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"Scotland didn’t vote for him. It was just voted by the SNP members for a new leader after Nicola Sturgeon resigned. And the SNP are the majority party in Scotland. Word is the SNPs days are numbered as a political party. Next general election I’d predict the Labour Party."

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This is so very sad to hear, fren.

Dear Father in heaven, send purkiss80 and his family your peace, soothing comfort and love, help them to come through this sad and heavy time.

My sister died in October 2022 and this week it would be her birthday :-(

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yes - already gone :-(

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Math is rashist - you know!

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And Pepefarms remembers:


"German climate activist @Luisamneubauer said that she is planning to blow up a crude oil pipeline, right before meeting with @BarackObama in #Copenhagen."

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Luisa Neubauer: "Ok, you might want to hear this: On Sunday, Berlin will hold a public vote on its climate target. If a majority votes "Yes" Berlin will move its net-zero target to 2030 (!) The result is binding. Over night, Berlin could become the worldwide largest city acting in line with 1,5°."





"To all who voted against (49%) in today's referendum on climate ambition in Berlin & that massive majority that didn't vote at all (64%), causing the vote to fail:

Sorry - Climate chaos and nature destruction won't go away because you're against facing it, or prefer to ignore."

Luisa's family - REEMTSMA:

Warburg Bank is the bank connected to Olaf Scholz' CumEx Scandal:


Reemtsma, Deutsche Bank and Hitler:


"The report of the Deutsche Bank Team "proved that the leaders of this bank giant had the closest political connections to the Third Reich's centre of power" and leading members of the executive of the Deutsche Bank such as Emil G. von Stauß, Philipp Reemtsma, Carl Friedrich von Siemens and Albert Pietsch had already been financing Hitler long before his take-over."


"During World War II, Reemtsma has been close to the Nazi regime despite its anti-tobacco policies and entertained strong relations to the Wehrmacht. After the conquest of the Crimea, tens of thousands workers, amongst them children, were forced to work on German tobacco fields. Most of the harvest went to Reemtsma, by then the largest German cigarette company.

In 2004, Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH was awarded the first “Warning”, a negative award for tobacco corporations particularly responsible for destroying the environment and exploiting farmers.

The environment journalist John Waluye had proven, that Reemtsma sources large amounts of tobacco leaf from Tanzania, his home country. Every year, about 61,000 hectares of forest are being cut down to cure tobacco – an area about as large as Munich."

(they are all so fake and gay): https://www.jmberlin.de/en/jewish-museum-berlin-presents-jan-philipp-reemtsma-and-hubertus-erlen-prize-understanding-and

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I also believe that Omicron was made by white hats. And I like your theory including the happy endings - for example a cure for all the vaxxed.

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Dear Quato, never give up - miracles are always possible immediately beyond space and time due to the glory of God!

In Autumn last year my family (my mother her partner and my niece) got seriously ill with the Rona-Influenza. The partner of my mother was also 90 years old and got also to the ICU with failing liver, kidneys and heavy lung problems.

I visited him there, he already was in the palliative care unit! As he refused to eat, I sneaked some chicken broth with a Artemisa Annua capsule dissolved in it into his room and fed him spoon by spoon with it.

The next day he was already a bit better and I gave him the soup one more time, soon the next days he recovered slowly and got out of hospital two weeks later. He is well and alive today!!!

Almighty Father in heaven, thank you for all your love and plenty you give us daily. Please hear our prayers for Quato's father who is loved so much by his family. Send your mighty healing, love, forgiveness and peace to him to let him recover quickly and completly so that he can be back in his home with his loving wife and children.

Send your love, peace, faith and confidence to help this family through this rough time and let your comfort sooth their hearts, souls and minds.

You, Almighty Father, know always what is best for all of us, you decide over our entrance and our departure, but please give this family some more joyous time together, so that some day Quato's father can leave peacefully and ready having all his family surround him.

We thank you for your grace, wonders and miracles and trust your decisions what is best for all of us.

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(Hells Angels and Bandidos are jealous as Deutsche Bank has had more raids!)


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"Wow. The chairman of the board of Deutsche Bank is called Mr. Deutschescam.

We live in a simulation."


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Thank you VERY much, fren, for this GREAT COMPILATION AND YOUR WORK!!!

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"Good Morning Everyone! Another day, another bank in trouble. Deutsche Bank is down 14% today. Their credit default swaps are surging. This means the cost to insure bond holders against a default is rising rapidly. Not good. ..."

Top shareholder of Deutsche Bank is Blackrock with 5.06%!



"... “Deutsche Bank has thoroughly modernized and reorganized its business and is a very profitable bank,” said Scholz, speaking after a European Union summit in Brussels.

The German lender has capital reserves well in excess of regulatory requirements and saw 10 straight quarters of profits. Last year, it made 5.7 billion euros ($6.1 billion) in after-tax profit.

Like Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank is one of 30 banks considered globally significant financial institutions under international rules, so it is required to hold higher levels of capital reserves because its failure could cause widespread losses.

Other major European banks also fell Friday, with Germany's Commerzbank down 7.5%, France's Societe Generale down 5.9%, and Austria’s Raiffaisen off 5.9%.

Markets have been rattled by fears that other banks may have unexpected troubles like U.S.-based Silicon Valley Bank, which went under after customers pulled their money and it suffered uninsured losses under higher interest rates. ..."

And they were too busy with ...



DEBT BOMB by Dominic Frisby - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXcLVDhS8fM

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Some day we will all celebrate together!

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"Mr. Speaker, George Soros is one of the most controversial figures in American politics, and I think it is important for American families to focus on what George Soros has said about himself, what George Soros has said about his objectives, and where George Soros has spent his money to influence public opinion.

Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis once wrote that ‘‘the best disinfectant is sunshine,’’ and it is in that spirit that I submit ‘‘The Guilt-Free Record of George Soros’’ to be printed in the CONGRESSIONALRECORD. ..."

‘‘I don’t feel guilty. Because I’m engaged in an amoral activity which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt.’’ George Soros, commenting on his actions in the cur-rency markets. (‘‘George Soros,’’ 60 Minutes interview transcript, December 20, 1998) "

Soros: ‘‘**No Sense of Guilt’’ for Confiscating Property from Jews in Nazi-occupied Budapest. ‘‘But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was - well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets - that if I weren’t there - of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would . . . be taking it away anyhow . . . whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away.

So the - I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.’’ (‘‘George Soros,’’60 Minutes interview transcript, December 20, 1998) "

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Kingston explains, “Unlike any other contract I have ever read before, the contract says right up front the President said they had to produce a safe and effective vaccine, and they would have to promise it would protect against SARS-Cov-2 infections and all its variants. Oh, and by the way, all those Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) laws that give you immunity under Obama and Bush, Jr., you are going to forfeit those. . . . Trump said he wanted it by October 31, and the vaccine must be safe and effective. This was not safe and effective under the emergency use vaccine even though it was going to be EUA authorized.

Was this the reason Trump stated "The vaccine is safe & effective!"? To point out that they have to produce them according the contract, but didn't?

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