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Folks, please remember, there is a lot of smokes and mirrors and illusions, both by Cabal and White Hats. Whatever is happening there we will never get the full picture. This thread is to piece together the best picture we can. I just believe that by the end of all this, the Cabal will be exposed in Ukraine and it will be one of the last pieces of the Plan.

Are you still doubting whether this is an invasion or liberation?

Here is a video of Ukrainians celebrating with Russian troops happy to be liberated after 8 long years of torture

Transcript of Putin addressing the current situation and providing updates (Credit u/DeusVult2)

Updates (credit : u/EchoLight)

Looks like there are seperate operations being carried out by the separatist forces in Donbass, and the Russian military, as as planned.

This is a good summary of where we are at right now

For those wanting clues that this is liberation not invasion, consider the section about Crimea and the availability of fresh water:

Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov reported that desalinators in the Crimea will not be needed and gave the order to prepare the North Crimean Canal to receive Dnieper water.

More detailed news about this from Interfax

Another source for news (needs translation): https://t.me/s/anna_news/21366

34 live webcams from Ukraine shows no damages to people or buildings confirming this is an operation, not invasion. (Credit u/JFKsBoatBell)

Map of Russian strikes in Ukraine (Credit u/Primo17)

Putin Launches "Special Military Operation" In Ukraine, Kiev Calls It "Full-Scale Invasion" (credit u/StageL3ft)

Kiev's foreign minister has declared that full scale invasion of Ukraine is underway.

Putin authorizes special military action against Ukraine.

Ukrainian president Zelensky addressed in Russia vowing to fight Russians without turning their backs.

UN secretary General pleads President Putin, stop your troops

Estonia reports NATO Article 4 Consultations are being held. This would be discussions as to how to respond to the Russian attack, and whether to invoke Article 5 - starting WW3.

Situation Room | LIVE (thanks to u/MAGAhhh_igetit)

Good source for breaking news: https://mobile.twitter.com/ASBMilitary/

Another good source Russel Bentley from the ground.


Good source for clips from the battle area

Airfield in Kiev on fire

Video from Kharkiv after first attacks against it. Picture of a massive explosion there.

Crude oil has shot up as expected. Crypto have taken a tumble. Stock market futures are down.

Q has posted many hints related to Putin. Its worthwhile going through these: Q posts about Putin and Q Posts about Ukraine. The breadth of the things they link to, is fascinating.

The situation is Ukraine is directly related to Uranium One, which while most of us have forgotten, I believe will become relevant. Check out the movie "Sum of All Fears" one of the signatures posted by Q.

Don't forget Q post 4822

Please keep posting up to date info.