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Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Thanks for giving me a chance to improve my self control and for inspiring me to say a prayer for you, President Trump and the Q Team.

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Intriguing guess. Thanks!

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How on EARTH do you know enough to evaluate President Trump's picks. Pro tip: you don't.

As Q has pointed out, we are in a REAL war with REAL demons who are focused on destroying our unique Constitutional Republic so they can enslave all of humanity.

What's going on, is not just elections. Elections are now non kinetic battles between Trump and his Alliance and the Global Death Cult. Every Trump endorsed candidate who wins is a battle loss for the Death Cult. Every Trump endorsed candidate who loses harms Trump and helps the Swamp Demons.


Surviving our White Squall depends on our ability to stay focused, take directions from President Trump and work together despite 24/7 psyop attacks tempting us to believe "we-know-better" than our Commander in Chief.

Hence the life saving ships bells motto around the importance of the Captain and a disciplined crew, especially in a Storm: WWG1WGA. Where We Go One We Go All. We all survive. Or we all die.

In our Storm, President Trump is Our Captain. Hopefully there are enough disciplined Americans who will work with him so America survives these Demonic Storms. Primary battle results will soon start revealing how strong or weak Captain Trumps crews are.

I am praying that God blesses President Trump and has mercy on faithless America. General Flynn has been in my prayers for some time. Obviously, he's NOT our Captain, our General or our President..

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Thank you for an emotionally sober post and the link. A much more engaging reaction than screeching Clifs a "rEtaRd".

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Feedback: Emotion laden ad homs undermine any credibility your opinions may have about Clifs opinions or about Clif. For what its worth, I have ZERO opinions about what Clif said or about Reich.

However, Clif has been well known for decades. You, on the other hand, are only known by your emotionally inebriated, hostile and aggressive 10 sentence reaction.

Ironically, the last three words posted are likely less about Clif and more about the person who wrote those words. Projection.

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Before "we" were.

We == You.

Fyi As Q said repeatedly, "future proves past" or as President Trump always says, "lets see what happens".

Evocative posts, tweets, news are intended to inspire curiousity, research and guesses. When guesses and research is shared, this inspires more curiousity, research and guesses.

This increases the chances of staying tuned to " see what happens" so you learn, in the "future " which guess "proves" to be right.

As Q warned, problems occur if guesses are asserted as proven facts without need of a future proof. Obviously NOT an issue with OPs post or the discussion it inspired.

I would add another, deadly, problem that's well known to anyone familiar with "brainstorming" sessions. The kill joy. The person who demands proof during a session that needs to be creatively free from lecturers, censors and shamers.

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Wow. An omniscient armchair with "dozens" of omniscient "employees.

Source: dude trust me.

Prayers for positive energy and Love DENIED. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜

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An armchair announces hes "probably" NOT going to do what President Trump asked him to do on ONE of hundreds of races that President Trump left up to him.. President Trump asks for a favor on ONE race. Answer? NO!!!! .

What a great way to show appreciation. What a great way to ensure President Trump succeeds in his efforts to defeat the Global psychopaths and Save America.

To heck with President Trump.. WWG1WGA? Nope. Everyone knows "every man for himself" is the winning mindset.when a White Squall hits.

Perhaps read/reread Qs posts? ๐Ÿ˜˜

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Endorsements made while he was still in the DC Filers Den were done during a different phase of the war. Then, a KEY focus was on SURVIVING while behind enemy lines.

Now he's no longer at the DC WH. He's at the Winter WH, Mar a Lago. The war has entered a new phase. The battle between Mitchs DC Mafia and President Trump is now out in the open. Hence his endorsements are motivated by different calculations.

Want better primary candidates who can wage and win a general election war? Learn from President Trumps FOCUSED pragmatism and long term strategic thinking. And do what he asked of you. Here's the link he shared. Https://theprecinctstrategy.com.

Perhaps pray for those who disappoint. Give thanks when someone doesnt. Then focus on YOURSELF. Inspire by your example every day. Be who you want others to be.

ISeeking to live as you want others to live typically is rewarded by greater insight, empathy and mercy. Which makes praying for others so much easier.

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"I'm not sure".

Perfectly understandable. Our hearts and minds being attacked 24/7 by sophsticated, coordinated psyops. They want you to be unsure and full of doubt. They want you to fear that President Trump will or already has betrayed you. Deception, distraction, division and demoralization are the point. United we win. They lose.

Hence the reason to do as President Trump, the leader of our war effort asks. He knows the WHOLE picture, has laid everything on the line to lead this rebellion against the Global psychopaths, obviously loves ALLAmericans, including haters and losers, and is FOCUSED 20/7/365 on ensuring that the Global Cabal is defeated.

When drowning and the only life guard capable of saving you risks his life and shows up what do you do? Cooperate despite your panic? Or lash refuse to do as he asks, lash out and kill him and yourself?

As President Trump used to bluntly ask, at this point, what do you have to lose? He's not asking for your soul, for heavens sake. Just your cooperation on a VERY few things.

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Cheerful reality:

Throughout history, the percentage of people who need to be "awake" in order for transformative change to occur, is quite small as long as they're FOCUSED and DISCIPLINED.

The KEY to success is how many sleepy normies side with the awakes or at least stay on the sidelines rather than supporting the other side.

Rather than trying to wake sleepy heads up which offen just makes them burrow into their "bed" to escape being pestered, perhaps go for gradually getting them to just help by voting. Or by staying on the sidelines.

Remember, Love and Joy are persuasive. Anxiety and fear are NOT. Those emotions trigger the desire to ESCAPE back to the comfy matrix.

Once weve won, and its comfier to wake up, more will do so. I remember waiting until breakfast was being served before getting up when I was growing up.

Also, prayers are very powerful. That heart connection allows God to work with us and through us. That helps to prevent spreading emotional poisons to those you encounter which helps keep them asleep.

Finally, those who planted the seed crumbs that saved me, rarely, if ever, knew that they'd done so. I'm a very slow to germinate person.

God bless all those faith full Johnny Appleseeds who planted seeds without ever seeing the tree or the fruits.. As God said, be unconcerned, its NOT your harvest. Its MINE. Just keep on preparing the ground, planting, watering, and pulling weeds.

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No matter how hard they come at us, those who took Qs advice and started protecting themselves with the Whole Armour of God will shout "covfefe" ie I'm still standing.

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That was one of the stories CIA Media told. They lied.

Google whistle blower, Vorhies, who went to Project Veritas, detailed to I'm edge the lengths Google went to to bolster this CIA Media lie. They frantically scrubbed the internet so casual searches wouldn't discover what covfefe meant. They even named their hunt and scrub team. Evocatively, they chose to call it the Derrida Team.

At the time, there were many YT videos, posted by chan based researchers, with proofs, that covefefe was the English spelling of an Arabic phrase. The phrase means "I stand" or "I remain standing".

So Trumps tweet is despite the CIA/Fake Media attacks covfefe (I remain standing). They didn't succeed in taking me down.

This fits with Qs framing of what's going on as a spiritual war and to his links about how to protect yourself by putting on the Whole Armour of God. When protected by the Whole Amour of God you can remain standing no matter what the demonic schemers throw at you or how hard you're attacked.

An additional evocative tidbit is that President Trump had recently returned from his first foreign trip. First stop? Saudi Arabia where the elderly king went to the airport to greet President Trump. Trumps visit was an epic, and unprecedented celebration which included many history making moments.

Crown Prince MbS of Saudi Arabia was an early Trump ally and many Q posts reference SA. Bush/Clinton/Obama/Globalist princes were purged or neutralized by MbS, including the Dopey Prince Trump made famous in a 2015 tweet.

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"I think".

Making things up =/= thinking

In fact Oz is a Tom Brady tier loyal Trump friend. One of the few famous friends who resisted the rage mobs demands to severe ties with Trump or better still turn on him.

Dr Oz is one of the rare open and honest human beings in the public eyes. If he said he talked with President Trump about election theft he did. If he says we should NOT just move on from 2020. He means it.

Like his friend Trump, hes used to having unpopular opinions and being attacked for them. Neither back down or pander. Both say what they mean. Both are comfortable changing their minds when presented with new information. Both are curious, caring and open minded.

Imo Dr Oz is, on social issues, a very bright educated and mature version of Joe Rogan. Or a warmer and more heart connected version of Dr Drew.

Dr Oz is a long time alt medicine advocate and critic of big pharma. Obamas administration even targeted him in 2014. But like Trump, he fought back and survived the big pharma/media smear campaigns.

He defended President Trumps optimism around HCQ on his popular show despite getting insane pushback. He also became an outspoken critic of Fauci and his Covid Cabal. Oz repeatedly called on Fauci to debate him publically. And hes had RFkJr on his show many times.

When PA sends Dr Oz to the Senate, he and Dr Rand Paul will form a Fauci Covid Cabal hunting dream team. Added bonus? Dr Oz's millions of adoring suburban female fans will tune into those hearings!!!! Then they'll spread the word to all their friends bout what Dr Oz is uncovering about their favorite villain, Fauci.

Like Trump, Oz graduated from the top business school in the world, Whartons in PA, although. Oz got an MBA from Whartons. Both are economics and business savvy. Both share the same American First economic and foreign policy vision.

I LOVE that Trump had the guts and insight to endorse Oz despite .knowing it would unreash a flood of Swamp psyop smears and rage bait. Despite knowing emotional and immature "supporters" may fall for the smears and bait. God bless him. Trump was NOT going to let the Swamp take PAs Senate without fighting to the last second. Dr Oz signed up to fight with him. ๐Ÿ˜˜

I vastly prefer Oz to Trumps 2021 pick, Parnell, who dropped out (Political dirty tricks) with only a few weeks before the primary battle is over. Oz could be my favorite Senator. Teamed up with lawyer Hawley, another Trump ally, could be fun. And Ron Johnson from WI who's also going after the Covid Cabal. What a Fascinating, Not Mitch Team.

Bottom line, imho, President Trump deserves one REAL friend in DC. I'm praying that PA agrees and sends Dr Oz to Washington.

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"Yet mOrOnS will upvote bLiNdLy".

Source: trust me I'm psychic?

" Wild fantasies get posted as fact"

Confessional projection? :-)

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Its an Arabic word that's put into a word using our alphabet.

Covfefe means "I remain standing". Its a warriors word. An antediluvian word.

I link covfefe to Qs posts telling us that we are in a spiritual war with the princes and principalities who control the dark places in our world and to Qs reminders that putting on the Whole Armour of God will allow us to "stand" against the devils schemes ie "remain standing" no matter how hard the devil attacks us.

A few more tidbits: When Trump sent the famous covfefe tweet, hed recently returned from his first foreign trip. First stop? Saudi Arabia where the elderly king personally went to the airport to greet him. Q references the importance of this visit.

Also a famous Big Tech whistle blower, Vorhies (sp) revealed the Ministry of Truth tier efforts taken by Big Tech to scrub references to the word from the internet. Why? So the Media Machine could claim this tweet proved Trump was demented and the 25A invoked so he could be removed.

Removing Trump via the 25A was the insurrectionists focus at the time since broadcasting assassination porn 24/7 failed to rid them of Trump.

Finally, Vorhies revealed that Silicon Valleys Ministry of Truth "covfefe hunters and scrubbers" named themselves the Derrida Team. A very evocative choice.

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I guess =/= " I think".

Since there's no need to guess, consider adopting President Trumps "lets see what happens" attitude.

Perhaps also emulate President Trump by being totally focused on and engaged with the battles to win local and state primary races that start ending in a few weeks. And election integrity efforts? And https://theprecinctstrategy.com. And.....ie your jobs rather than Durhams or other people beyond your control.

Fret guessing interferes with doing.

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Someone prosecuting a RICO case which includes some of the most world famous and powerful people and institutions on earth "would not use that phrasing".

Source: dude trust me, I know stuff?

Ever play cards? If so, did you show everything in your hand at the start of the game?

What if the stakes were everything you loved in this life AND there's no do over?

Perhaps fret less and pray more.

The Serenity Prayer, easily found on line, can be helpful.

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None of those three people have ever prosecuted a single case much less an insanely complex RICO case involving the worlds most powerful psychopaths.

They have ZERO lawfare experience. On the other hand, Durhams playing at a top tier level with no do overs if he fukks up.

Prosecutors who have handled RICO cases and who ARE very dialed in to what Durham has and is up to are "peoples opinions I respect" around Durham. Examples? Kash Patel and Trumps DNI Ratcliffe. Also @Techno_Fog.

Non lawyer emotionals like Sundance and Beanz? Absolutely not. Margot Cleveland the lawyer academic? Not for analysis around a RICO case lawfare death match.

For war analysis I prefer hearing from successful warriors, especially warriors with insider info and a history or courageous honesty.

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"He totally misspoke".

Guessing yet so positive the guess is true. Why? New to Q?

Perhaps read relevant Q post shared up thread to begin increasing the accuracy of future guesses and the insightfulness of future comments.

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A word normies use when they dont want to feel bad about not investigating something.

The world is a buffet. Authentics dont need to attach pejorative labels to buffet offerings others choose but they dont. Obviously, no one can sample everything. Being OK with that is liberating.

Team work. WWG1WGA

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"Weird" is subjective. Used diagnostically ie as feedback, I have found, when something causes a that's "weird" rejection reaction that tells me where something worthwhile will be found.

Usually, I pull back and prepare before pushing forward.

I've never been disappointed. Btw "weird" is not the same as a viscerally repulsed reaction. Heeding the later reaction and getting away from what triggered it has proven to be a wise decision.

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