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Gosh, I don’t know, do Jew?

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I’m pretty sure that one time Q said something like “Israel is being saved for last”

And even if the holocaust is 1000% true it’s not an excuse to handover our mass media to a wealthy tribe of people and allow them to brainwash us.

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The Three Gorges dam is a big problem. It’s design and construction were overly ambitious and it holds back way too much water. If it were to break, that water would be moving incredibly fast through a bunch of narrow valleys downstream. The problem is that several large cities are built in these valleys. The fast-moving water would end up breaking other dams downstream. Millions of people wouldn’t get away from the water and they would drown. Tens of millions of people would be displaced.

With a conventional missile you could put a small hole or break in the dam and very quickly the pressure from the water flowing through that break would progressively breakdown the rest of the dam.

The really scary thing is that you don’t need a missile for the dam to fail. We all know that in Chinese construction projects many companies try to cut corners to increase their profits. So it’s possible that some parts of dam are missing rebar or made of weaker concrete.

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Guess who some of their biggest customers are….

People from wealthy Middle Eastern countries who want Halal organs.

Rich Muslims only wants organs from other Muslims.

If you don’t address the problem of the buyers you’re not gonna solve the problem.

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I am here in China. The Chinese government did not mandate any experimental MRNA vaccines. The Sinovec is a traditional weakened virus vaccine.

I teach hundreds of students every week and none of them have died from either Covid or from complications due to vaccination. I did have one student go home last semester for their grandmothers funeral but I did not ask what the cause of death was.

A few months ago when people died in various flooding incidents, the Chinese government did a so-so job of covering up all the deaths in China. Information on the great number of deaths leaked despite their efforts.

My conclusion: Today, people in China are not dying from anything Covid related.

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Headline six months later:

For some mysterious reason, Seattle school children are no longer obese.

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How in the science fiction fuck is Dick Cheney still alive?

Somebody please hire a ninja-electrician to sneak into it his house and shut off his cold, electric heart.

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If we don’t fix shit, this free swinging faggot will be the President of the United States by 2028.

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Colin Powell was a figurehead who was managed.

They abused his trust used his credibility and made him look like a fool.

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I’m here living and working in China right now and life is pretty good. Although my employer did ask us if we had been vaccinated, no one has threatened my job if I continue to decline vaccination.

I have heard no stories of anyone suffering from vaccine damage nor do I know anyone who actually suffered from COVID-19.

Although there were lockdowns last year in my city and there are occasional lockdowns here and there in China, by and large lockdowns are over.

The shelves in the supermarkets are bursting with goods. The only place I wear a mask is on public transportation or in a hospital.

Ironic isn’t it, if you’re a foreigner and you want to live more freely you can do that in China.

Are you mad yet? You should be.

If my employer decides to write vaccination requirements into my next annual contract in June, I will consider getting the Chinese vaccine which contains absolutely no mRNA technology.

You should be really angry.

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The Civil War won’t be international, national or even state versus state.

The Civil War will be local.

We may have to take out the people who implemented bad policies locally.

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“Way too many eyes on this board for this kind of talk.”

You know if I was part of an FBI patriot pacification program, the above is exactly what I would say. I would make people afraid to use their free speech.

That or you’re a fucking coward who’s going to sit back and watch their friends, family and relatives one by one drop dead or be put into quarantine camps.

Given all of what I said above, if I was part of a patriot false flag development program I would be sending private messages to other people on this board to “meet up and make some plans for action”. I’m not doing that and so no, I don’t work for the FBI.

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The problem must be very complicated and hard to solve because Pete doesn’t seem to be able to solve the problem.

Because Pete was told not to solve the problem.

Because Pete was told to make the problem worse.

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Gosh I don’t know why he’d accept money from those types of sources…

Do Jew know why?

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We must never forget that there is a small possibility that the Q psychological operation is simply a well-funded patriot pacification operation.

A globalist with UNLIMITED FUNDS could even trick the president into believing he was part of a movement to overthrow the deep state. But that movement could be designed to fail.

We are talking about a group of evil people who have access to 100 years of communist propaganda and 75 years of Nazi mind control technology. You should never underestimate the power of global elites.

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If one person threatens violence and they’re identified, the FBI can catch them and put them into solitary confinement for as long as they want.

If 40 million people stand up and threaten violence, the FBI can’t do a damn thing.

I may fantasize about offing a governor or two but what really needs to happen is that authorities need to be made aware that they are putting themselves in danger.

When Antifa threatened violence and actually committed violence, what did the government do? They pretty much just let them do it, didn’t they? The authorities and their minions only have as much power as you let them take.

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Yes, I am not a nice person when wronged.

I am not alone.

There are a lot of people out there like me.

The deep state had better learn to fear.

They overestimated their power.

They can bleed too.

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A mandatory vaccination program which may actually only end up killing 2% to 3% of the population is not the kill shot.

That would be the trigger for a limited number of people to freak out and start shooting down hospital administrators or government officials.

Once that starts happening well, then they’ll be a lot more support for universal disarmament in the United States.

The killshot(s) can only come after all Americans are disarmed.

Now it may not be another vaccination kill shot. It could be a one child policy or mass sterilization or whatever they feel like doing. Under the threat of global warming, they could shut down the entire meat industry, open all borders and force us to eat bugs. Without a gun or a fair vote, what are you gonna do about it?

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Oh wait let me speak a language that you understand:

Baah, Baah, Baah….

The next step by evil people will be to mandate experimental medical treatments for children. How long before we stand up and drop a hint that violence may be a response to watching children drop dead one by one?

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Any Q research board should be open to the REMOTE possibility that the whole Q operation is a psy-op being run to pacify patriots until global elites can create the opportunity to disarm us.

If I was a group of global elite bankers with almost unlimited funds I would make sure that I owned and controlled every side of the US political battle.

I am NOT saying that “I am 100% sure this is actually happening right now”.

BUT if 2022 Election comes and the Democrats do NOT lose badly in Congress, my level of suspicion is going to go up a bit.

And if 2024 comes and either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris are still in office they will be able to steal the next election.

In 2024, if Pete Buttigieg becomes our first gay president, he will continue the policies of vaccine passports, red flagging school board terrorists and taking guns away from dangerous Trump supporters.

At that point, yes, I will conclude that the Q operation either failed completely or that it completely succeeded as a patriot pacification project.

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The really sick thing is when these monopolies are oligopolies capture the regulators. Like in the pharmaceutical industry where you see former CEOs or other executives going back-and-forth between positions in pharmaceutical companies and positions in the FDA or CDC.

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