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He knows what he is doing. He can’t say don’t take the vax that under HIS presidency was created. That gives the media ammo to attack anyone who doesnt get the vax as a Trump supporter, despite them not being one, just seeing the same info we’re seeing.

Also. Trump mentioned MULTIPLE times at his rallies that not only should the vaccine not be forced, he also said that the booster was just a ploy for big pharma to make bank.

We know the DS was never planning on giving us a vaccine for years. 5 minimum. So “Trumps vaccine”, despite the flaws, put a time constraint on the DS plans.

Everyone here seems to forget that before the vaccine he tried touting HCQ and big pharma effectively made this 25 yo drug illegal.

Edit: After reading the comments it’s obvious some people don’t seem to understand. If the media and Bidens regime wanted to, they could say the vaccines have all these side effects, blame Trump for rushing it, and have him tried for some crimes related to the death. Then they could halt the vaccine and say “oh we need more time for a vax in the mean time, more lockdowns untik whenever”. But is that happening? No. Trump is yelling with a megaphone “I GOT THIS VACCINE OUT” and the media isn’t doing anything about it. Why is that?

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Read my edit. Just added it after abiut 45 comments

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Right so we have the same question.

So either the vaccines isn’t harmful, or trump is working with Biden and the MSM. What other options are there?

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Not from what I've seen but okay. If it's harmful then I guess every single person I know has gotten lucky.

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So then either Trump does not know that which I find impossible to believe because he was President of the USA and spearheaded the vaccine development, or he does know but doesn't give a shit and is therefore evil. Or the vaccine is not harmful. Or Trump does know but is letting people get it and therefore die in order to gain power. So...evil again? Who knows?

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You forgot the last option - He knows vaccines are bad, but he also knows the alternative to this is complete enslavement of humanity. Doing it this way, yes a lot of people will suffer, but the humanity as a whole will wake up finally before its too late.

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Offering a binary either/or choice, while employing plural pronoun puffery? Unimaginative at best, possibly malevolent manipulation. You offered two choices. I reject both. Playing anyone's game is always optional. Following some else's rules is always a choice.

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I’m not offering these choices, I’m coming to two possible conclusions. You reject both, understandable, then what’s the alternative?