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That would just dump gasoline on the dumpster fire.

President Kamala ... lol.

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So either Cates is speaking with authority as if he knows exactly what he's talking about, but withholding information and details.

Or he's speaking out of his ass and using his gut feeling, and not providing details because he's unaware of any.

Brian Cates is the antithesis of anons. Anons value information over celebrity. Brian Cates is providing no information and making grandiose statements apparently for no other reason than to build his own celebrity.

I'm so far beyond namefags who tease information and provide none, who (at best) echo back to us things we already know in the hopes of building a following.

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misleading you

Whatever made you think that Q's disinformation was intended for me?

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Q said the military is the only way, not the SCOTUS.

People have blown this obscure case way too big and put way too much stock in it.

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I am an occultist....I am a pagan......I am a witch.....


I am/was one of you

Clearly not.

I said we collectively need to raise our thought. And our emotions.

To violence. The only reason someone would have of being afraid is fighting. The only reason you sit back in the peanut gallery goading others that they're too afraid is that they're not fighting.

But you won't outright say fighting, because vagueness is what keeps your account from being banned.

Now that we've both fully established that you're a Satanist who clearly doesn't belong here, the next logical step would be for you to take a hike.

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they just start saying that AJ never calls out Jews

I agree with you that people who are focused on whether AJ "calls out the Jews" are wrong for doing so. The whole Jew hatred thing is a pathetic psyop.

So, are you gonna back up your claims?

It all boils down to whether you consider Q as a credible source of information.

Q proved themselves a thousand times over that they are who they say they are. That being, they are military intelligence and coordinate with Trump.

So the full accusation you would be making, if you don't accept Q as a source, is that military intelligence and Trump are compromised or wrong.

Now, take a step back and ask yourself this question.

Just how fucked are you if Trump and military intelligence are compromised?


So here is the sauce I'll provide, one of many Q posts calling out Alex Jones.


If you don't want to accept Q as a source while chatting on a Q board, that's on you.

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Alex Jones is a Mossad asset. The same Mossad who operated Epstein Island. If you think that's a controversial statement, maybe posting on a Q forum isn't for you.

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You're advising people to not take Q at their word like you're some Q expert and you don't even read the Q drops.

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I dont think we are on the same side


You made a proper switch from "we, we, we" to "me, me, me".

You went from pretending you are one of us to blatantly showing you despise us.

Which is all I wanted, for you to take your concern troll mask off and show the glowie faggot beneath.

"Oh, you're afraid!" Of what? What kind of violence are you suggesting everyone engage in, thou glowie faggot?

I'll tell you who is afraid. You. You're afraid to be very specific about what you're asking everyone to do. Because the second you do, you're banned.

Now run along with your faggoty psyop.

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You witnessed with your own damn eyes that Alex Jones and his associates did everything in their power to destroy Q.

Or maybe you were asleep.

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Trump meets with everyone. No underlying meaning should be taken from anyone Trump meets.

He met with Romney after Romney screwed him over, and proceeded to endorse him. Trump endorsed McCain as well, even after he had the very publicized beef with him.

Trump, at one time, endorsed Nancy Pelosi for speaker and said he'd provide votes for her if she didn't have enough from the democrat side.

The MSM isn't going to print any less worse things about Trump than they already were, regardless if he met that guy or not.

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But here we are.....waiting on the end times of 4 horse men or whatever the going biblical psy-op is

Tell me what grand thing you were going to do, but didn't do, because fellow anons weren't holding your hand?

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There is a danger in anyone becoming identified as a "Qanon influencer". We saw the damage that Ron Watkins did when he talked to HBO, representing you. He spoke on behalf of you. He became identified as a leader of you and every other anon.

Because named individuals who claim to represent the anon community become identified as "qanon influencers" and then can be directly attacked.

This shit happens: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-qanon-influencer-juan-o-savin-became-this-midterms-most-worrying-figure

I never voted for Ron Watkins to become a spokesperson for anons. I never voted for Juan O'Savin to become a spokesperson for anons.

He's fucking nutty. He makes unverifiable statements of fact that you simply must accept on a "trust me bro" status, because they cannot be proven.

Anons are not attackable. We have a shield of anonymity around us that Q identified as being vital. Our best characteristics are that:

  • we cannot be directly attacked, because nobody knows who we are
  • Q cannot be defined by us because we don't speak for Q

One of the enemy's main strategies is to taint things by association. If they can show some individual representing a movement is a bad person or crazy, that movement gets degraded by association.

Every time there is a crime, the media zooms in hoping it was a white person who did it, because that means they can leverage that against all whites.

Likewise, if a named anon in the Q movement turned out to be a pedophile, have a criminal history, or goes insane ... the entire movement would be defined by them.

If Juan really cared about bringing about the great awakening, he'd share verifiable information as an anon, not caring whether he was building a following.

Anons are not interested in celebrity, we want verifiable sourced information.

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To be fair, most dead people aren't on social media.

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Trump retruthed a meme that had the wording "PUT AN END TO THE ENDLESS".

It's either one of two things.

Either ...

  • Trump was verifying the new Q is legit.


  • Trump is somehow unaware there is a new Q and is haphazardly promoting memes without understanding their origin.

I think every Trump tweet is well thought out and purposeful. Sure, a delta would be nice, but that meme was also a pretty good confirmation.

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Oh please. As if you have any clue what you're talking about.

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It really pains me to have to say this, but I will just in case you're actually serious.

The emphasis isn't on him dying.

It's on the prediction of McCain "in the news" exactly one month, to the second, from the post and the announced date of death.

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A project involving time travel is really the only means that could accomplish those things....


When Q said McCain would be "in the news" and one month later, exactly to the minute (even with accounting for time zones and daylight savings) ... McCain was announced dead.

What is the more likely explanation ...

  • Q used time travel to know when McCain would be pronounced dead from cancer and then pre-announced it 30 days early.


  • McCain was already tried by a military tribunal, found guilty, Q oversaw his execution. They were in control of the date of his execution and the reporting of the exact time of death.

Not only does Q controlling things pass the Occam's razor test, the Q post serves a purpose with the execution explanation. It shows patriots are in control.

The time travel explanation of that Q post would serve no purpose other than to establish that Q can time travel.

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No one here knows what "Project Looking Glass" means without a level of guesswork involved.

A project that seems to predict the future by controlling the future is a far more likely explanation than some mysterious device that can supposedly see the future.

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Yes, we already knew this.

But that never stopped the dozens of "Q is AI" posts that happened regardless.

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Prophets predict things.

Q is saying they don't predict things. There goes the entire "Q is AI" bullshit psyop out the window.

Q knows things are going to happen because they were planned to happen, which implies Q is controlling things instead of predicting.

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Go ahead, prove me wrong. I dare you.

There is no moment in your life, even if you are a centenarian, where the swastika wasn't a Nazi symbol.

^^ Fact.

Regarding your premise that elites never slightly alter symbols, you're simply wrong. If you've been here long enough, you would have noticed a dozen pedo symbols that have been slightly altered.

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Hey, Nazitard.

You got ratioed back to 40's Germany. That must make you happy.

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