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The testimony sounds like just another attempt to get Trump and those in the upper echelon of the military once again. Captain Nick starts his testimony with his support and respect for the Capital Police. He is ignoring what we all know about the Capital Police and the FBI's role in their "insurrection".

Smells like another cabal attempt to derail their enemy, Trump, to me.

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It's the same damned bunch every time, and yet the American sheeple can't get past the 'muh chosen' indoctrination to see the reality of who is trying to destroy the country and them personally.

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We don't need to destroy all the infrastructure. We only need to destroy those running it into the ground. We don't need all the agencies, but many under the right leadership can benefit all the people.

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In that scenario 90% or more of humans die off.

Anyone that survives has to have knowledge to do three things get water, get food, and build shelter. At the very basics can you make a bow, arrows, cordage, hooks, traps? Do you know how to knap flint? You'll need that kind of knowledge.

The flora, fauna, and climate with play a very important role. Those in more arid lands will have a harder go of surviving than those in areas with more water. Water provides more than just consumption. It also provides for a greater abundance of useable life like fish and plants.

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He is the great cornholio.

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I think there might be a positive angle to the illegals going to the polls.

I think the statement military is the only way does not mean a typical military intervention complete with bombs and bullets.

I believe the military will run the 2024 election. Any illegal that shows up to the polls will be locked up for deportation. This Operation Wetback may be much easier than the last one. They will report for round up of their own free will, and they won't be voting before they leave. Those that don't speak good English might want to keep their asses in hiding. kek

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Why was Snowden working contract at the NSA?

Q told us who Snowden is and what his real job was. Snowden was there to sabotage the NSA after Admiral Rogers had discovered the CIA (cabal) mining the NSA data to use the information against their enemies, the patriots in this country.

Snowden exposed the data collection (spying if you like) because that was his fucking job because at that point the NSA under Rogers, whom Obama removed, was spying on them.

Where the fuck do people think "we caught them all" happened? Even the early videos by Joe M like Plan to Save the World spelled it out to people that they used the technology of tracking the phones to spy on them to hear their plans, and to make counter moves. Who do people think was tracking the cabal's criminals?

Snowden is not a fucking hero. He is not on the side of the American patriots. He was a clown plant at the NSA, and he is still a clown. He is still trying to enlist the people to shut down the venue that took their asses down.

That is why the POS is hiding in Russia, and that is if Putin isn't a whitehat with Snowden under lock and key and doing exactly what he is told.

What would the NSA shutting down the internet do to the cabal's communications? Wouldn't it destroy their ability to keep on coordinating attacks worldwide. Why would the whitehats need ten days of darkness? Wouldn't that be a great advantage to put those being hunted down in the dark?

Did that fucking clown Snowden give a shit when Obama was using the CiA's backdoor into NSA data to target the good guys? Hell no he didn't. He didn't start any shit until they got caught and shut down.

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They need to focus on where that girl is today.

I'd say she was likely passed along, sold, or killed.

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I doubt it. They likely bought it off the genealogy companies like 23 & me. To many American's handed over the keystone to their enemies.

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They did not know, and that is why Silsby got arrested. The Clinton machine went into high gear to get the bitch out of it. The folks taking the bribe to let her go were not the parents, but the corrupt government just like in the corrupt bastards running this country.

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Old Bush also told Saddam Hussein they wouldn't do anything if he invaded Kuwait.

In hindsight it is easy to see that was the invite to start the war on Iraq.

Almost nothing is what it appears when the cabal is involved.

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That drop sounds almost as if it was spoken in the first person by the one that exposed Corsi, yet signed Q.

It is as it appears who exposes Corsi that the FBI tried to blame?

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Or he is trying to save his ass from the gallows in return for a life sentence maybe? A lot of crooks will sell their mother for save their own ass.

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Did Haiti send the thirty children Laura Silsby was shipping out?

Those children were stolen, and I would be willing to bet a lot of the ones that are making their way to the southern border was also stolen and sold on the black market.

The video of the drugged children on the Texas border is just one very good example of what is going on with the child trafficking.

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Biden is doing exactly what the whitehats want done, but they don't want the credit/blame for it. The sheeple are to braindead to deal with what has to happen to free the world of the cabal.

So have your stooges make the "blunders", and take the blame. All the while you get to dog them endlessly for it. It couldn't get more perfect.

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They should have hung her for treason when she returned from Vietnam.

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The sheeple are finally waking up, and the left is shitting their drawers.

He might do it again? No this time he is coming after the puppets for blood, and he has the evidence to get it.

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You ever consider why the cabal would want to end FISA?

Yes it has been abused, but "we have it all" didn't come from illegal searches and spying.

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Companies are not people. They have no 1st Amendment rights.

One of the first issues the SC needs to make clear is a reverse of the liberal SC's rulings that made corporations equal in rights to people.

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