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MAGAdeburger 8 points ago +8 / -0

Very interesting indeed, especially the connection with the royalty.

Think Snow White, as referenced at the bottom of the drop. Think Magic Mirror. We have a queen and a princess, and perhaps a literal magic mirror. Original Snow White tale is quite grusome. Cannibalism, at least the evil queen believes she's eating Snow White. She also believes the huntsman did dispatch Snow White (Dianna?). But she lives and eventually does become the queen after the evil queen has the tables turned with the poison apple attempt.

Godfather III... destruction of the international mob? Interestingly, new Sopranos prequel series coming out.

Speed. "Get ready for rush hour!" Ticking time bomb already engaged. Drops below 50mph, BOOM. Hero finds hidden surveillance cameras and manipulates the feed into tricking the villain. Villain decapitated. "Unable to stop the train, Jack accelerates it to maximum speed, causing it to derail, plow through a construction site, and burst onto Hollywood Boulevard. Unharmed, Jack and Annie make out while a crowd looks on, amazed."

Great movies.

u/Norman_F_Dixon u/v8power

335K 5 points ago +5 / -0

Gnarly digs man.

Off the cuff theory: could Speed relate to the suitcase bombs and last resorts the DS might have in place? Hidden in plain sight, etc?

Just spitballing. Great take on Snow White IMO.

Edit: re-reading your post, I believe you implied the following, but if you didn't here it is: Diana was the Roman goddess of The Hunt.

Curiouser and curiouser.