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Smart move for him is to sit out 2024 and just pick up all MAGA seamlessly in 2028 with probable full endorsement from Trump.

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Yeah, the "we are going to make abortion illegal" stuff from a few weeks ago was the RINO bunch helping the Dems who had nothing to run on. A very deliberate political misstep. So obvious.

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The ONLY reason this hit now is they lost control of Twitter. So now the "Private company can do whatever it wants" does not suit them (Imagine if Elon props non left speech and suppresses commie speech). So no the ACLU didn't become neutral or our friend.

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I dont see him on any flight log lists ..... any corroboration here? (I dont like retweeting falsities)

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Do not go to any mental health "professionals". Anon put himself in danger where if they determine you are "danger to yourself and others" could possibly be put under their control. And once they got you inside, real hard to get out.

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The "Locked out" thing is also a giveaway ..... unless they have some hyper strict tech based entry that cant be opened by on site security. If they had security with access (There really has to be for fires etc), the employees locked out event would have been 10 minutes delay and not made the news.