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Hopefully someone will post this on patriotsdotwin and keep posting it.

Imo its time to start a FOCUSED push back around the Death Cults don dissing, Ron hyping psyops blaming Trump for everything bad about covid and the vaccines and portraying DeSantis as a hero.

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J6 will ultimately be seen as a MAGA victory and J6ers as inspiring MAGA Martyrs IF enough Americans embrace @WarlordDilleys American Spirit rather than buying into the Regime Psyop Machines emasculating fear porn.

Give up or savvy up and keep going?

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Ive always believed that political operatives using covid/vaccines to diss Don and hype Ron were falling into huuuge "Trump Quicksand" Trap.

Thank God, President Trump is so strategic, courageous and has the self discipline to be almost preternaturally patient.

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Not only "Mkay" but far better than just "Mkay", Mkay.

Repetition is an essential component of memory. What's ingrained is remembered when stress, like booze, shuts down the logic and critical analysis centers of the brain. When the logic center shuts down, a person is on auto pilot and reliant on "old tapes" to get them through the stress storm.

Btw this is one reason why the Regimes Psyop Machines seek to keep people in a constant state of stress and seek to program people with death cult slogans.

Q and Q+ slogans, bible quotes and OG basic training prepare people to survive a real war when real stress make it impossible to "think straight".

You are what you remember? Throughout time, heroes on a quest were vulnerable to temptations and spells designed to make them forget who they are and what brought them there.

In Homeric terms, its a Land of the Lotus Eaters Test.

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"The arrogance is tiring".

When you become genuinely tired of your arrogance, by becoming more connected with reality, its easy to become humble and more compassionate towards yourself as well as others.

Best wishes on your journey; one that I'm on as well. 😘

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"Without ever having the fear of being punished".

The times they are a changin' for this itsy bitsy liddle web weaving deceiver.

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Kudos for creating an original, rather than formulaic, straw man justification for being a doomer and doom spreader.

Red flag opening words == "To be fair". Who says that, especially here, unless the following words aren't going to be fair?

An observation thats not meant to be taken personally, although if it fits I hope its viewed as a gift rather than an attack:

A " to be fair" opener reminds me of a common opener deployed by professional liars. They typically begin with some variation of "to be honest" when talking to their mark. (Sometimes the real mark is the one deploying these openers. An example of Gods boomerangs and Gods sense of humor?).

Anyway, it doesn't occur to honest people talking with other honest people to begin by saying they're gonna be honest. Ditto, fair people talking with fair people.

I currently choose to view such openings as red flags and/or word amulets deployed to ward against anticipated disagreement.

A parting, hard won understanding, that may or may not be relevant to anyone else......When a persons mind descends to their heart, if they've allowed God to be there, the mind gets reconnected to its source of power and purpose. Otherwise, whatever the mind produces is artificial and lifeless. Obviously some knock offs of Real are better than others.

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"Go cry in your pillow".

Hopefully a My Pillow from Mike Lindell. : -).

Btw crying is one way the body removes poisons caused by stress and toxic emotions. Shedding non emotionally manipulative tears is cleansing.

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"I'm not a doomer BUT" == I am a doomer BUT I don't want to be called out for being a doomer.

As Christ observed the hearts true condition is revealed by the words spoken and the actions taken.

Antifa claims to NOT be fascists but based on their behavior they are fascists.

If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck no matter how often the duck insists it isn't a duck.

Doomers, ditto.

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"Justice delayed is justice denied" == Beloved chant of lynch mobs everywhere.

All hail Frances Reign of Terror, the KKK and WOKE Social Justice Warriors including Antifa.

Perhaps reconsider indulging this craving for speed?

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"I'm so sick" of the constraints of reality? Still trapped in the microwave, movie time is real time matrix?

Perhaps try finding ways to deal with uncomfy feels rather than complaining about avoidable symptoms?

Hopefully, like millions of other people, when you seek your dramamines you will quickly start finding them. However, please don't seek them in Big Pharmas corner of the matrix.

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Those who are sincerely "eager to know" seek and, in this instance, can quickly find what they're seeking.

Bon voyage!!!

Doomers doom. Doers do. Qers are doers.

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Perhaps those still vulnerable to doom psyops may become less vulnerable by reflecting on WW2 events.

When did arrests and successful prosecutions of WW2 war criminals, including the famous military tribunal prosecutions known as the Nuremberg Trials, happen and what had to happen first?

Would any rational person expect war criminals to prosecute themselves before they were defeated?

Personally, I've found it helpful to view DC as our World Wars Berlin.

By doing this, my desire for arrests and successful prosecutions no longer leaves me susceptible to doomers. Instead my desire motivates me to keep fighting until we win and the arrests and prosecutions are possible.

When are desserts served?

Desserts, including just desserts, are served last.

Bon apetit!!!

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When dealing with normies, I don't attack Ron. Instead I focus on wondering why any good person would want to tempt the young man to give up being Florida's Governor to enter the vicious cess pool of national politics.

Only a mean person would want young Ron to leave Florida now rather than waiting until 2028.

Ron for Florida. Don for America.

Saving America == Team Work.

Strong states will make President Trumps MAGA plans for the DC Swamp easier to accomplish.

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An Epi Center for active resistance to The Murdoch Empires scheme to use Meatball Ron as their proxy to destroy Don, is The Brenden Dilley Show podcast.

The podcast airs M-F on several sites including rumble.com.

Dilley has a meme team that's putting out gobsmackingly great content thats starting to be shared by other accounts. Thank God.

For what its worth, Dilley and his Dilley300 now work directly with Trumps campaign but retains Dilley autonomy just like President Trump does.With =/= For.

Personally, I now watch his show each day. I'm a doer like he is so I appreciate his focus and realpolitik savvy daily to dos. Plus I enjoy each days new Meatball savaging and MAGA iwarrior inspiring memes.

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Globs and their blobs, slobs and mobs.

They Live. But for how long?

Sunlight. A great disinfectant.

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I'm gratful, Q+ shared this inspiring video with us.

I'd forgotten how similar Ron and Dons hearts and smiles are. However, Don is far tougher and far more savvy than Ron. Thank God.

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"They haven't been safeguarded at all".......

This is a false belief that's common among people who aren't doing anything to safeguard elections beyond fret posting.

Doomers doom. Doers do.

God bless the doers. Thank God there are so many of them.

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"When will things start to turn around?"

That's been happening for some time. Now even normies are starting to notice although, since they don't have Q trained eyes, they may to be able to accurately assess what they're seeing.

Q was right.about watching the systematic destruction of the old guard. Its amazing. So glad I got the Q and Q+ heads up so I didn't miss out.

"When will"....

Personally, I embrace President Trumps " lets see what happens" approach. Rather than fret, I pray. And I keep busy so time flies.

I also remind myself that in the WW2 era, successful prosecutions, including the Nuremberg Trials, did not happen until the war ended.

Desserts, including "just desserts" are served last.

Hope for successful prosecutions? Help win this war.

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Many people learned how to use Q drops as a map that helps them navigate current events. These people use the key word search found on Q drop apps.

Thankfully many have vlogs so they can share what they discover with viewers.

Additionally, Q suggested rereading Q drops regularly.

Finally, Q urged people to learn how to put on and maintain the Whole Armour of God each day so they could withstand the 24/7 attacks.

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"We", " our" and "us" == plural pronouns. Perhaps try using singular pronouns?

Doing so can be powerfully freeing.

Using singular pronouns is a way to acknowledge that each person is unique. Consequently each persons journey is unique.

"We" == Thee.

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The image of watching a movie is an iteration of AAs Serenity Prayer. Both are designed to help people learn to let go of things outside of their control so they're not vulnerable to emotionally manipulative psyops and time wasting distractions.

This ability to recognize what's in ones control and what isn't ie a movie, frees a person to watch a "movie" ie events beyond their control, without having heart attacks.

Once a person can distinguish the "movie" from themselves, that person can watch the "movie" in order to apply what they see to engaging in their world, accomplishing the things theyve been put on this earth to do.

When I got stressed by the "movie" my mom taught me to breathe in slowly and deeply while silently saying "let go" then breathing out slowly while saying "let God". I'm glad she did.

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