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Also mr. Pedo Simp, the moment someone makes a decision to fuck a child they are no longer protected by ANYTHING. Accept the FBI and DOJ.

Thats like saying if someone is trying to murder you then you cant hurt them back.

What the fuck kinda faggot are you?

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Ya if the police have a problem with killing pedophiles then you know what?


why do you think local sheriffs are always included in these pedophile stings?

They run the local operations.

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Ya and if your average citizens started standing up and luring pedophiles out and melting them in a tub of acid there would be ALOT less pedos.

Anyone who thinks pedophilia is just a sexual preference should be melted in acid too.

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Also want to note that you are some reddit faggot who is 100% a pedophile. Go back and circle jerk with your tranny friends. Just remember , you will never be a real women.

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exactly pedophiles are not people. They are not even animals. I would burn a pedophile alive without losing a moment of sleep but I would never hurt an animal.

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exactly who ever thought this place was not a honeypot is a dreamer.

My post earlier about pretending to be a 12 year old and luring pedophiles out into the woods and murdering them was deleted.

Mods here defend the deepstate pedos.

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what do you mean movie stars and politicians are not actually getting the shot?

They cannot possibly be putting out videos like this to convince the brain dead sheep to get the jab?

Oh wait they are all pedophiles and want us all dead.

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I am the same way. I speak my filthy mouth because FREE SPEECH IS FREE.

I will not be told what words I am allowed to use.

Why is it our fault that people with smoothbrains allow them self to be offended by words?

Like is that my fault that faggots are so insecure that you cant read the word faggot with out crying?

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ah your right. Maybe ill pretend to be a parent offering my toddler to pedophiles like Hunter and Joe Biden.

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Ya this is only about JJ which is the only one that is not MRNA. They canceled this because it was the only real one.

All the others are meant to kill you.

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I was going to say lose some weight if you don't fit but ya....

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I mean the windows are 100% reinforced. Can you not see that?>

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don't you remember all the drive by shooting we did at that insurrection?

Oh wait it was not a Burn loot Murder protest.

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Na the swap is contaminated with shit. Kinda like the blue medical masks from chyna were just found out to have like fiberglass in them and causing lung damage.

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Ya there are local police forces that are fighting the pedos.

But our military has been their enforcers for the last 70 years.

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No sales volume? Have you even looked at the day of trading?

How high is the volume right at close?

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