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Have you considered that Cohen through GME will buy the KOSS float?

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Showed my wife annnd she didn’t find it funny😁

Still laughing …..🤣

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Just curious.

*Where is thie data from this poll going?

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Sharing links to just a very small portion of the tweeter/X accounts that are targeting and teaching a young audience about trading, GME, Crypto and financial/government fuckery.

*I could have gone on for another hour establishing links.










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I love pointing out to normies just how weird it is that Open Ai just appeared out of nowhere. It usually comes up when a normie is telling how weird everything is, but like you said most haven’t realized just how weird it truly is that we were given it in they way we were given it.

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I get what you’re saying and there was a time I was much more cautious in what I read about things that pertained to other paths to God. I was also hesitant to talk about philosophy and religions to ppl I thought might not be strong enough in their faith to not begin to question what they believe. Those days are in the past. The reason this changed is because I now think of that way of being as blindly following God and I do not believe God wants us to just blindly follow..

Imagine two ppl of the same faith in a room and one grew up only knowing one certain path to God and they refused to research or discuss any other thoughts on religion, faith spiritually unless it came from who they knew for sure was of the same faith as themselves. On the other hand you have a peron who put an incredible amount of effort into questioning everything before finding what they consider the right path. Even after many years of believing this person still questions and is on an internal path of understanding.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I want to be guy number two. Beacuse when it’s all said and done God will know that I was always reaching, no matter the questions or adversity that this world put in front of me.

As far as aliens, space lizards or “whatever” I’m just using the highly curious mind that God gave Me to better understand my existence.

It surprises me that someone “here” would condescendingly ask what we’re hoping to learn or experience while looking for answers on God.

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That is limiting God.

We have no idea what God did before us or after us. There is an infinite amount of knowledge that is not in the Bible, but does that mean it isn’t real or did not happen? Nope.

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I watch the vid and found it to be very good.

It does leaving me wondering which psyop narrative coming at is us is correct.

It could be the Anunnaki narrative is in place to move the evolution group closer to creation.

Then it could also be the narrative in the vid you shared is there to move creationists closer to excepting/understanding that we were seeded.

Most of the Anunnaki content I’ve come across is saying the Anunnaki are not God, but that they believed there is one God who is over all.

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It will be interesting to see how high this post goes.

Might be a good gauge to understand where new Anons are at or how important it is to the Q team that new Anons understand this right now.

Oooor I’m completely out in fucking left field dangling from the teat of crazy town😎

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Great comment!

Yup,,, I’m down that rabbit hole too.

Told my wife a couple of years back that I thought the whole UAP situation was getting ready to turn into a situation where we find out that some of the phenomena is coming from interdimensional beings (interdimensional hypothesis).

If you’ve been around this community long enough you begin to evolve past the political part of the Q op and find yourself more interested in truths that have been held back for millennia. It’s there where you start to understand things that are on a plane much higher than the average person tries to conceive.

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The amount of time needed to get everything worked out and in play around the world would have taken a long time. The stuff that’s going on is so intricate and well thought out I just don’t see how it could have started with DT.

Most Anons understand that WHs have been waiting and planning for the right time, but that would only give them a rough draft of what they need to do. Once they actually seized control of the country they would then need to begin working unilaterally with their counterparts around the world and that would bring all sorts of unforeseen issues.

*Have you ever considered Antifa and BLM were a WH op?

The way I see it is WHs used these groups to find out who was most likely to revolt once the curtain was pulled back and ppl found out what the hell had actually been going on. There will be plenty of radicals who aren’t going to be cool with anything other than their radical ideology, no matter the truths they are shown. I think WHs used Antifa and BLM to identify them with the goal of being able to quickly mitigate any uprising that occur after the reveal.

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It will be interesting to see the parameters retail will have to work within right before and directly after the crash.

I’m not interested in milking everything I can out of GME. I think while MOASS is happening crypto will be rising and at some point everything will be shutdown. I’d like to have already added a substantial chunk to what I have now so it’s in play as soon as the markets reopen.

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Well,,, anyway you look at it from a “”normal”” understanding of how things work any severe market crash is going to damage American’s retirement funds.

We believe white hats are going to crash the markets and I personally believe they have a plan to quickly restore loses. I mean the whole damn thing could be a simulated crash that does not actually occur. If that is the case then all they did was scare the shit out of normies which triggers the opportunity for the new monetary system. That would mean the Apes that made money off MOASS wouldn’t actually be hurting anyone’s retirement.

I think some ppl could become millionaires from MOASS but I’d be very surprised if it goes above 5k, not to say it can’t, but I don’t think its necessary to cause a “”said”” chain of events that triggers a collapse

Consider how much money someone under 35 needs to change their life, it’s definitely not millions. Then add in the fact those people have now been trained in how the market works and how to invest. *So what do you think these people are going to do with a flush brokerage account and they know the market is getting ready to explode upward? They’re going to INVEST.

Then again it could be exactly as you said and we get a better monetary system and told life is going to be better from now on. But after all the shit we’ve gone through and the incredible amount of money and lives lost to pull off the Q op I think the up side is going to be absolutely incredible, if not, fantastical.

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  • I’m interested to know why you think GME will not MOASS?

At one point my biggest hurdle here was how fantastical it all sounded, but eventually I realized it was much less fantastical than the Q op itself.

That left me thinking about the amount of money needed to cover MOASS and the effect MOASS would have on retail investors and retirements. Once the heggies go belly up covering their losses it goes to the DTCC to cover and when they run out it’s on the Fed. This chain of order leads back to a white hat controlled MONEY PRINTING MACHINE that could easily produce the remaining liquidity needed to cover MOASS.

That whole chain of events will happen before a new currency is put forward. Because of that it won’t be hard for the Fed to cover it because they will just add it to a debt in an old ledger that in many ways will be irrelevant once a new currency drops.

Before I make this next statement I want to tell you that I’m 47, married, 3 daughters, no mortgage, own a med spa business and I manage an upscale prime steakhouse. I’m telling you this so you’ll know I’m not just sucking from the teat of hopium here.

*The most import aspect of this happening is the money going to a decent chunk of our under 35 population. Like I said previously, these are the people that have the highest potential of not going along with the white hat’s plan after the curtain is pulled back. Makes sense when you think about how much less they have to lose then the plus 35 group.

But if all of a sudden they have much more to lose they become much less likely to be a problem.

*Think about what the majority of Antifa look(ed) like.?. Do they not look like under 35 gamers?

Hell Yes they do.

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GME - I see GME turning into a viable investment and RC being part of the plan. That said, MOASS looks to me as the triggering point that sets off a hell fire liquidity storm that forces hedge funds to liquidate their prime holdings. When that happens the market will crash.

I’m thinking the top content providers and influencers peddling GME MOASS are a white hat op to get folks to buy in, get knowledgeable and become emotionally committed. Most of that group are under 35 and that age group is typically your troublemakers or most active in war/social unrest/civil war. It would be a very bad idea to dangle a golden carrot to get this group to spend their hard earned money and then not follow through.

I would imagine there will be an off button for MOASS and seized money will probably need to help cover the astronomical amount of money to pay Apes when they cash out. It will probably be next to impossible to sell stocks directly after MOASS so average Americans won’t be able to jump out and incur massive loses. But,, if you want to buy in then smart on you!

When I think about what we have been going through, including normies who are about to get their world rocked, I don’t see a way white hats can pull this off without throwing out some incredible financial incentives. Unfortunately, many ppl are content with their heads in the sand and they’d rather keep it that way then getting bitch slapped into a new reality. Even if their new reality is based on truth, honesty, integrity they will get PISSED if there isn’t some type of instant financial gain that offsets what they’ve gone through.

I can’t really speak on how crypto will play out because I don’t know its technical side. Im basing most of my upcoming plays on pattern/signal recognition that I learned to utilize over the years of being involved in this community. Is it the best way? Maybe not, but it’s worked for me so far ..

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