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Admittedly, Patriots.win has way more users, there's a bit more energy over there, and they're more up-to-date with new habbenings as they come. It's also an amazing place to find memes.

But the ANXIETY there is off the chart. That's what I love about this place. Most of us here actually believe that nothing can stop what is coming, and that God wins in the end, so we're really pretty calm.

I'm a big sports fan. After many years I came to a realization that I never really enjoyed winning that much. I just hating losing so badly that winning was a relief. A win just meant I could relax a few more days until the next game, where we might lose again.

it wreaked havoc on my emotional state. The right loss could literally ruin a whole week for me. I'd be screaming out for joy one minute, then screaming at my sisters to get out of the living room cause they were bad luck the next minute. I was a monster watching games live.

So one day I decided I wasn't going to watch the games of my favorite teams live anymore. When the outcome is up in the air, everything that happens until the end of the game is just too stress-inducing. I decided just to wait and see who won. If we lost, I wouldn't bother watching. Without the details of the game burned into my brain the sting of the loss didn't hurt so bad or last so long.

I'd only watch if we won. At first I thought this would be boring, but on the contrary, it was awesome. Since I already knew we won I could truly relish every moment. When the other team scored I wouldn't get upset, cause I was basically just watching a movie. I could literally sit and eat popcorn and just enjoy it. It was like "Oh so THAT'S how we won this game..." for 90 minutes instead of chewing on my fingernails.

Over here, we believe that nothing can stop what is coming. We believe that at the end of this movie, God wins. We believe there's a plan, and that the drama that we see will have twists and turns, but that nothing is always what it seems, so we relax, keep an open mind, and explore different ways of looking at things rather than freaking out all the time.

I feel sorry for the guys over on the other site. I know what it's like to have an outcome, and one as critical as the fate of our country, and even the world, up in the air. Hell I can't hardly stand it when it's only sports. But here, we believe that we know how this movie ends. We walk by faith, not by sight. And that's just a better way to live your life if you ask me.

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I think athletics are beautiful, exciting, and a necessary part of human culture. It's just that their current iterations, like many things, are very corrupt.

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The affinity is the disease.

But when we win, the affinity makes it fun. The players also enjoy making their fans feel like winners for a time, even though THEY were the ones who did all the work.

My team winning puts me in an upbeat mood. This is a disease? We've won two straight Stanley Cups, so gimme my third booster! :)

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The Olympics is the most corrupt and there's nothing wrong with liking a team.