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I mean, objectively the statement

"both U.S. parties have been taken over by financial criminals and that the U.S. has been a full-blown secret kleptocracy ever since CIA Director George H.W. Bush got the White House.

Is not wrong.... although the corruption has been going on longer than Bush.

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At least when the Crypt Keeper was in power, Pelosi's intentions and actions were no secret. It was known that she was corrupt. With Johnson, we see a sneakier sort complicit role in the swamp's activities. Is he a double-agent? I don't know... but sending more Ukraine aid and not speaking out (pun intended) against the egregious NSA spying legislation certainly has me seething and malding.

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I want to watch this series since I played FO 1, 2, 3 and have yet to play New Vegas but everyone says you can skip 3 and play NV if you are pressed for time.

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Right? How about revoking the ability for foreign land acquisition and that by the likes of Bill Gates? We'd make America great again, that's for sure!

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Overwrite an significant religious observance

Dedicate it to a tranny shooter who murdered Christians

Cry foul when Christians complain

Gaslight them with the media, shaming it as "Christian Outrage" and "MAGA anti-trans bigotry"

Ah, but you see, there's definitely no war against God or anything here. Nope, just a bunch of whiny Christians. Yep. Got it.

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Sort of misleading, as Moderna never admitted these are for jab reactions; however, we know these conditions are brought on by getting jabbed so technically true. The headline just makes it seem like Moderna themselves admitted this.

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Not sure if you remember this, but one of the more egregious instances of Electoralitis was back in 2004 in Washington State's gubernatorial race between Rossi and Gregoire. Gregoire's camp was able to find ballots in the trunk of the car of some electoral workers, which gave her the slim margin she needed to win the race.

“Your election law is not a blank coloring book to be filled in at the desire of a candidate because they don’t like the way an election is going,” said Mark Braden, an attorney for the Republicans. “… Do not change the rules now, in the middle of the process.”

(sound familiar?)


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Disease X, AKA Electoralitis.

Symptoms include:

  • inability to detect fake news and propaganda

  • uncontrollable bouts of mail-in voting

  • memory loss resulting in misplaced or inability to locate one's identification

  • mysterious broken water pipes (excessive hydroscopic inundation)

  • sudden inability to ask uncomfortable questions about systemic insecurities within our voting infrastructure

  • rapid onset blindness to evidence of illegal behavior

Doctors are baffled over this mysterious condition which affects millions of Americans every four years. It's a chronic condition that seems to have no known cure. However, I hear military researchers are currently working on a solution which will hopefully be released very soon. We mustn't let Electoralitis claim any more victims than it already has!

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Thanks, u/Knew2u, I also agree with your post. You're right, many have been toppled already! That said, Diddy is THE guy in the industry, at least from a public standpoint. In any case, I'm absolutely ecstatic that this story is getting traction across the mediasphere and via online social platforms. Good things are coming, Fren :)

edit: MAJOR KEK over getting BobbyJoe'd!!!!

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This is only the beginning. Diddy is the first major domino in the entertainment world. Can't wait for more and more public awakenings to come!

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If the Lincoln Project is full of closet pedo faggots before, they still certainly are now.

Fixed that title for ya, faggots!

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With the theory that all the major crime families are being taken down piece by piece, and considering the fact that most of these powerful rappers are groomed by the Illuminati / Freemasons, we could be witnessing a great reset of the cabal-controlled, CIA-created rap industry. Diddy might be the first domino to fall....

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