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It's because whenever a new message in Telegram comes out from any user or chat, a notification sound comes out. Gets annoying after a while.

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Sorry fren! I just reposted it. I did it because the news of it was already posted here.

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Could Andrew be forced to appear in court? Legal experts say Andrew could not be forcibly extradited due to it being a civil case.

Edward Grange, extradition expert and partner at Corker Binning, told MailOnline: 'In short, extradition can not take place for as long as the case remains within the civil jurisdiction. Prince Andrew would only be at peril of extradition if he were charged with a criminal offence in the USA that carries a sentence of imprisonment of 12 months or more.

'Even then, whilst an extradition request could be made to the UK, no doubt careful thought would be given as to whether such steps should be taken given that it would be a very bold move for prosecutors to take because of the undoubted diplomatic headache it could cause for the two jurisdictions.'

Mr Grange added: 'If he were to be charged with a criminal offence in the US and if the US were to seek his extradition, his British nationality would not result in a dismissal of the request as Britain extradites its own citizens.'

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