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what does the bible say happens to the annunaki/nephilim/giants? Why did many of the books that were removed/censored from the bible have strong references to these creatures? Who/what was Nimrod?

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You're right it's specifically the zionists who are doing the evil scheming at the top, but every single low level jew who even casually belongs to the church is likely paying fees to the communist beast of Judaism. Therefore we might as well say all Jews. We all know rich "white" jews who irrationally suffered from TDS, it was their communist "religion" telling them what to think.

No I was not wrong about the star. You need to do better research. They call it star of David so gentiles will incorrectly associat it with the bloodline of David/Jesus but it was just some guy named David who was big in the commu ist/marxist/jew movement

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they made them wear the star because the international jewish organization had declared economic war on germany, because germany dared to think they could form a country without jewish bankers and jewish debt. Yes, Jews and England declared official war and bombed many cities in Germany before Hitler ever responded; Hitler did not want war with anyone.

We all have acknowledge that the catholic church is thoroughly corrupt.... well who do you think they learned it from???

The jews are the head of the snake. Get over it. The star represents Satan.

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so youre jewish?

Q said they are saving Israel for last for reasons we dont know yet.

One of those reasons is because the jewish church is the head of the cabal. Get over it.


watch that documentary series and stop spreading lies

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flat is an over simplification, yes it is hollow and most of the interesting stuff is allegedly underground; the "aliens" come from underground as nothing can penetrate the firmament above our heads (like a snow globe)

The rumor is that stargates or the firmament will be opening up in the near future for a major events of sorts, this is why ancient civiliations calendars ended around this time (mayans etc...). I am still learning about this aspect.

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A simple online search of every famous astronomer going back to newton, including ALL of NASA, will show you that they all belonged to satanic cults.

up is up and down is down, because god made it that way. Your ball flying a billion mph, spinning a billion mph, and expanding with the universe at a billion mph is the truly laughable story.

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you are wrong. the star that they made jews wear is the 5 pointed star of satan... the jews call it the star of david because they think we are stupid and will associate it with king david

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I think fall of the cabal just wanted to avoid the "ANTISEMITE" label - it is illegal in half of europe to say anything against the official holocaust narative; I dont believe she was American.

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the germans were not the bad guys. the jews owned the world's media just like they do today. germany didnt want the jewish banks in their country, so the jews used their fake media to call hitler a monster; they would broadcast soviet mass grave sites and say the germans were responsible...

jewish fake news became jewish fake history.

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there is a big lie involved, but not the one you said..... the big lie is that the nazis were never the bad guys... the jews/bolsheviks who became israel were the bad guys, which is why the evil never ended.

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what they said is not as ridiculous as you may think; the bible refers to many of these "extraterrestrials" as annunaki / nephilim and the seed of the serpent.

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the earth is flat man, get over it - the dumb ones are the people who get their science from satanic cults and believe the earth spins and flies around in calculations that all work out to 666 haha, give me a break. if youre concerned what your friends at school might think beacuse youre on a forum with flat earthers, then you dont belong here.

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apparently nothing until you get to the firmament

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There is no available acceptable "research" for them to even study - it's just a line they regurgitate to make themselves feel better and subconsciously pass blame elsewhere.

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If you think any issue is too much of a conspiracy for a Q forum, then you don't grasp the enormity of Q

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If you are "awakening" and can't atleast say "oh wow the same people who say the earth is round also worship the devil and tell 1000000 other lies; maybe its flat" - then you arent doing it right.

The earth is flat; you'll get nowhere until you accept that you were programmed to laugh at flat-earthers. NASA was a satanic lie from day 1.

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Haha. Drive a normal fishing boat there and you'll have military from 3 countries surround you and make you leave. They are hiding something

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I think the Hitler Rothschild connection is fake news to make him took bad after the fact. He three three Rothschild in jail and kicked he central banks out of Germany.

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He's ignorant or lying to you

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Antarctica is 100% wrong on the modern map. Its an ice shelf that circles the whole earth. Older humans knew.

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Ps the nazis were the good guys so if they've been hiding there with UFOs they probably intend to destroy the cabal.

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It's a round circle of ice that encloses the earth, around it is the base of the crystal glass firmament that covers our sky. It is the single greatest proof that we have a creator, and the satanic elite that run the world want to hide it from us.

It also allegedly has a complex tunnel cave system where possibly the annunaki / nephilim live

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The jews, calling themselves bolsheviks, slaughtered and raped like 100m white Christians between ww1 and ww2, then they used their pervasive media influence to say the white Germans were the monsters and that Jews were a poor victim class who needed to forever be catered to.

Fake news became fake history.

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Any proof she is satanic or eats kids?

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