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I think it's a glitch. It's happening to everyone.

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Serious security gaps when locals have to point out a man bear crawling with a rifle on a roof. Secret Service should have been posted on the roof of all buildings around the location. Police should have been more proactive.

I saw President Reagan speak decades ago before an upcoming election and they had sharp shooters on the building, Secret Service everywhere, State and Local Police everywhere, metal detectors, and it was locked down like Fort Knox.

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They're also housing immigrants in high-end hotels in DTLA where they are served three meals a day for free and the rooms are filled with trash!

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Oregon has become a shithole, just like CA. They like the chaos, crime, indecency, and they do not protect your children. They do not care about families or protecting homeowners' rights. Just look at Portland.

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LOL. Detain him. He should have been detained when he demanded everyone be vaccinated. He called anyone who doesn't get vaccinated a schmuck. He also said, "Screw your freedom," telling everyone they should mask up. He's not a Trump supporter either.

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I guess Alex never had to wait in the ER when a spouse suffered a massive stroke resulting in partial paralysis after taking a Covid vaccine. I have.

I guess Alex never had to sit through 3 heart surgeries for a spouse. I have.

I guess Alex never had to file a VAERs report. I have.

I guess Alex never had to struggle financially after a spouse was fired due to disability caused by the Covid vaccine that the same workplace forced him to get to keep his job.

This was not Alex's message over the last 3 years. I have unsubscribed from Alex's substack.

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Wow. This is worth watching. A pharmaceutical and Soros plant.

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I've flown multiple times over the last 3 years. No problems.

Friends flew overseas. No problems.

Co-Pilots save the day. There's always a backup if one goes down.

Freeways are more challenging because few drivers know how to drive anymore or they are on their phones/not watching the traffic lines.

Trains are crashing.

Good luck.

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This should be stickied. Watch it. Unbelievable details affecting every community in America, not only Minneapolis.

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