Update to https://greatawakening.win/p/15HIhRJUrk/-so--i-reported-harris-county-tx/


“I expect this political exercise to continue through Election Day. [Kim Ogg] will have me indicted. Or name a ‘special prosecutor’- an illusion of independence since those are still beholden to the DA. She did that before in a political prosecution that went nowhere. I’m not deterred.”

Basically Ogg knows what’s up. This is a coordinated matter between existing Commissioners and Ogg who they have backed to see this through.





What in the hell did I just come across.

Has anyone even heard of Pacific Eclipse before?



The crux:

Unconfirmed reports from Warsaw indicate that after Washington rejected the proposals for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, along with the transfer of Polish MIG-29 aircrafts to Ukrainian pilots, the Polish general staff was quietly instructed to formulate plans for intervention in the Ukrainian conflict by seizing the western part of Ukraine. Naturally, military action of this scale would require Kiev’s approval, but given Washington’s de facto control of the Zelensky government, approval for Polish military intervention should not be a problem.

Presumably, the Biden administration may hope that a collision involving Russians and Poles in any form—including air and missile strikes against Polish forces on the Ukrainian side of the border—would potentially call for the NATO council to meet and address Article V of the NATO treaty. Whether a Polish military intervention into Ukraine justifies the commitment of NATO members to war with Russia is unclear. Action still would be left up to the judgement of each NATO member state.

So that’s how NATO is going to hail-Mary this thing - have Poland interdict into Kyiv and de-facto start this party w/ NATO.

AOC Reconciles RoeVWade & Immigration (media.greatawakening.win) 🐴 SHITPOST 💩
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I legit avoided researching Musk. Not sure why - viscerally my gut just kept me away.

Within a quick start of research I find these points.

  1. Musk has repeatedly directly echo’ed the World Economic Conference - https://files.catbox.moe/9r5rg0.jpeg

  2. His latest baby mama released a song called “Violence” that had a stone tablet that cryptically ( not so much? Lol ) foretold the Plandemic right before it happened. https://files.catbox.moe/n9wd0a.jpeg

Then the SpaceX launch of the Northrop Grumman Zuma payload peaked my curiosity when Zuma was “lost” yet they found some odd way to say it wasn’t SpaceX failure - a “Northrop Grumman coupler failed” was the story. Problem was - they didn’t hide it well enough from Amateur Satellite trackers who observed it for 2 entire earth orbits. What else was funny was that someone screwed up so even after they claimed it crashed & re-entered it was tracking officially. They claimed that was normal even though past failures used that tracking to help sort out what happened.

Anyway - I finally started researching him.

White Board - filled out all the diff tech ventures and their paradigm / field. Transhumanism Cybernetics AI Machine Learning Electric Vehicles Electric Storage Devices Electric Power Plants PayPal / Point of Sale Systems CryptoCurrency Social Media Aerospace Aeronautics Space Colonization Augmented Reality Green Agenda / Global Climate Change / Agenda 2030 He has made many remarks that echo Klaus Schwab Strongly Pro-Vaccine Strongly Pro-DNA Alteration En Masse

So looking at the yield of the fruit - this guy is a Threat to Humanity.

Now I see him backing a lot from Bill Gates and almost overnight he starts tweeting he is legit trolling Gates with some pregnancy meme.

Musk on Rogan talking about his kid was - soulless. It was off-putting as hell. He couldn’t say anything loving at all and this isn’t his first kid they were talking about. All he could do was compare the kids development to AI / Machine Learning.

I am a hard off here. The play I see is this dude is appealing to everyone in their own way - meanwhile I just have a sideways gut about him.

It’s like he’s the Bill Gates 2.0. Some new Privatized Savior that will provide free tech and walk the youth into cattle cars so they can get brain augmented like some Keanu Matrix Ready Player One horror in the future.

Hearing these transhumanists talk makes me weird out. They legit don’t say it directly but they see our human qualities as everything that’s wrong with us. We waste too much time and money in families and kids and marriages that fail and yada yada yada. That’s what makes it all worth while you sick soulless mounds of human debris.

Theologically they don’t even ruminate on what they advocate and the impact RE: Spirituality or whatever



Now she’s being investigated for canceling an $11 million vaccine contract after questions were raised that it was with a one-person firm with no experience.

Now it’s expanding to Google discovery 😎

The 19-page warrant shows Texas Rangers telling tech-giant Google information is needed involving Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and others in her office.

She and Turner were legit paying off people all over with COVID bailout funds. I got wind of it all over Houston from small business owners and contractors.

Also how I found and reported this guy:

Specifically, Hutchison obtained cash he used to pay bribes to HISD officials by writing company checks to vendors, who cashed the checks and provided the cash to Hutchison. Hutchison falsely stated on the memo line of the checks that they were in payment for work that had been performed on HISD properties. He then caused the checks to be improperly deducted on corporate tax returns as business expenses.

Busby and Hutchison are charged with conspiracy, bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds, and witness tampering. Hutchison is further charged with wire fraud. If convicted, they face up to five, 10 and 20 years, respectively, for the conspiracy, bribery and witness tampering charges. Hutchison also faces up to 20 years for each count of wire fraud. The charges added today add possible 3-year-prison terms for each of the tax charges, upon conviction.

I added this guy to a IRS report through a licensed CPA I know with a SOLID reputation with the IRS. Not everyone in the IRS is total shit apparently.


I also have some other things moving - namely relating to the Chinese Consulate in Houston that was closed and the Harris County Democratic Party conspiring with the Chinese. I made the report and turned over my evidence to a number of entities - including the names of Neo-Marxists on the Harris County DNC Board.

Things move slow. I am seeing results I can personally lean towards having involvement in.

I also had the evidence re-written and submitted by multiple persons.

If I hear back anything on Turner it will be massive.

UPDATE: https://twitter.com/GrooganFox26/status/1513570753953902601?t=xPeRF8QMEJxRC8ByqefIZw&s=19

3 Grand Jury Indictments. Her Inner Circle. Jumping in grenades? Swift



So to break down why VanwaTech is Significant - that’s a very long dig I can disclose if anyone has interest. With technical postsI tend to see very little traction here.

  1. 8chan used Colocated Servers spread across a 20 x 1U server farm. CodeMonkey had the site running across a cluster with a database backend spread across this cluster. ( posts were made showing the servers being moved during the month of downtime before Jim Watkins testified before Congressional Committee ( closed door - no details )

  2. Q did multiple Q&A appearances that were largely meant to drastically increase traffic on 8chan. The CloudFlare network was tested & performance measured - more than once the outcome was entire segments of the CloudFlare CDN Network going offline. This was not offline in the context of only 8chan - the outages affected multiple CDN clients using CloudFlare ( included where i work ). During a late phase of these Q&A sessions - we saw the shooting blamed on 8chan and CloudFlare about-face and deplatform 8chan citing shooting. This was not a minor thing for CloudFlare. It violated Standard Uptime Agreements and forced renegotiations with many other clients concerned about free speech.

  3. 8Kun comes back using VanwaTech as a CDN. VanwaTech rumored to host within Spartan Host https://spartanhost.org/ . From our side we watched Larger DDoS attacks take place than during the previous attacks on 8chan. What was more - the CDN was literally tracking routes through the DoD network subnet of ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assigned_/8_IPv4_address_blocks Lists as DoD Intel Networks ) That’s not random chance. The number of hops? 17. How did a previously unknown VanwaTech suddenly handle attacks with a volume larger than CloudFlare, a MAJOR PROVIDER, could not handle? This doesn’t add up.

  4. Who is VanwaTech? Run by Nick Lam - it’s leveraging a Russian Company called DDoS Guard that we know was routing w DoD networks . That’s - extremely interesting. The routing was temporary in the early stagings of 8Kun network deployment. https://news.netcraft.com/archives/2020/10/23/exploring-8chans-hosting-infrastructure.html

  5. Direct Investigation. You can obtain a free VanwaTech OpenVPN profile to use as you wish. For 5$/mo you can also obtain a VPN “Account” that is billed monthly. Thing is - the paid VPN accounts Do Not Authenticate. By this I mean, literally, the OpenVPN profiles provided by VanwaTech do not authenticate the user. They work - they just don’t require login. They also are not user-based. Literally you can share the profiles around and anyone can use them. Not exactly a business model, right?

  6. This next part I have to be very careful about. I have methods of obtaining more information about VanwaTech and looked into the operating business license. I called repeatedly at random times. I believe Nick Lam is a cutout persona. Several Nick Lam characters of differing voices, statures, have been observed.


I believe VanwaTech is a cutout company. To what affect I do not know - but I do intend to deploy a Hosting Service and approach VanwaTech for CDN services. Once I have a deployment in place I can truly investigate capabilities & likewise “Carry the Torch” that I believe White Hats set up for us. Why? People can talk mess about Q all they want - the core of all of this, us being here, The Great Awakening - Information Freedom. Q has cited John Perry Barlow, Assange, Snowden. If you failed to familiarize w Barlow please take the time to read Barlow’s A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace ( https://archive.ph/JNQqi ):

We have no elected government, nor are we likely to have one, so I address you with no greater authority than that with which liberty itself always speaks. I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent of the tyrannies you seek to impose on us. You have no moral right to rule us nor do you possess any methods of enforcement we have true reason to fear.

In the United States, you have today created a law, the Telecommunications Reform Act, which repudiates your own Constitution and insults the dreams of Jefferson, Washington, Mill, Madison, DeToqueville, and Brandeis. These dreams must now be born anew in us.

This is about freedom to push Information. We can reduce these ideas to meme-fodder - we can’t let go of obtaining our capacity to protect ourselves & ideas from spreading online.

As such I wanted to disclose this information to this site as I have been uneasy with the ownership of this website and it’s use of CloudFlare.

CloudFlare has proven to NOT be of our mindset. Thus using CloudFlare as the CDN for greatawakening.win is suspect, far from ideal, and opens all of your metadata to any and all capacities for collection that CloudFlare & the apparatus behind it. Be Weary if this - practice OPSEC / CYBERSEC at all times.


This post I hope gets stickied.

Quality Research is why we were tapped.

The first Salvo is Complete and we did our jobs - Anons and Pure Autism & Divergent Research fired off a MASSIVE salvo against the Kabal.

Their entire Societal Structure was predicated on People being CATTLE. This was literal and figurative as they structured Western Education and Society to “Reward” Institutional & Authoritative Thinking to Rob GENERATIONS YET BORN of creativity and replace that with obedience. They intended to create robotic personalities - NPCs.

They sought to make generations / crops of obedient lemmings.

Q was not an individual. All too often I see Q mentioned as if it was a singular person. No. Q was an idea - that got its namesake from a group that was basically the Vanguard in Divergent Thinking within the most Patriotic Intelligence Apparatus within the 17 Agencies ( 17? ). Only one group, one body, had full reign or awareness between all of these groups: “__Who Knows Where The Bodies are Buried?_”

As such writhing that Vanguard - a group does exist that was made up of the most exemplary Patriots the world had to offer. These are amazing individuals with a deep sense of Ethics & Understanding. They also had full capabilities within:

  • Signals Intelligence ( SIGINT )
  • Human Intelligence ( HUMINT )
  • National Security Classification Clearance ( NSCC )

What would YOU do if you knew what was planned? How would you go about changing things? How would you bring Power back to WE THE PEOPLE across the world?

Enter …


When 4CH doxed Shia repeatedly https://youtu.be/n-ABXvbMSc4 it had a PROFOUND IMPACT on the intelligence community. They proved a hive mind of divergent thinkers was able to displace any and every tool within the war chest of the Intelligence Community. They can’t create AI that could do anything near what they saw demonstrated by the misfits known as Anons.

So - Q & The Plan.

Premise? Seed those misfits into collecting massive amounts of intel, format it, and feed it into mechanisms that allowed LEGAL methods to push back on the Kabal.

Years of digs? Handed over to Durham & other Patriots.

Remember this is why you are here as Digital Soldiers.

History made.


I've been revisiting some things using Yandex - and I feel like a total putz.

Going back and re-digging some threads outside of the entire Western Index Sphere? I suggest you all do this.

I am finding a lot that is confirming everything I thought about Q. My confidence in who and what Q is / was is largely boosted by these results.

I want to share them here - Refraining out of Honor to Q.

Seriously. Go look around. It's absolutely wild how much Google / DuckDuckGo ( who basically used "Alphabet Soup" results ), yahoo, etc.

Freagin wild. Do you guys realize how much traffic was being refused to TheAtlantic and other NATO/Kabal-backed indexes? Holy shit. A ton of their downfall was intentional. They wrote things for their heads to see - then refused them in indexes.

EXAMPLE: s/Ezra Cohen Watnick/

Tons of articles I never saw.


I ask you to step back for what I am about to speculate, here.

On the premise of WWIII there is a notion engrained into the minds of many that WW3 would be entirely, primarily, or observably kinetic in nature with 'Death & Destruction" widespread & known to all.

This isn't WW1.

This isn't WW2.


InformationSpace ( the footprint of information & it's ability to proliferate and be heard / read / understood ) itself was bottlenecked by conflicts taking place across huge bodies of water, enemy lines, or otherwise. It was slow and TRUST was the game. The average US Citizen obtained their information by Newspapers & typically that information was then spread by word of mouth ( newspapers were not free ). It was not uncommon for sections of the United States / World to get information after the reality of the situation turned massively. WW1 was started by a Conspiracy with Entities like Cecil B Rhodes, 1st Lord Nathaniel Rothschild 🛡,

( more details in this documentary by James Corbett of CorbettReport.com well worth the time https://odysee.com/@TheAgeofAquariusPI4PSI:a/Corbett-Report-The-WW1-Conspiracy-(Full-Documentary,-2018):b )

USS Lusitania was moving Military Arms and Supplies secretly. It was a passenger ship and Germany warned England that any and all ships that were moving arms would be sunk. The Western Governments lied to the people and said it was only carrying people - pushing the massacre propaganda to help the United States enter the war. This was a cold lie and calculation. Why? Mostly the United States being directly involved meant even more debt could be racked up via the newly Established Federal Reserve. Using & Managing the InformationSpace was as simply as printing propaganda and a trusting public having no reason to doubt what they were reading.

Following WW1 in 1933 The United States literally Confiscated, by force, the gold of individual owners. They came and literally took the savings of everyone.


InformationSpace was more complicated as Television was rolling out, Radio was proliferated to the point of being a part of daily information consumption across society. War Propaganda was well considered - appearing prior to any movie within the Kino / Theaters. The War Department even hired famous directors to bring the war home. Frank Capra and more took part in this push. Very few directors stated that what they filmed was dictated by the war department and felt very strongly against even faking images - they seriously attempted to show the reality of the conflict. In terms of Politics & Policy the InformationSpace was extremely guarded. We saw little information being carried back and fourth by We The People in terms of Treaties & Decisions at higher levels - only what information was allowed to trickle down. A Common Defense to Conspiracy is that "Nobody could keep a secret that big." When people say this point to the Manhattan Project that involved thousands of people across many years and many nations. Everyone involved kept their mouths shut despite heralding into the world a power so destructive people were thrust into existential crisis even knowing it was possible.

" I am death - destroyer of worlds." ~ Oppenheimer

Cause of WW2 entry by the United States was carefully planned. FDR actually tasked a Naval Intelligence Officer ( Also Central Intelligence Group & Central Intelligence Agency & Office of Strategic Services ). FDR very pointedly asked McCollum "If the United States wanted to take a series of actions that would provoke Japan into attacking - what would they be?" McCollum then literally prepared what became the Eight Action Memo. You can see on Page 5 of the memo quite literally the exact steps FDR implemented to cause The Attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan operated under a code of Bushido and repeatedly sought to warn the United States Ambassador that the attack was coming. Instead of heeding these warnings, the United States ignored them, and instructed the United States Navy to move many more ships within the Pacific Fleet into Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was knowingly created & Our Brave were moved into harms way as sacrificial lambs to get the United States involved in a war.

The InformationSpace within WW2 was very carefully sculpted to instill outage. Across the United States 15 and 16 year olds were so upset and enraged they lied to join up. FDR did a whistle-stop tour around the United States promoting the war effort.


I argue that World War 3 began in 2001. Similar to the events of WW1, WW2, and Vietnam - we saw a %100 False Flag operation Conducted with the immediate strategies of Zbigniew Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives in which he argued that "For the United States to preserve it's place as the World's Sole Super Power - it must assert itself into Eurasia, by any means, until it is eventually folded into the One World Government."

We entered into war on multiple fronts, across multiple lines, across many spaces, assumed massive financial liabilities, and killed well over a million people while mounting further fronts disguised as "Color Revolutions" all backed by the National Endowment for Democracy ( NED ) in multiple countries.

The actual reality is that WW3 has been going on for 2 decades. Truth is - the battle lines are no longer fought at some far away front. WW3 involves the minds of every living person on this planet given that the InformationSpace of our timeline requires that Every Single Mind on the face of this planet be a part of that battlefield.

According to our Military, the Human Domain encompasses a Unrestricted Asymetric and Unconventional Warfare Doctrine. Every single Superpower has publushed countless papers at this point dictating that this conduit of the Digital Solider is now playing on the minds of everyone. Why do we have constant PSYOPS? Because we are literally at war and SuperPowers are now jockeying to mindfuck every living person into action on the battlefield.

The Age of CyberAttacks is Upon Us

Since Mid-February I have watched an increasing number of Cyber Events. My observations are also being echo'ed across the CyberSec Community.

  1. Core Cloud -Service Outages involving:
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS
  • CloudFlare ( the entire CDN Network )
  • Azure
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • VMWare

Those immediate outages were actually on the tail of micro-outages at the Telco level for:

  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T

and even smaller Telcos

It seems some of the Insurance Ledger providers are saying what others won't in regards to clues on what was going on.

In the US, Viasat said on Wednesday:

a "cyber event" had caused a "partial network outage" for customers "in Ukraine and elsewhere" in Europe who rely on its KA-SAT satellite.

At local level several municipalities were impacted with 911 & EMS systems going offline as well as intranets https://www.wcbi.com/louisville-phones-down/


Given where we are on our timeline it's %100 mandatory that any actual threat, real or imaginary, have it's footprint compartmentalized from the general public - else risk impacting confidence at a time that the USD is weakening and more. I really don't think we would be told of ongoing threats anytime soon given the social climate right now. If there is any perceived threat to the economy it would be "Bad for National Security" being that the United States Dollar's value is %100 tied to that perceived confidence.

Some of you have also repeatedly had Emergency Alerts on your phones across this time as I theorize these Telephone Companies / Network Providers, and others seek to gain confidence their systems continue to work.

What I pose here to sum this up - is that we are in WW3 already, have been for a long time, and are now approaching the climax. Being that the United States is a Con-fience-based-Economy - don't ever expect the truth. We have a Nation Entirely Built by Lies that has left the Contitutional Principles we were based on into a new "Government by Emergency Declaration" Model.


https://youtu.be/Dm-DJSSp48c Checkout this interview w Cheney and look at the man.

Prescott Bush -> Funded Nazis -> Brown Brothers Heramin -> OSS -> CIA -> Allen Dulles -> Linden Johnson -> William Casey -> GHWB -> Cheney -> Liz Cheney

Leo Straus / Chicago University = Nazi

Go to the root


What happens when someone asks a serious question of “where is the Federal Reserves Gold?”

Russia emphasizing Gold may be the ultimate way to erode the last bit of confidence in the USD. If you think about what’s been going on this may have been the game plan. Has the honesty / integrity of the Federal Reserve been recently high or low? Low. Repeated reports of insider trading and corruption. At some point the question will be formally asked if “Did the Federal Reserve Corrine the United States Citizens?”

That answer is yes. When that happens instantly the Reserve Status is dead.

Want to see runaway inflation and the destruction of the USD? Watch USD holders run for the exists en mass and then The Derivatives bubble finish off everything else.




We know that since 2010 or so the Deep State has been doing everything possible to shine a negative light on Russia and Act as if War was Inevitable.

  • Obama Sanctions
  • Ukrainian Flights shot down & Blamed on Russia
  • DNC Hack
  • Russiagate
  • HRC constantly blamed Russia for everything possible like they were hiding in her Adreno Cabinet pranking her


I think it’s obvious that the United States was parted out to China - as Q said “America For Sale”

Why was Russia not the object of that intent?

David Rockefeller and others glamorize the Authoritarianism of the Chinese Commies.

Google snuck around and made Dragonfly to help them construct their BioMedical Control Grid and Social Credit System.

What did we do with Russia? Pretty much Oil & Gas, right?

NATO has repeatedly stated that if Russia and Germany were to become close Allies - it would create a Global Force that nobody would ever be able to offset. One could also argue that WW1 and WW2 were also orchestrated with the goal of pushing apart those 2 countries.

What was Hitlers main Goal before he began to loose? Dude was obsessed w taking over Russia. Why so focused on Russia? Because strategically a unified Eurasian block would offset everything else.

My main concern is that they are going to goat Russia and started a conflict, real or otherwise, that they can use as cover to enact the major salvo of The Great Reset.

  • Release Smallpox and blame Russia
  • Start a symphony of “Cyber Attacks” that they have already laid the groundwork for to selectively paralyze specific segments of society & utterly destroy entire sections of societies, Nations, States, or even completely destroy entire currencies.

The sky is the limit if they can sell this bullshit. They’ve already seeded the idea to half the country that Russia is hiding in their toilet.

What say you?


It hit me tonight here in Houston after speaking to a staggering amount of normies over the past few days.

Houston has a Major Medical Center that includes $3Bil+ Hospitals like MD Anderson and more. The people I was speaking to, very surprisingly, had been briefed over the prospect of having administered HIV within the Pfizer, Moderna jabz. Supposedly more information that was worse relating to the Johnson & Johnson jabs.

I was pointed to this Johnson & Johnson study by a Medical Assistant at Baylor College of Medicine - she told me "Look at https://archive.fo/FQAc1 and realize this study was released by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation & it's total Gaslighting PR meant to encourage Medical Professionals into identifying themselves for further scrutiny."

Seriously no less than 15 conversations over the days since this past Wednesday when this HIV link to VAIDS started circulating around research circles.

These folks - I overheard many of them speaking at tables next to me as I worked and did my red-pill-on-approach stuff. I do this all the time. it's how I roll.

Anyway I come in today for a few hours and it is ABSOLUTE BATSHIT PANIC.

The Moderna CEO has supposedly been arrested or something & there are Internal E-Mails at some Major Hospitals that are legit begging people to come in and seek help. Word is a lot of suicides.


This is insane. These Medical Folks thrive on basically being completely fucking detached from society as a whole and now they can't shut up. They are panicking and DEMANDING that I tell them everything I know. When I spell everything out to them they are having legit Panic Attacks. I can see in their eyes that what I am saying freaks them out cuz I am not a professional and have made connections they failed to - and now they are having to reconcile some serious shit.

Anyway - Lady I talked to earlier had to bail because the person she was doing a peer review with had tried to kill herself with "something in the clinic."

This .... seems epic.


I wish I had gotten through to more people before the Plandemic hit.

If you look at the real data for any vaccine it’s pretty damning. Finding an effective vaccine is extremely hard to accomplish.

Take the Flu Vaccine. It’s only ever been %30 effective; at best. By that I mean actually having a Net Positive trend in fighting Influenza vs a Net Negative trend. That literally means out all of the Flu shots people have ever gotten - the best outcome was a %30 chance it even helped them. The other %70 of the time it literally makes shit worse.


  1. The Vaccine is only partially helpful at best because of how they work against a given disease. The entire premise of vaccines is largely a lie. This is because when your body faces a viral threat antibodies are like the cleanup crew - not your First Line Defense. That honor belongs to T-Cells and what are now known as K-Cells. These Cells live in your blood and sit around waiting for something non-approved and then attack that directly when it’s detected. So basically antibodies are more discreet - but they require your immune system to have the attacker in its rolodex. That means your immune system knows how to systematically disable the attacker and render it moot.
  • T-Cells and K-Cells, specific types of white blood cells, literally attack and kill
  • Antibodies attach to the attacker and render it moot. Like knowing the specific weakness of an attacker and neutralizing it.

So this literally means a really well created Vaccine would give Intel to the T/K Cells so they know what to attack. When they don’t know or perceive the attacker until it’s too late that’s when things are bad. If the virus proliferates prior to your immune system Learning how to respond - that’s bad, too. The next wave of super vaccines should focus on that initial response as that’s the most important. Vaccines to date have basically tried to provide either a dead or live virus that is incapacitated or inactive so your immune system Can learn and understand the virus. Once it understands enough - it can create its own antibodies.

One of the reasons Allergies are so misunderstood now is people don’t understand that immune response is from the body incorrectly identifying / categorizing something as a threat. Largely it is increasingly showing that things like Peanut Allergies are getting so bad as a specific bacterial toxin is often linked to bad batches of peanuts. If you had a bad batch as a kid - your immune system saw that toxin but failed to seperate its inventory process from differentiating the toxin from the molecular structure of the peanut. So then “these peanuts had that bad toxin - fight” kicks in.

  1. Every year there are usually about 5 strains of Influenza that could proliferate. They literally play a guessing game. The CDC and makes decide the 2 strains they think will hit most and make a Bi-Valent ( shot containing 2 vaccines - one per strain of flu ) and hope that does the thang. Problem is they get this wrong a lot.

  2. So what happens if you get the Flu shot and it’s not for the Flu Strain you encounter? Well - now you get Influenza worse than you would have without the injection. Why? The deviation of the virus ( it’s the same virus but a diff version ) means your immune system responds for the wrong thing and blows its load in the wrong direction. Meanwhile your Flu friend sneaks in the back door and kicks you in the stomach a bazillion times while your immune system screams “what the shit - I thought it was 2 Valencies to slow the curve?!”. Literally your immune system now has to untrain itself and relearn. I researched this when the flu vaccine in 2014 was literally for 2 strains that didn’t hit and the one that did was particularly nasty. People being hospitalized in my area with Flu were all vaccinated. Everyone else may have got it but it was nowhere near as bad.

  • Vaccinated: Worse Temps, worse vomiting, often shit themselves. Lasted 1 week to 14 days
  • Unvaccinated: maybe felt odd a couple of days and I’m some cases had to take off from work because of 102 temps. Lasted 3 days at most
  1. People have been conditioned to unquestionably inject their bodies. This is sick shit, health wise. Big Pharma was able to mobilize enough lobby to have the H.R.5546 - National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 in place. Look if the Vaccines worked they wouldn’t need liability protection. Let’s be completely clear on this:


After they obtained liability waivers for injecting kids, they expanded this to adults, and really since Merck lobbied governments directly to make Gardasil Mandatory - have been aiming to force these vaccines on entire populations. Vaccines should never ever be used in a one-size-fits-all pragma. It’s disgusting Crimes Against Humanity shit. Anyone failing to see this should never be allowed near patients as they clearly don’t know what’s best for anyone.

  1. Big Pharma had decades to develop and deploy a product to immunize against the Common Cold - also a Corona Virus. The cold effects everyone globally and honestly in research focus groups - even half of vaccine-hesitant individuals would seriously think about taking a Cold Vaccine cuz of how freagin annoying colds are. Did they ever release one?

As immunologist Peter Barlow put it to Scientific American in 2018, trying to create a single vaccine for such a formidable variety is a huge hurdle. “It’s incredibly difficult to create a vaccine or drug that will target all of those 160 [strains],” he said.

So basically they are admiring the vaccines they tried were ineffective. The huge level of gaslighting throughout all of this was that


It’s not. %99 of us live. The PSYOP is to see how far they can bend society on a false premise so they can catalyze the masses into forking over DNA samples to massive databases.

This post got long as shit I just wanted to get this all out there.

The most terrifying thing about all of this?


I am almost confident neighbors will be happy to walk across the street and shoot children in the face of the Government tells them it will help “the greater good”

Convince Me I’m Wrong


Make sense yet? Understand now why so much of the MSM rollout seemed off base? They were following a script.

This also explains why TRUMP DID WARP SPEED.

He forced their hand by committing them to pushing out the vaccine early and in ways that likely stopped their plans. He may have even circumvented their ability to deploy the real more deadly virus.

Never forget https://youtu.be/bGh32AKLia8

Never forget the connection to the building.


This post is to try and communicate what seems to be forming more and more as "The Big Picture" concerning what we have been seeing over the past 24 months.

Any reasonable Anon, at this point, can't gaslight themselves into thinking the Plandemic & COVID-1984 has been anything other than a very coordinated rollout of a seismic shift in:

  • Global Economies ( Logistics / Society / Finance )
  • Erosion of Individual Liberties
  • Erosion of any pretense once had of HIPAA like Medical Freedom
  • Establishment of New Global Bio-Medical Surveillance Systems ( Contact Tracing, Genome Mapping, BioMedical Tagging, Medical Record Proliferation )
  • Medicine Shifting into a literal Element of Global Medical Surveillance
  • Internet Freedom ( We have seen Censorship based by the Standard of International Un-Elected Bodies like the World Health Organization )
  • The Decapitation of Normal Local Governance ( Judges and other entities setting restrictions / requirements / etc without any formal repercussions )
  • War or Terror Largely Being Retired as a Public Zeitgeist into the Perpetual Fear of "Unseen Enemies" in the form of Countless Covid Mutations and Forever Emergency Powers that now Violate You Very Person

I believe the true goal of the COVID-1984 Operation was to catalog the DNA of every Human on the face of this planet into a massive database that will give a BioMedical Surveillance System total awareness of not just the genetics of individuals - but of how entire societies are integrating - through relational genetics and seeing who is related to whom, etc. If you think about this in those terms - they will know more about who we are related to than we do.

What if 23AndMe ( tied to Sergey Brinn of Google who admitted he wants to map everything on the face of the earth using the "Internet of Things" and map it into Deep Mind ) and these Ancestry.com businesses were really just test phases for the rollout of this genetics collection?

China is already identified as using Military Doctrine to literally use personal genetics as a way to map their enemy domain:

Dig further for more examples. China said in 2019 said their new priority in Warfare would be using the Biological Domain.

In 2016, the potential strategic value of genetic information led the Chinese government to launch the National Genebank (国家基因库), which intends to become the world’s largest repository of such data. It aims to “develop and utilize China’s valuable genetic resources, safeguard national security in bioinformatics (生物信息学), and enhance China’s capability to seize the strategic commanding heights” in the domain of biotechnology.


Was your gut screaming not to get tested?

This is why.

With you genetic map you can be identified anywhere on the face of the earth by anyone who has possession of that data.

The implications of this are vast and staggering.

What we don't know is whether China is acting %100 in the interest of China or if the David Rockefeller New World Order plan for China means that they were simply provided with logistical aid to be the center of the Coming New World Order Global BioMedical Control Grid they want.

China has been used for tailoring DARPA's DragonFly and other Social Credit systems. Thus far most of their rollout is pretty pathetic - in most areas. Supposedly their internal networks are still shit. Supposedly they still struggle to make any true authoritarianism work.

What we do know is the likelihood for Biden, Gates, and countless others to be working with China is almost a certainty.

Any thoughts on this? Am I gaslighting myself or is what I am seeing becoming more and more obvious.

COVID was an initial volley to probe societies across the world, step them toward consolidation, begin formal tracking systems to tag those that are obedient enough to get the vaccine, and those refusing. I see the COVID bit as just a start.

What I am realizing more and more is that this Operation Lockstep idea to force the awakened into further and further seperate sides of society is the goal. They know exactly who we are and are willing to do anything to traumatize those not smart enough to see into being more and more obedient through wrecking their health, taking their money, and having them think there is some easy way out when there isnt.

Just think about what "benefits" society gives us - that are really just wrecking us. From Fast Food to bullshit commodities like TV ( most of us don't even watch ) can we all agree that the more isolated we become the better off we probably are?

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