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I promise it happens all the time too, Pedo Joe, YOU and your demoncrats are not who we are

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Does he believe all the lies falling out of his mouth?

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The reason ‘they’ will never let the jab stand as a toxin is because the VA Disability budget cannot support the number of service members they will have permanently injured, especially when they are using much of the VA budget and health facilities to support illegal aliens (as has been reported). Our military men/women have been disrespected and shat on by demon-crats, the elite and the DS for a long time.

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The subtle invasion of sin in every aspect of our life. Always in the form of something just crossing the line till it’s slowly accepted. Then it becomes outright and you are trapped in the darkness. Thankfully they are some who will take a stand from the beginning to save us.

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Explains why they’re sick as $hit.

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Supposedly Biden called and talked to Netanyahu. I seriously cannot see that clown talking intelligently to anyone.

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Didn’t someone say all these deviants are catching hell in 2024? I’d say that would be OJ catching hell this year.

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of course they did. It would screw up there whole purpose of enabling illegals here in the first place.

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Is it just me or does Trump’s Secret Service look tougher, more put together than Biden’s???

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Yea I’m thinking they aren’t going to get the huge reception they are expecting. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

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That over board makeup and all the implants makes a mockery of what a TRUE woman is. It’s equivalent to wearing blackface and is insulting to real women.

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