I wish I had gotten through to more people before the Plandemic hit.

If you look at the real data for any vaccine it’s pretty damning. Finding an effective vaccine is extremely hard to accomplish.

Take the Flu Vaccine. It’s only ever been %30 effective; at best. By that I mean actually having a Net Positive trend in fighting Influenza vs a Net Negative trend. That literally means out all of the Flu shots people have ever gotten - the best outcome was a %30 chance it even helped them. The other %70 of the time it literally makes shit worse.


  1. The Vaccine is only partially helpful at best because of how they work against a given disease. The entire premise of vaccines is largely a lie. This is because when your body faces a viral threat antibodies are like the cleanup crew - not your First Line Defense. That honor belongs to T-Cells and what are now known as K-Cells. These Cells live in your blood and sit around waiting for something non-approved and then attack that directly when it’s detected. So basically antibodies are more discreet - but they require your immune system to have the attacker in its rolodex. That means your immune system knows how to systematically disable the attacker and render it moot.
  • T-Cells and K-Cells, specific types of white blood cells, literally attack and kill
  • Antibodies attach to the attacker and render it moot. Like knowing the specific weakness of an attacker and neutralizing it.

So this literally means a really well created Vaccine would give Intel to the T/K Cells so they know what to attack. When they don’t know or perceive the attacker until it’s too late that’s when things are bad. If the virus proliferates prior to your immune system Learning how to respond - that’s bad, too. The next wave of super vaccines should focus on that initial response as that’s the most important. Vaccines to date have basically tried to provide either a dead or live virus that is incapacitated or inactive so your immune system Can learn and understand the virus. Once it understands enough - it can create its own antibodies.

One of the reasons Allergies are so misunderstood now is people don’t understand that immune response is from the body incorrectly identifying / categorizing something as a threat. Largely it is increasingly showing that things like Peanut Allergies are getting so bad as a specific bacterial toxin is often linked to bad batches of peanuts. If you had a bad batch as a kid - your immune system saw that toxin but failed to seperate its inventory process from differentiating the toxin from the molecular structure of the peanut. So then “these peanuts had that bad toxin - fight” kicks in.

  1. Every year there are usually about 5 strains of Influenza that could proliferate. They literally play a guessing game. The CDC and makes decide the 2 strains they think will hit most and make a Bi-Valent ( shot containing 2 vaccines - one per strain of flu ) and hope that does the thang. Problem is they get this wrong a lot.

  2. So what happens if you get the Flu shot and it’s not for the Flu Strain you encounter? Well - now you get Influenza worse than you would have without the injection. Why? The deviation of the virus ( it’s the same virus but a diff version ) means your immune system responds for the wrong thing and blows its load in the wrong direction. Meanwhile your Flu friend sneaks in the back door and kicks you in the stomach a bazillion times while your immune system screams “what the shit - I thought it was 2 Valencies to slow the curve?!”. Literally your immune system now has to untrain itself and relearn. I researched this when the flu vaccine in 2014 was literally for 2 strains that didn’t hit and the one that did was particularly nasty. People being hospitalized in my area with Flu were all vaccinated. Everyone else may have got it but it was nowhere near as bad.

  • Vaccinated: Worse Temps, worse vomiting, often shit themselves. Lasted 1 week to 14 days
  • Unvaccinated: maybe felt odd a couple of days and I’m some cases had to take off from work because of 102 temps. Lasted 3 days at most
  1. People have been conditioned to unquestionably inject their bodies. This is sick shit, health wise. Big Pharma was able to mobilize enough lobby to have the H.R.5546 - National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 in place. Look if the Vaccines worked they wouldn’t need liability protection. Let’s be completely clear on this:


After they obtained liability waivers for injecting kids, they expanded this to adults, and really since Merck lobbied governments directly to make Gardasil Mandatory - have been aiming to force these vaccines on entire populations. Vaccines should never ever be used in a one-size-fits-all pragma. It’s disgusting Crimes Against Humanity shit. Anyone failing to see this should never be allowed near patients as they clearly don’t know what’s best for anyone.

  1. Big Pharma had decades to develop and deploy a product to immunize against the Common Cold - also a Corona Virus. The cold effects everyone globally and honestly in research focus groups - even half of vaccine-hesitant individuals would seriously think about taking a Cold Vaccine cuz of how freagin annoying colds are. Did they ever release one?

As immunologist Peter Barlow put it to Scientific American in 2018, trying to create a single vaccine for such a formidable variety is a huge hurdle. “It’s incredibly difficult to create a vaccine or drug that will target all of those 160 [strains],” he said.

So basically they are admiring the vaccines they tried were ineffective. The huge level of gaslighting throughout all of this was that


It’s not. %99 of us live. The PSYOP is to see how far they can bend society on a false premise so they can catalyze the masses into forking over DNA samples to massive databases.

This post got long as shit I just wanted to get this all out there.

The most terrifying thing about all of this?


I am almost confident neighbors will be happy to walk across the street and shoot children in the face of the Government tells them it will help “the greater good”

Convince Me I’m Wrong


Make sense yet? Understand now why so much of the MSM rollout seemed off base? They were following a script.

This also explains why TRUMP DID WARP SPEED.

He forced their hand by committing them to pushing out the vaccine early and in ways that likely stopped their plans. He may have even circumvented their ability to deploy the real more deadly virus.

Never forget https://youtu.be/bGh32AKLia8

Never forget the connection to the building.


This post is to try and communicate what seems to be forming more and more as "The Big Picture" concerning what we have been seeing over the past 24 months.

Any reasonable Anon, at this point, can't gaslight themselves into thinking the Plandemic & COVID-1984 has been anything other than a very coordinated rollout of a seismic shift in:

  • Global Economies ( Logistics / Society / Finance )
  • Erosion of Individual Liberties
  • Erosion of any pretense once had of HIPAA like Medical Freedom
  • Establishment of New Global Bio-Medical Surveillance Systems ( Contact Tracing, Genome Mapping, BioMedical Tagging, Medical Record Proliferation )
  • Medicine Shifting into a literal Element of Global Medical Surveillance
  • Internet Freedom ( We have seen Censorship based by the Standard of International Un-Elected Bodies like the World Health Organization )
  • The Decapitation of Normal Local Governance ( Judges and other entities setting restrictions / requirements / etc without any formal repercussions )
  • War or Terror Largely Being Retired as a Public Zeitgeist into the Perpetual Fear of "Unseen Enemies" in the form of Countless Covid Mutations and Forever Emergency Powers that now Violate You Very Person

I believe the true goal of the COVID-1984 Operation was to catalog the DNA of every Human on the face of this planet into a massive database that will give a BioMedical Surveillance System total awareness of not just the genetics of individuals - but of how entire societies are integrating - through relational genetics and seeing who is related to whom, etc. If you think about this in those terms - they will know more about who we are related to than we do.

What if 23AndMe ( tied to Sergey Brinn of Google who admitted he wants to map everything on the face of the earth using the "Internet of Things" and map it into Deep Mind ) and these Ancestry.com businesses were really just test phases for the rollout of this genetics collection?

China is already identified as using Military Doctrine to literally use personal genetics as a way to map their enemy domain:

Dig further for more examples. China said in 2019 said their new priority in Warfare would be using the Biological Domain.

In 2016, the potential strategic value of genetic information led the Chinese government to launch the National Genebank (国家基因库), which intends to become the world’s largest repository of such data. It aims to “develop and utilize China’s valuable genetic resources, safeguard national security in bioinformatics (生物信息学), and enhance China’s capability to seize the strategic commanding heights” in the domain of biotechnology.


Was your gut screaming not to get tested?

This is why.

With you genetic map you can be identified anywhere on the face of the earth by anyone who has possession of that data.

The implications of this are vast and staggering.

What we don't know is whether China is acting %100 in the interest of China or if the David Rockefeller New World Order plan for China means that they were simply provided with logistical aid to be the center of the Coming New World Order Global BioMedical Control Grid they want.

China has been used for tailoring DARPA's DragonFly and other Social Credit systems. Thus far most of their rollout is pretty pathetic - in most areas. Supposedly their internal networks are still shit. Supposedly they still struggle to make any true authoritarianism work.

What we do know is the likelihood for Biden, Gates, and countless others to be working with China is almost a certainty.

Any thoughts on this? Am I gaslighting myself or is what I am seeing becoming more and more obvious.

COVID was an initial volley to probe societies across the world, step them toward consolidation, begin formal tracking systems to tag those that are obedient enough to get the vaccine, and those refusing. I see the COVID bit as just a start.

What I am realizing more and more is that this Operation Lockstep idea to force the awakened into further and further seperate sides of society is the goal. They know exactly who we are and are willing to do anything to traumatize those not smart enough to see into being more and more obedient through wrecking their health, taking their money, and having them think there is some easy way out when there isnt.

Just think about what "benefits" society gives us - that are really just wrecking us. From Fast Food to bullshit commodities like TV ( most of us don't even watch ) can we all agree that the more isolated we become the better off we probably are?

{$TIME->{agitation_propaganda}++}%INSERT_ROW(“Soon.”) (media.greatawakening.win) 💊 RED PILL 💊
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Archive Link to Los Angeles Times Article - Surgeon general warns of emerging youth mental health crisis in rare public advisory

And, in early 2021, emergency department visits in the United States for suspected suicide attempts were 51% higher for adolescent girls and 4% higher for adolescent boys compared to the same time period in early 2019, according to research cited in the advisory.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety have doubled during the pandemic, with 25% of youth experiencing depressive symptoms and 20% experiencing anxiety symptoms, according to Murthy’s 53-page advisory. There also appear to be increases in negative emotions or behaviors such as impulsivity and irritability — associated with conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

Zoom also has Failed an Entire Generation and also pushed a level of identity threat that sociologists are only now really beginning to understand.

Some children may have learned to do laundry or enjoy nature during the pandemic. Many others suffered trauma and disconnection that will take years to repair.


Link to Article

An investigation of official ONS data has revealed that since the Covid-19 vaccine was offered and administered to kids in England and Wales there has been a 89% rise in deaths among male children against the five-year-average, with the most recent week seeing an increase as high as 200%.

The linked URL has been crossing a very large number of research circles.



  1. https://help.archive.org/hc/en-us Help is available tor those not versed in the archival process itself.
  2. https://archive.ph/faq More notes on how to manage data within the archive path / process
  3. Archive.Today and other archival sites are **FACING IMMEDIATE AND INCREMENTAL THREAT. I will be making a post about this that I hope MODs here will immediately sticky and keep sticky related to OPSEC and Research methodology. If you look to the “download.zip” link here it will show error ( redirect missing / 500 Error / 403 Redirect / 404 Missing page / 401 Error even a bit ). Archive.org and Archive.today etc each use an archival software designed and maintained by the Apache Foundation. They are now stating openly that they intend to “go back through their archives and remove questionable material.”

Plenty more out there indicating that …


Please also remember that if whatever you are looking to share isn’t important enough to archive - you are telling the rest of us that by not doing so.

We have a solid duty, as Digital Soldiers, to archive each and everything we do.

Our job was always to gather, collate, investigate, format, archive, and expedite along research to Q+ by means of the Autistic Hive-Mind. That was and is our most important role. Second to that was to be the bedrock of gracious red-pilling to help those shaken awake.

Q vs FBI Q-analysis!
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So - I’ve been rolling back trying common focal points on Q Posts attempting to find patterns or anything I missed over time.


This one is interesting as hell - given what we have been facing with the total corruption of the FBI:

May 16, 2018 4:25:07 PM EDT
Q !4pRcUA0lBE 
US History [ABCs]
Did the 'COVERt' counterintelligence branch of the FBI end?
Or, was it expanded into a new agency?
Double meanings exist.
SIS is good?
3y, 5m, 3w, 1d, 6h, 1m ago

Now - being that we know Strzok was tapped by Brennan to be a double agent - what if this SIS was more than we realized at the time?

Rumors went around that Lisa Page, too, was CIA or various other agency possibilities.

SIS - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Intelligence_Service

The front for the organization was a law firm

Could Perkins Coie have been SIS this entire time?!?!? Is that why the 3 Federal Judges revolked Attorney Client priv for Sussman based on the fact that Sussman represented a client that knowingly was committing crimes which Sussman actively engaged in criminally?

If the FBI / SIS was running Perkins Coie wouldn’t that directly explain why the FBI and Perkins Coie were so directly targetting everyone in Russiagate?!


Second point here for Q study …

Search for “cover”, hold into your ass, and read backwards. Wanna find a good pattern to find curious things en masse? Slap and goooooo


Hello Anons,

https://nitter.net/zacktKHOU/status/1456829415363596288 || this is some video of local response

https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ttoIB7MpKuA || sleuth coverage including video

Going to try and not Dox myself too much here -

In 2001 I worked in raves and we threw an event at the same complex where ASTROWORLD FESTIVAL was done - we had to sue HARRIS COUNTY who we PROVED colluded w NBC for violation of contract. We were unable to legally tie this to Judge Mark Elias who was visibly in on it - he was just too smart to provide a trail.

The crew I worked with was called Motivation Productions and the party in 2001 was called TRANSIT - we broke a record for 23,000 for an all night indoor event. https://youtu.be/oicZeFRPCGQ

Anyway - what Mark Elias did was play the card that the contracts did not include proper security. *The contract stipulation was for Harris County to provide HPD officers ( 280 of them ) at a ratio of 1:300 for overflow and crowd management. Coca-Cola was also contracted to provide water and was told by Harris County to violate so these people had little water to dehydrate.

We were smart in 2001 and planned for this - on the day of the event when we figured out what they were doing - we hired in 200 last minute security privately and that is the only reason we didn’t have a similar outcome.

Our lawsuit resulted in a Multi-Million Dollar Settlement from Harris County and we used the money to seed a Class Action against NBC and Tony Kovlevski that settled for 3.4 Million. All of that money went to kids they showed on TV without parental consent. It put many of them through college ( which sucks now in hindsight cuz they got indoctrinated right ).

Anyway - it’s early but my gut feeling is Harris County was going after a mass casualty event. Lina Hidalgo helped seed a massive vote fraud campaign with drive through voting connected to the Chinese Consulate that was shut down during Trump Admin.

This one needs some digging and archiving.

EDIT 1: I stopped by on site. Texas Rangers are already there and ABBOTT is PISSED. This isn’t going to be quiet. So expect a shit show. This will make or break Ken Paxton. Hayride is working on it, too.

EDIT 2: linking over a Thread here on GA citing symbolism - the date is possibly a ritual date as cited by other Anons. https://greatawakening.win/p/13zztCHHvE/symbolism-in-travis-scott-concer/c/

EDIT 3: Indicators Provocateurs went on HipHop threads and invited Flash Mobs IE London 2011

EDIT 4: They are saying now 50k people and 11 cardiac arrests https://files.catbox.moe/q035t1.jpeg - lots of comments around of people in the area calling out the new world order

EDIT 5: archived the R3dd1+ sticky over this for later https://archive.ph/7TNy9

EDIT 6: Film Crews etc confirmed desperately asked for the show to stop https://nitter.net/ashmelym/status/1457001681376452608?s=21

EDIT 7: hearing from local sources of mine these bodies dropped at the same time and it wasn’t crowd rushing - they dropped gasping for air - guess is tainted drugs w Fentanyl


independent article

So open statement - I’ve had pervasive nightmares about smallpox for 20 years. The dreams are so detailed it’s pretty horrible.

Smallpox was supposedly eradicated - but it wasn’t. The last 2 samples went to the US and USSR during the 80s and then it came out that the USSR weaponized it into HUGE batches.

Look - my gut feeling has been that COVID-19 is salvo one to loosen up society by identifying those who were easy vaxxers and those who were not. The initial Global BioMedical Control Grid.

What if Rona and Vax was just to “soften” everyone up for the Smallpox hit?

The kicker? They have vaccines - but not enough for everyone. They could nuke most of us and be fine themselves as they have coveted the vaccines.


Houston PD Lieutenant Charged with Raping 13yr Girl (archive.ph) 🤢 These people are sick! 🤮
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So I voted yesterday and was caught off guard by how vastly they overhauled the voting process. In the past they went out of their way to allow people to vote. Several folks were sent away because their records were not up to date.

The machines used to be %100 digital type DIEBOLD systems - not now. These were watermarked paper ballots and they recorded accurately. I asked and they said I “will be able to check my vote online and make sure it was counted correctly.”

This is a VAST improvement. Anyone know how this came about? Harris County is under a Federal Audit for 2020 so maybe that has something to do with it?

So the details on the Chinese Consulate ….

What the Chinese Consulate on Montrose was doing was to data mine DMVs using residential network uplinks ( the Chinese leased homes nearby the consulate and hopped wifi onto those xfinity / ATT / etc links ) and then gathers all of that DMV data to harvest creating assloads of fake Drivers Licenses using the same printing equipment each state used. These things were almost indistinguishable from real IDs ( or at all ). Look around and you can find article after article of them busting stacks of 20k IDs being smuggled in at a time.

Now in Harris county, during Covid, the DNC colluded to also change voting rules and allow “drive through voting” where operatives would drive through multiple times at various locations using different IDs to commit vote fraud.

This is why there has been a near silent Federal Vote audit. Lina “Judge Dora the Exploiter” Hidalgo has been thrashing against the audit as she was corrupted and helped the CCP rig votes to state courts etc. https://abc13.com/harris-county-election-results-judge-lina-hidalgo-2020-audit-greg-abbott/11056384/


In This Thread I hope to kick off a sort of ZeitGeist Reconnaissance Thread being that I constantly look back into Kino / Film production to see what is being used to tailor public sentiment.

REASONING: I have been seeing more and more that like with food - folks truly are what they consume.


  • Based in 2022
  • Corporation called Soylent™ takes over the world food supply, starts forcing / faking supply shortages, and then only allows people to eat Soy based products and eventually people.
  • The World is vastly overpopulated tot he point women themselves are now called 'Furniture' and used just as one would use a table.

1984 [ 1984 ]:

  • An Obviously immensely unsettling movie about various subjects - so many it's difficult to condense.
  • My core of the last watch was the razors edge of how MKULTRA-esque techniques were used to repprogram people to fit the paradigm. Those that were prone to 'self-think' and 'thought-crimes' were literally isolated into re-education and effectively tortured through chemical & electroshock based traumatic operatin conditioning. What especially unsettled me this time around watching this was how accurate George Orwell was in depicting this. Published in 1949 Orwell hit the nail on the head in how Mind Control would work and directly details what we only found in FOIA request information in the mid 1990s about the techniques of using Hallucinogens to break down the mind and then use electro-shock to render an entirely new personality.

EMPHASIS: It clicked this last watch that George Orwell directly explained and predicted not only the most effective Mind Control techniques on public record - but he did so with precise detail over a decade before public record shows these drugs were either public or known officially

"RE-PATTERNING" is the technique of refined MKULTRA scope. The process is literally putting someone in a hospital for a month at least, giving them massive amounts of LSD, then inducing an artificial coma, electroshocking all memory out of the individual, and then creating a new slate of memories and personality traits anew.

Think of how evil this is. Now think of how Orwell literally somehow knew exactly how RE_PATTERNING worked in the 1940s - when LSD was only discovered in 1938. We have much evidence that LSD was known for much longer but this was the point in which it was publicly disclosed in Switzerland.

All this time i have seen 1984 and read it - but this mind control side did not click as epically as it did this time. Was Orwell literally saying that INGSOC would literally stay in power by Mind Control en masse?

INFERNO [ 2016 ]

  • Tom Hanks cast again
  • Depicts a Billionaire Creating a Virus called INFERNO that would be used to cull half the worlds population ( again a meme among modern movies even Marvel Universe ).
  • World Health Organization is at the core of this story just as we see with the Scamdemic
  • The Movie was released on the Birthday of Bill Gates ( October 28 )
  • Film overlaps the idea of taking the Levels of Hell Dante outlined within his Inferno - and the film obsessively walks through the application of these levels of Hell in great detail. The beginning sequences of the movie are obsessively using high budget cinematics to overlap the vivid demonic vissions - well past the need to do so pushing the story itself. They went markedly out of there way to demonstrate and visualize Hell.
  • Again we have an emphasis on Mind Control. The Main Character is literally drugged and tricked into an artificial reality in an effort by the antagonists to bend him to their will. This theme seems to be more and more centric to stories I am seeing now. That Mind Control is real, common, digestible.

Please - add to this or suggest other places to body this up as these sort of extensions of what is being pushed at normies to acclimate them to ideas is mandatory given that huge shocks would be coming for THE GREAT RESET


I got a call from a buddy tied into Col Anthony Shaeffer and others - he actually helped create A Noble Lie

"It wouldn't be a bad idea to fast for a bit. They are going to be adding something to Food / Drink Logistical Lines that will hurt people and cause supply disruptions."

We know they have been itching to cause artificial scarcity ( grocery stock limits, fake coin shortages, TP runs, etc ) since the start of COVID. I think the next logical attack would be to equate a Covid outbreak with Supply Chains to artificially induce terror and lack of confidence in various markets.

Looks like the Gen MacInerny Telegram™ is also [citing] this(https://files.catbox.moe/consqg.png)

Remember that fasting is never a bad idea.

Living lean is never a bad idea.

Purchasing food that keeps is never a bad idea.

We should all be closely monitoring our health regardless of the Plandemic.

Please share any tips you have with others regarding cheap and effective ways to circumvent this incoming.

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