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And there it is: "BanTheADL" fact checks big accounts whether they are controlled opposition, already bought/blackmailed ore REAL write wing fighters!


"The tag #BanTheADL is still trending. It's curious how the big "right" pages aren't joining in."

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Keith Woods: "#BanTheADL continues to dominate X. We all supported @elonmusk in his promise to restore free speech, but there is no hope of a free platform that collaborates with this anti-white hate group. Elon needs to listen to the people and stand up to the ADL!"


Keith Woods: "The ADL's favourite tactic is financially blackmailing social media companies into removing free speech on their platforms. They even orchestrated an advertiser boycott of Tucker Carlson. Why should they have a platform on X to hold @elonmusk to ransom? It's time to #BanTheADL"

Keith Woods: "The dark origin of the ADL" (nothing new to us!)



VERY BAD ASS BOMB: Harrison Smith FOR INFO WARS - watch!!!!

Harrison Smith: "Since #BanTheADL is trending, people may be uncomfortable, as it is an explicitly Jewish org and anti-semitism is such a lightning rod.

Don't worry! We can learn how to discuss this delicate issue by taking instruction FROM THE ADL ITSELF, by just changing one little word."



"if you suggested jews are doing what jonathan greenblatt himself admits they’re doing, the ADL would label you as an antisemite & a conspiracy theorist #BanTheADL"

Andrew Torba was attacked for "Jesus is King"!!!


"Remember the time I responded to the ADL with “Jesus is King” and they called it “thinly veiled antisemitism?”#BanTheADL"


Jake Shields: "Not only does the ADL control speech on social media they also work closely with the FBI to slant statistics and go after white people.

White people have been cowards for far to long and it’s past time we stand up against racist #bantheADL"

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Yes, I had the same question and hoped she would be called back at the end or that someone asked about exactly that at the end.

We still have a long way to go!

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Spreadshirt censored me too with the mugshot!

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Why would this bag be carried out of the car into the shop back to the car only for buying a meal? A very heavy bag which has to be always next to Trump?

Very important things in it for sure!

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No, dear fren! - L O L - This is not about astrology or space, but my bad English (I am a German fren, autist and anon!)

I knew this word is very potentially wrong, but due to what is happening in my life, I did not do the double check, as my English teacher always told me.

It is a complicated legal situation, but probably to my advance so I could demand to stay longer: I rented the flat from a farmer who lived in the flat above me. His leg had to be amputated in early 2020, just half a year after me moving in. He moved over to the big farm house where his old mother is living.

So a year ago they decided to sell the house I live in. And two weeks ago the buyer informed me that the house was owned by the mother, but the son rented it to me.

That means the new buyer can not give me an eviction note on the basis that he needs the whole house for himself and his family.

ONLY from whom I rented the flat can do that. But this I only learned three days ago and now my lawyer will fight for a deal to my advance.

Staying is unfortunately no option, it is paradise here, but today already was the second day they started working here - which is o.k. - but with loud Heavy Metal music. They want me out and will do some things to succeed. = Demons!

Such a pity: Regularly rabbits, deers, eagles, swans on the lake and other wild life could be watched here - lovely = paradise. Now Idiots will chase the wildlife away. But God provided best for me, also thanks to the prayers, with the next smaller, but nice little flat.

That's what I meant with "constellations"!

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Agenda 2030 - Land grabs, replacements, 15-minute ghettos, The Wall-ghetto!

They want us leaving the rural areas for a living in high dense ghetto citties!

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