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I may be mistaken, but perhaps the White Hats are inside many "old guard" institutions making sure these institutions push themselves into destruction.

The media has always lied, but over the past few years, it has become obvious to more and more American's what they say in total lies. Have the patriots taken over Project Mockingbird, to make them seem more radical than ever?

Salvation Army just announced all white donors need to apologize. Are they really that stupid? If going woke destroyed Gillette, what's it going to do to a Salvation Army?

The medical industry, CDC, Big Pharma have probably always lied and hid cure from us, but suddenly it became obvious to anyone paying attention. If the vax goes bad, they are all looking at some serious lawsuits.

FBI has probably always been evil, but it's just been in the past year or two their corrupt behavior has really been over the top. The average person is starting to question if they are just a terrorist organization.

Is this crazy, or is it possible these organization are getting a gentle push from the White Hats to bring their desmise?

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Yes, I think you are mistaken. Here is why. The natures of good and evil are diametrically opposed. Many people confuse the relationship between good and evil with the relationship between other dualities in the creation, such as up down, left right, inner outer, masculine and feminine or yang and yin, light and dark, etc.

But that is an incorrect understanding. In God's creation, all these dual natures have a reciprocal relationship where they interact and contribute to a higher common purpose. We have day, and we have night. both are beautiful, and yet both have their dangers (sunburn vs not seeing stuff).

But good and evil never cooperate or interact in order to achieve a higher, common purpose. The are not just opposites. They are contradictory. Good always seeks the benefit of others, and the greatest benefit for all; evil always seeks the benefit of self at the sacrifice of others, and the least benefit for all (and the greatest for "me").

For this reason, Good cannot and does not use Evil methods to achieve its ends. On the other hand, Evil uses whatever it thinks advances its agenda, and if that means sometimes seeming like good, or even playing like, good, no problem; the ends justifies the means. Not so with good.

You mention the salvation army. I've thought about this. In my view, the real reason this is happening is that the two worlds of good and evil are now separating. Evil is now moving towards their ideal. They hid their agenda as long as they could, but now, they MUST go towards it; they can no longer hold off. Therefore, even the evil controllers over the Salvation Army (which is infiltrated) are throwing everything to the wind and now pushing, hoping that enough people will come along, that they will win with the evil cabal. That is why they are "coming out". They have no choice, because to NOT do so would mean possibly being left behind. They want everyone to go in the direction they are going, and they figure "its now or never".

The White Hats have forced their hand. That's what it's all about.

If you ever play texas holdem, you know, in a tournament, that there comes a certain point where you have no options whatsoever. You have to go ALL IN in order to have any hope of staying in there and progressing. If you do not act, you are out anyway.

That's where they are now. They have gone ALL IN because not going all in, they know, they would be steamrolled and destroyed by the White Hats automatically. So, even though they fear (rightfully) that it will not work, they have no choice. Literally.

Hope that helps.

Heckles 1 point ago +1 / -0

Sorry, you're wrong here too. I've seen many comms that the cabal is actually working with patriots. We flipped a huge portion, if not all of them, by infecting them with ideas of honor and patriotism.

FractalizingIron 0 points ago +1 / -1

Let's get some examples of "good" people doing evil in order to wake people up.

I mean, I'm very confident of my position on this, but if you could actually provide some real examples (like, not from 2016), then I'd like to consider them.