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Well as of 2 minutes ago its official. 216-210

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McCarthy is done. Nancy Mace became the 7th R to vote to vacate. Dems are in lockstep. 219 Yes’s if this keeps up

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I’m reminded by this video from Bill Whittle which I listen to every now and again. From 2 years back titled “Coerced Cowardice”.


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I always bring up RFK being the VP and people always go “well 2A rights” or something and seeing this only furthers my resolve on this idea.

Trump and the patriots need EVERY legitimate vote. Biden must only be left with the trannies, communists, and 3am briefcases.

And RFK being VP would ciphon away any old democrats who may not like Trump, but hate the current state of their party even more.

The leftists won’t just be forced to push through ballots to match the republicans voting for Trump. They would need to force through ballots to make up all the votes lost from true Dems voting for RFK(through Trump).

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Whts going on? I saw a snippet of GEOTUS holding a glock supposedly. Whats the implication here?

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Hawaii is a very very very blue state. A lot of emphasis on respecting the indigenous and taking care of the environment. So when this happened I prayed that they didn’t let this get swept under the rug and all the lefties and indigenous can see that they are being lied to just like the rest of us. The government tried pushing it off as climate change but it didn’t work at all.

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My mother who can’t stand Trump despite voting for him over Biden just yesterday said that she thinks Biden is just a shell and he isn’t there at all. I don’t think these people understand even the non-political are seeing this.

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He. Looks. Pissed.

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Tim Dillon is the greatest troll. No side of the political spectrum is safe. But he definitely goes after the left much more. Probably because its so easy

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Then you worry too much about the voice and not the words.

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Iphone 13. Open the keyboard and oress the 123 button and then the #+= button. # replaces the 5

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Not in frint of a keyboard but my phone keyboard has “55” where the # symbol is

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So we’re gonna ignore HAARP and chem trails and the UAE’s own system that forces rain to be created (no pun intended) out of thin air.

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watching prepubescent girls shaking their ass with barely any clothes

You: “yes this is a brilliant message”

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