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Notice that smug prick Peter Strzok began attacking Flynn earlier this week? What happened? It’s like the Spider-Man finger pointing meme from the white hats.

I believe it’s all just noise to make the deep state more confused. Their satellites and ability to run FF psyops took a major hit during this campaign so fucking with their MSM and social media propaganda only muddies the water for everyone.

A select few people know the entirety of what’s going on. Others are simply playing roles. Don’t get too hung up on who is good and bad, as it will be revealed soon. Just know we are watching a movie and we are in the middle of controlled chaos right now.

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I agree. This shit is comical at this point. The derp state must be like wtf?

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Nobody has 7 friends that died from covid, especially healthy ones with no comorbidities. I call bullshit.

Excess deaths are due to vax injuries. Period.

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Who is deifying anyone? Lin simply said he can prove Kyle is lying and at this point appears to have the receipts to prove it.

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Not sure how it all ends, but many of the names listed (Bongino, Gorka, Crenshaw, Posebiec, etc) have shown RINO or clown traits for quite some time. MTG is new to this, but she comes from the disaster state of GA where everyone is compromised by China/deep state.

I guess we just watch and see what happens. Keep an open mind because I have a feeling many villains will turn out to be white hats and many we thought were truly on our side will stab us in the back in the end.

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That is quite odd. I think some of China’s puppets have done a disastrous job of not outing themselves as such (Kemp/Georgia) while others have been much better about it (Florida, Texas, SD). The latter usually seem to get it right but there are always a few head scratching decisions that out their true masters. I have no direct proof, just a gut feeling.

Ken Griffen (Citadel billionaire) is one of Desantis’ biggest supporters. Ken donates only to Rinos and hates Trump. Abbott can’t be trusted in my opinion. Lots of questions all around. Hopefully any bad actors are being forced into roles and all is under control at this point.

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3A. I personally don’t believe the vax is a placebo. Too many friends and acquaintances with side effects. A few strange deaths and several new cancer diagnoses with their age group and overall heath make coincidence unlikely.

I’m not sure if we are truly in end times, but it is crazy for sure. I’m doing my best to wake people up and follow God and what I feel is right in my heart. Being is healthcare right now makes it an uphill battle.

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Careful, there has been talk of China ties with the current republican leadership in MO, including GB Schmitt. Gov Parson has been milk toast as fuck when it comes to freedom and striking down any mandates. Greitens won as governor before being railroaded out of office due to some cheating/extramarital S&M weirdness that popped up out of nowhere. Conveniently Parson was installed then won re-election with the next election.

I am not sure who to trust. Nobody really seems trustworthy at the moment.

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I think you answered your own question. Fox paid him. Fox called Arizona 5 min after polls closed. Fox is disinformation and fake news. Beware what they are pushing.

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I agree. This doesn’t pass the smell test. I don’t trust anything Fox is putting out these days.

Very scripted and didn’t feel authentic. Makes me question the whole fucking Kyle story at this point.

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Something funky is going on with this MTG vs Lin Wood feud. Not sure what the fuck is up, but it’s interesting because Lin has been out traveling with Flynn.

Difficult to reconcile. Fog of war.

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Now the question becomes, what do we the people do about it? I can see GME being the play that ends the fed, but how Blackrock is connected and comes out? Not sure.

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CoxHealth in Springfield MO has hundreds of Filipino nurses as well. Many struggle with English and have to have “assistance” to pass their nursing boards.

Dangerous as fuck. The CEO Steve Edwards just announced his retirement effective next May along with a story about his recent cancer diagnosis. Cancer won’t save you from what’s coming Steve. When the shady shit he has done comes to light he will be run out of town. Evil fucker.

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I’m assuming he is covid positive since he received the monoclonal antibody infusion. The problem is false positives and incorrect treatment paths based on the original tests.

Since we don’t know what the other tests have shown it’s pretty much impossible to recommend anything with confidence. If he has a bacterial pneumonia and they only put him on remdesivir, that’s a proble. Remdesivir is a problem regardless as it’s not been show to do anything other than cause kidney failure and death.

If it is covid, I would make sure his vitamin D levels are adequate and he needs to be taking much more than they will likely order in the hospital. The sooner you start ivermectin the better. Once you reach a certain point the benefit starts decreasing. High dose IV vitamin C would be beneficial, but they will likely not give it. Many independent doctors are beginning to do these types of infusions, you just need to find them. NAC, Bromelain, and dandelion can counter the spike proteins. Don’t let them intubate. That’s probably a death sentence.

Being halfway across the country you will have a difficult time getting anything done, especially with lib idiot family at bedside. Good luck. I will pass along some prayers.

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Well, he owns upwards of 200 million shares of TSLA. At $1100 per share that about 2/3 of his total.

Something very fishy about TSLA. Just my opinion.

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Are you fucking serious? The shills are up late today.

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