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I had no idea, just posting the smear campaign in full force. Kids draw dicks everywhere, where's the Semitic twist? Synagogues are not immune to graffitti...

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That's actually a great idea, just sucks that it has come to that. One should assume your messages are recieved unobstructed.

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The weirdest workaround I have found is to remove the HTTP:// or HTTPS:// header from the link itself. Then it allows for it to be received. Thanks communist overlords!

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I know they don't have a good track record, just super strange all of a sudden. Gonna be shopping around after this. Just trying to confirm if anyone else was experiencing anything similar.

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This story is from 1982. The guy behind it all is named Malvin Weisberg, the name tells it all. Total piece of shit that got away with all of it. They even refused to allow for any religious services for the burial after 3 years of litigation. All those poor babies... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_fetus_disposal_scandal https://www.nytimes.com/1985/08/29/us/16500-fetuses-to-get-burial-after-long-fight-on-funeral.html

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So my options are one of two; I can either get vaccinated, or get severe illness and death. The left was right after all. I must be non-binary because I identify with alternative options.

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There are no wars won without casualties, I'm well aware. But if it was all about "getting ahead of the globalists" why hasnt he come out and said what we all know? That there are serious problems with this vaccine and we need to reassess at a minimum. Its incumbent on him to be transparent at this point if what you say is true. I can't support the conflicting interests

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When is he going to denounce his vaxx position? Ffs operation warpspeed was his directive no? He is not on our side if he continues to propagate this failed endeavor. Fuck General Milley, I need real talk...