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I had an Armenian friend in college, he told me the way the Kardashians acted (interracial dating, acting like whores etc), they would be ostracized and expelled from their community.

Kind of shocked me at the time (I was a liberal back then lol), but now I see his point.

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It is California, but to be clear this is Armenians in Glendale, who were always based. This isnt Walnut Creek or Pasadena lol

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Love your posts, @SemperSupra , but I always feel like I'm missing about 10 to 20 IQ points to really grasp them 🤣

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I dont get it, that Truthsocial clip doesnt talk about 6 months to clean up mess, it's about Putin not attacking based on what Trump told him?

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Lol my mom says I "have an unfair advantage" because I did a lot of research if we debate on something, but still insists she is right (on topics like the vaccine, for example).

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Oops, didnt see that one, thanks.

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Yea but who's pulling the strings (whitehats or blackhats), that's the million dollar question.

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Apparently white supremacists are very inclusive

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