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I was more referring to leaky vaccines inciting rampant instability. I agree with the rest of your post :)

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Marek's disease is real. My curiosity is, will the Omicron variant be the variant needed to cull this virus amongst the populace? To become weakly endemic is the goal. COVID will never be ZERO. We can only live with it, mitigate it and treat it with therapeutics. Relying on fake, faulty vaccines is a failing strategy.

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Lord, I second this prayer. Please hear all of us and help us to lift OP and his father up. Please also send your angels down to coax the hospital staff to do the right thing and listen to OP's requests for MCA!

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Peter Navarro says that him and Trump discussed firing Fauci on more than one occasion, but that many of Trump's other staff members interfered. The cover of Navarro's book, "Trump Time", was pointed out by Navarro here as Navarro imploring Trump to kick Fauci to the curb.

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Satan's motive is to get people to believe that good is bad and bad is good. The upside down cross. The mirror. The inverse moral logic.

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You trust Lin over Kyle, the one who was in jail and was being handled by Lin?

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She's going back to the castle in the sky... on the Moon! KEK!!

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Fantastic, more willful murder of elderly and compromised populations; the same game plan around the world. Notably, the 5-6 U.S. Governors in Democrat states who led the sheep to the slaughter.

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Holy KEK, is that a real headline? It's like she's undergoing hibernation and will transform afterwards.

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If only clowns like this were actually fighting for something relevant and important. How about using your thousand-member militia to protest the government's out of control fascism?

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Because "science" has been turned into an upside-down parody of itself that includes a cult-like religious element amongst the COVID crowd. The COVID vaccines are the "body and bread" of the science cult. The masks are the religious talismans they use to attempt to ward off evil spirits (the virus). It's all malarkey.

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That sounds exactly like ADE. I'm hearing reports of vaxxed people getting what would normally be a common cold but being BTFO instead.

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I wonder what the rates of cancers, birth defects and other lifelong consequences of taking these jabs will be? I wonder what sort of fertility issues will arise from them?

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