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Each..and...every...time...I'm around my leftist family, which thankfully is down to once or twice per year now, I literally can feel the energy leaving my body in their presence. Even when I attempt to have a decent time, I come away mentally drained and exhausted that take me days to recover. This has been increasing in severity as their outlandish communist beliefs also increase in severity over the years. I think it is just my brain trying to keep up with processing the nonsense I hear while also restraining myself from acting out, but I do wonder if they are some sort of communist energy vampires on a metaphysical level, and I'm being totally serious, even if they don't know they are doing it, it could just come with the communist package so to speak.

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Best advice I can give you is to just stay away from them, don't even talk to the on the phone. Sounds like they are sucking all your good positive energy away from you, and that's not good. They are so brainwashed that they may never wake up from it, if they do they will seek you out for answers, that's when you can interact again slowly to make sure they are actually wanting answers.

Either stay away from them or let it all out on them. Just let loose and tell them they are wrong with all the facts and knowledge you've accumulated, and when your done speaking walk away. Hopefully you will shock them all into silence for you to have time to leave before they try to debate you. You will feel better for getting it all off your chest and walking away leaving them stunned is a bonus. And don't contact them again, let them contact you. If they have nothing nice to say hang up.

I'm sorry you have to deal with people like that, and to know that they are family is worse.

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Sadly I've experienced fake interest that suckered me into conversations that ended with me getting punched when I least expected it. Be careful.