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She specifically was talking about how she removed her Baphomet tattoo becayse of what it represents. I think she’s serious

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GEOTUS name dropped Tom Macdonald

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The release of the covid files has to coincide with the WHO treaties being signed.

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I lived in Providence, RI for a good number of years. Very big gay/lesbian population. I of course have gay and lesbian friends. Do you know how many times the topic of sexuality in children or raising children who may be gay or lesbian was brought up? 0. Never.

Now I have 2 gay friends in an open relationship and that’s their thing. But when i’m at their house there isn’t a single moment where I feel uncomfortable. It’s only weed, Chinese food, and movies.

The next time I visit I might have to gauge them and see where their beliefs lie because I truly don’t think gay people are taking this lightly. Being thrown into a group that is openly sexualizing children.

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Anything “knowingly dishonest”.


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Probably waiting for the committees to be assigned. Imagine this drops and all of a sudden something happens where we can't make committees.

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We need them assigned to the committees. Everything has to die down and be “business as usual”. I give it another week

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So the rule will mean nothing because the RINO’s who all voted for him the first 12 times wont remove him.

Nit tryna sound like a doomer. Just wanna understand if we actually have the opportunity to kick him out or if he only conceded it because he knows he’ll never be kicked out.

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Someone please explain the vacate the chair rule? Do they put it to a vote to have him removed? Or it just takes 1 person to say gtfo and they have to vacate?

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Wow the kid looks like a girl that was put on puberty blockers and testosterone and had a double mastectomy at age 15.

And she’s covered up? It’s almost as if she’s ashamed of her body after doctors who were supposed to take care of her literally mutilated her body

Weird right?

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A $50 a month subscription fee that you can cancel at anytime is the only profit he would receive.

Do you call gyms a scam when you pay $20 a month and you only lose 2 pounds in a month when the gym owner has a 6pack?

Wouldn’t the real scam be paying money to go to a gym where the equipment doesnt work and the gym owner is 300 pounds eating McDonalds?

Wouldn’t the real scam be business majors going to $50,000 a year universities learning about business from professors who have never ran businesses before.

Hustlers University, The Real World, is designed to teach you how to make money and be a better person. By people who have made money and become better versions of themselves, and for $50 a month.

And in a month I learned how to sell myself, i learned i can get people to listen to me, and I can get people to offer their hard earned money to me for legitimate services, regardless of how little you think those services are, nor how much you laugh at said services.

I’m laughing at the fact I made money with literally one hand.

And now we have countless testimonials of students saying Andrew changed their lives.

So keep calling it a scam if it makes you happy.

Better yet let’s compare.

I used a credit card to pay the $50. Essentially I took out a student loan.

If I didn’t like what I was learning, I could move to something else and start right away and take as many classes as I wanted in one day.

In one month I paid my student loan back and made a profit.

Actual university? I spent 4 years learning a major I didnt realize I had no care for until 75% in. If I changed it I would lose all of my credits.

I have a diploma for a major I don’t work in, and I’m still $40,000 in debt.

So if you were to put me in a room with a bunch of young people and tell them what is REALLY the scam? I’d say “Accredited” University over Hustlers University.

Now i’m done arguing because i’m tired of being told that the hundreds of thousands of men I interacted with that were happy and building each other up and making money and actually felt some sense of belonging ONLY were able to do that because someone who never heard of Andrew Tate until now calls his business model a scam.

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Epstein got his wealth and status by blackmailing men like the tate brother.

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From October to now I made $350 and it was off 1 client. If I applied myself more i think I would be making much more.

It was $50 a month (now $150 since their migration) and they broke it down into 4 different categories.

  1. Time Rich/Money Rich
  2. Time Rich/Money Poor
  3. Time Poor/ Money Rich
  4. Time Poor/ Money Poor

Since I was out of work and broke I chose nimber 2 and they gave me a list of things I could learn to do to make some money. The most popular class being copywriting.

They give you about 14 classes where you learn how to write, how to section emails, how to reach out to people. What the buying window is, how to look professional on video calls for interviews (most of the kids here don’t have offices and are working out of their bedrooms so they tell you things like “do you hair, angle your cameras right, make sure your rooms are clean to you at least look semi professional.

Once you complete the class you get put in what was called a “Legion”. The Wolf, Eagle, Tiger, or Gorilla and you worked as a team to review each others work, find new research methods, there were weekly meetings and AMA’s.

You were able to have one free 15 minute consult with one of the big heads of the classes. And in order for you to get another 15 consult they would have you essentially prove your worth by doing tasks that showed you were actually utilizing the classes.

Thats just a small portion of it. They were also crypto classes, drop shipping, how to create successful instagram pages.

Because of what little information there was, people believed it was just paying $50 and learning how to make videos of Andrew Tate talking and make money.

There was a WINS page that showed everyones financial wins and a Life Wins and it was nothing but guys showing off their weight loss, transformation photos, drug quitting stories etc.

And this was (at the time before they migrated) ALL for $50 bucks.

And you could quit anytime. That’s why i did it.

I broke my arm and i saw his ad for the university for the 100th time and I said fuck it let me just bit the bullet and here I am.

I know I could do more if I applied myself better but it is definitely an experience being a part of this

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Hustlers University/The Real World gave me more practical information to use and i made actual money within a month of hsing their tools. Plus they have a big emphasis on brotherhood and building yourself up. Andrew would kick people oit who didnt perform because it wasnt about the money.

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