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Thanks for taking the time to share this info.

Hopefully everyone here decides to help Team Trump out, get a Truth Account and use it, at least to follow Trump.

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Mind reader?

Believe what others in Screen World say?

Perhaps during an obvious PsyOp Storm use a version of what the military calls The OODA Loop?

OODA Loop == Observe. Orient. Decide. Act. (repeat).

During a PsyOp Storm Q trained anons to remain dispassionate so the could be in, what I call, The OO Zone.

Fortunately while in The OO Zone, President Trump has given his supporters an ACT List of things to FOCUS on and DO.

Everything on our ACT List == FOCUSED on things to DO to help WIN the ELECTION.

When will every chance to help be GONE FOREVER?

In just 199 more DAYS.

Surviving these final PsyWar Storms == Recognizing who the Captain is and having the self discipline to do what he asks.

After all WWG1WGA

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Seeing this meme bait on a board exclusively for Q trained anons and those who are willing to lurk and learn so they become Q trained inspires giggles, gratitude and curiousity.

Sometimes super easy "How Psywar Savvy Are You?" quizzes are fun. Plus they can provide unexpected, and useful, intel.

Notice the attempt to amplify Johnson hate by linking him, in a pic, to an old CUE, RBG, that used to reliably trigger pavlovian reflexive hate?

This meme was also deployed on PDW which is under a similar PsyWar attack right now.

Comparing reactions on both sites to the same meme bait will be interesting.

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How long did jury selection in the ongoing YSL Fulton County trial, involving Rappers, take?


How long is jury selection taking in this case; a case which seeks to send a former President and the current Presidents leading political opponent to PRISON for the rest of his life?

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Project 2025 ==

A DETAILED Action Plan around how to eliminate UnConstitutional DC centric, unelected bureaucrat power aka The Deep State and return that power to the states and the people who live in those states.

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Perhaps, as President Trump AND Q have repeatedly said,

right NOW and for these next FINAL chance 200 DAYS

its NOT up to "the military" to "step in because they have all the evidence"

but instead its our turn "to step in" and do our part. We the People ie me, you, each one of us.

Now is our turn to DO what Q trained anons to do and what PDJT is telling everyone to DO whether Q trained or not:

Be INVOLVED every single day for the next 200 DAYS, in the MISSION to help collect enuf VOTERS 4 a 2 Big 2 Rig landslide of Trump VOTERS or lose this chance forever.

As Q pointed out, and PDJT has too, their ability to do their parts RELIES on each one of us doing our part.

For instance, remember Qs drops telling anons to start being "be heard" ie learning how to be courageous and persuasive, to be effectively ACTIVE on the digital battlefields plus "VOTE. VOTE. VOTE"?

Precipice Awareness == choosing to give up ie suicide or fight to beat the odds and live

A Fight to live == every day, every minute, PERSONAL, DOING rather than viewing, in this case being 100% vote gathering FOCUSED.

After all the mantra Q gave anons, WWG1WGA =/= the crew sits back and waits for the Captain to save the ship from sinking and everyone on the ship from drowing.

Our Captain == Q Team, including PDJT == less than 10

Their Crew == Trump voters in 2020 == more than 70 million

So please carpe diem, anons while there are still diems left to carpe. 😘

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Since there are only 200 DAYS left for each of us to gather enuf VOTERS for the 2 Big 2 Rig voter landslide President Trumps keeps telling us he'll need.....

Hopefully, POPCORN == donations, volunteers and VOTERS.

Carpet diem (and voters), anon frens, while there are still diems left to carpe.

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😘 So. How will this question start teaching old doggs new tricks?

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😍 Thank you for this push back to this understandable yet dangerously infantalizing reaction; a reaction that's encouraged by Regime propagandists because it discourages individuals.

After all discouraged people, or distracted people, pose no serious threat to The Regime.

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"Freedom of Speech...Watch what You Say?"

Thank you for asking.

My response:


Freedom == Accepting Personal Responsibility for how one uses their Freedom

Freedom =/= Free of Consequences for ones choices

Watch == be mindful ie be aware of consequences to self and others before choosing to speak or not speak.

Watch =/= stfu

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"This trial has nothing to do with Hugh Hefner".


As brutally blunt OG /pol/ would mockingly say:

" Source: dude trust me?"

Or as those with Formal Logic would say:

Warning: Fallacy of Assertion and Appeal to Authority.

Obviously opiner =/= a Q trained anon. Yet.

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"That means nothing"

Dear 6 day old account:


Offering some hopefully helpful info:

This community is for Q trained commenters. (See side bar. Read This Communitys Welcome and Orientation information).

As the infamously blunt /pol/ community (where Q first posted) responded to newcomers, "Stfu. Lurk moar. Learn moar. Or gtfo".

Fwiw, on OG /pol/ the stfu-lurk-and-learn phase == at least 5 years.

Obviously this Q trained community isnt as arbitrary around how long it takes for someone to lurk and learn enuf to begin meaningfully participating.

Bottom line, if a sincere, welcome. If not a sincere, unlike OG /pol/ my message is please do NOT kys. 😘

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"So" Orange man "was still having an affair?"


"So" want a cracker and some more kool aide?

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He didn't say HE did it.

Instead, while in Hollywood, during a private conversation, he made the water-is-wet observation that gold diggers and groupies exist and that they use sex to target rich and famous men.


Of course he said it.

He's admitted he said it.

Thank God he did both because doing both proved he's neither a cluelessly naive retard or a liar even when under intense pressure to lie.

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Perhaps this guess is correct.

If it is correct and ""If it doesnt happen on the scale we need" then The Death Cult Regime has won and "we" as a viable political resistance have lost.

And obviously, if that happens The Regime will never allow any REAL do overs or next time second chances.

At that point the only logical thing to FOCUS on 24/7 while "alive" will be ensuring there's a chance that ones inevitable death won't be fatal.

That's the only future worth being concerned about.

Hopefully, this guess will turn out to be incorrect.


President Trump is betting his life plus everyone and everything he treasures that this guess is incorrect?

President Trumps Light Hearted allies are doing all they can do to ensure that President Trump gets what he needs to succeed and ultimately win his bet?

Hopefully more and more people will pitch in and help out while they still can.

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"WHO official admits"

Interdasting timing.

Posted by Zerohedge on the 4 year ANNIVERSARY of PDJT's formal announcement that he was withdrawing American funding from the WHO.


What's today?

April 14

Just three MONTHS after the NWOs Covid PsyOp first started to be publicly deployed?

Those who still sincerely post "Naive Trump didn't know" comments, especially those who convey an I-Know-Better Tween Spirit and toxicity, inspire empathetic chuckles and heartfelt prayers.

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"A day late and a dollar short"

A puzzling reaction to positive news.

Choosing to react by complaining online, rather than choosing to just dispassionately notice or celebrate, wouldn't be a surprising reaction to encounter in other communities but its definitely a surprising reaction in a community for Q trained people.

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Trump was openly anti Big Pharma from the moment he officially declared his presidential run in 2015. (He'd been skeptical of modern vaccines, especially for kids, for many years before he declared his candidacy)

In fact, candidate DJT often mentioned during his rallies that he was surprised that so few realized what a big deal it was that he refused to take Big Pharma $$ or understood the role they played in maintaining The Swamp.

He NEVER changed but fortunately Americans eventually DID start changing by waking up, savvying up and catching up to what he's known for YEARS.

Ironically, some of these newly awakeneds are still in their intellectual tween phase so they are Know-It-Alls who believe Daddy T is a dumb dumb who needs to be educated so he knows what they know.


Hopefully a growth spurt kicks in quickly.

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I won't acknowledge that something was a mistake when I ADAMANTLY disagree that they were mistakes.

Especially the two things mentioned. For me, those two things are two examples of his courage, genius and sacrificial love.

Opiner: He seems like a "vAcCiNe sAlEsMaN" y'all

My response: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Opiner: Hey Q trained frens, "do WE have a good explanation as a CONSENSUS yet?"

My response: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ + ❀ felt πŸ™s

I == a pure blood who avoided falling for The Regimes Covid Fear Porn PsyOps BECAUSE I paid attention to everything President Trump SAID and DID from the very beginning plus I read and pondered the very plainly worded Q/Q+ drops.

Thank God for PDJTs courageous, Light Hearted guidance.

And thank God PDJT had a back channel way to communicate via the Q Op so he had a way to convey that he knew faaar more than what normies imagined he knew.

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Thanks for inspiring me to say a prayer, OP.

I chose the only prayer Jesus taught His followers to say, a prayer said to Our Father.

I focused on just 4 words and on saying them with a child's trusting, "Dad Knows Best" heart:

"Thy will be done".

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Perhaps re reading Qs late 2020 drops around Hunter can help purge these emotional poisons and help prevent more self poisoning reactions in the future.

Learning how to react differently to cues that automatically trigger the release of emotional toxins like anxiety, fear, outrage and hate DOES take work but its definitely worth doing from a psywarefare AND spiritual warfare point of view.

In fact, ultimately, it may be one of the only things worth doing.

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Initially I didn't grasp what Q shared about frequencies. At all.

And likely would have missed it entirely or quickly forgotten it.

However others on the chans were super excited so I paid attention and remembered even though I didn't get it.

And then I tentatively mentioned it to my theoretical physics musician bro who also got super excited and started introducing me to a "brand new world" that had been totally invisible to me but was very familiar to him.

So it goes.


Team Work!!!

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"Multiple meanings exist" --Q

There are typically MANY layers to everything. Even seemingly very, very simple things.

"Expand your thinking" -- Q

Perhaps look for anons digs on energy, frequency and vibration inspired by Q drops and links?

"I see nothing in there about some energy field".

Not seeing something does NOT necessarily mean that something is not there to see.

"Seeing" is related to understanding and recognizing.

What is understood and recognized varies and is dependent on many things including experience, open mindedness and curiousity.

Being in a community like the chans really helps since what is missed by many will be noticed by someone with the niche knowledge to spot it because they recognize its significance.

That person then brings it to the attention of those who glossed over it ie didn't "see it" because it was meaningless "white noise" not worth remembering to their "untrained eyes".

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"Sorry, but"


Things to remember:

Before dissing PDJT:

deploy the Protect MeeEEE Word Spell

which allows this counter...

"But"....."you can't criticize what I said cuz I said "sorry" before I said it".

Which will inspire NOT "sorry" Light Hearted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

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😘 Fortunately, now that you realize youre "a little lacking in humility" you can ask God to help you improve.

Or, since you ARE "lacking in humility" you may decide, at first, to try improving yourself without asking for His help.

Either way, God speed and God bless, anon.

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