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They have been prepping us.. the sheep to not freak out.. just like you would for a child or pet They used every instance to prepare us for this moment (2 weeks from now 😜). PPE grants for biz, unemployment checks, paused rent = dry run for everyone to be paid for extended time.. just pausing our economy

Shortages.. food, supplies etc. = prepping us to be more self-reliant, less dependent. .. get used to seeing less

High gas/energy prices…. Cut of unnecessary spending and travel,..

Masks/vid = online schooling systems set up, working from home, tele-health, create new habits and priorities

Pompeo post about 2022 year of the parent …. Our Father who art in heaven

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And blame it all (rightfully so) on Biden and the democrats with their RINO buddies also being complicit. Burn it all down.

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Yeah, the Devolution was very much needed for all the dirty but necessary mess that needed to happen

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The key is that domestication leads to the loss of American Values and the rise of GLOBOHOMO.

Want a 2000 mile salad? Synthetic meat? The idea you can’t be healthy through food but only manipulating God’s Design?

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What are you referring to here?

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Urban Domestication is the act of taking a Frontier Spirit and Dynamically Capable person and making them more dependent on Society as a whole.

Removing self-sufficiency and replacing it with Dependency.