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I have no idea how any of this plays out. And I am okay with that. This is the ultimate and final test of our resolve. If they can't bait us into anything, then they know they are screwed and could very likely give up then and there.

But it is imperative that we stay calm and we stay focused. We are free Americans first and foremost. We are kings and queens of our respective lands. We don't need a President or any over bloated government entity. We are strong. We are independent. We are now and forever free.

If Trump's life becomes compromised, game on. Gloves off, go nuts, do what needs to be done. But ONLY if he is taken out. Otherwise, if you wanna J6 yourselves, you're on your own. We didn't come this far, put up with this much to get stupid and fuck it all up. We came this far to maintain order during the final days of the evil cabal.

So again, unless something catastrophic happens to Trump, and Christ Willing nothing will, stay legal and peaceful and enjoy the show.