laptop and "fact checks" it online),

Yes, they conclude that it's factually correct as well. I can now sleep well tonight.

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It’s people like this who are so disconnected from reality that they literally have to lose everything before they wake up. Proud personality with a mix of a weak mind that prefers convenient lies over difficult truths. It’s a very selfish and sad life.

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OANN will get picked up by Trump’s news network.

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Military has always been involved. Trump has done what he needed to do. Right now it's falls under the 'continuation of government' protocols. We can speculate all we want about who is actually in the white house but you have to understand that one of the biggest purposes of Q is to start waking people up about what's really going on. It's much more difficult to change people's minds by force and has to happen naturally, and at their own pace / decision. So just because you don't see the military on the streets doesn't mean they are not involved. They are involved... you just aren't suppose to see them.

Like Trump said, he will NEVER give away military plans nor will he ever talk about them.

When Trump mentioned coming back in 2024, there are several possible meanings for that... but by now, we should all be 100% certain and aware that Trump never divulges any secrets, especially with any plans or the military.

Art of the Deal & the Art of War.

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Also Wei Li is of Chinese decent. Something to keep in mind with respect to the CCP

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Yeah, it's not. Not sure how you confused that.

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It applies to both sides. Who is in “power” now?

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When Truth Social comes out… the only thing MSM can do is pull the plug.

This year is the year. Red lines will be crossed.

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