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Ok... I am unvacced as is my wife. We caught COVID in 2/2021. It wore us out, drained us for a couple of weeks. I am in a job where I am near a lot of people and am in my late 50's in reasonably good health wife in a few years younger and also in good health. I told my wife I did not trust an untested vac. She was skeptical to say the least, but followed my lead. I have bad allergies and had been very susceptible to sinus infections and would get two or three a year. The wife would get one or two. After COVID we continued with zinc and extra vitamin D and C. Neither one of us had any problems with any illness since. Then last week I got COVID again and my wife picked it up from me a few days later. It has kicked my tail and is really affecting my wife. Can quercetin help. The dr. prescribed only steroids and antibiotics we have both finished our runs of these and are still filling trashed from it