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Restraining order is definitely key here, it will also serve as a paper trail of bad behavior on her part and will go a long ways towards keeping you safe. People have killed for lesser things. Definitely invest in Ring cameras and personal defense items. Don't underestimate her dad. You have no idea what she told him.

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Google podcasts is shutting down soon. They told everyone to switch to YouTube.

Wondering if they are doing it to simply stop carrying certain podcasts like Bannon Wardroom, X22, Human Events, etc. Google podcasts allowed a lot of people on who are blocked on YouTube.

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Not sure. I'm just buying with my IRA at a normal brokerage firm.

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  • Rumble is significantly undervalued today.
  • Anticipate significant revenue growth as Rumble deploys the infrastructure to capitalize on its user base and content library.
  • Lock-up risks have been grossly exaggerated, and short-sellers will begin to cover as they realize this over the coming weeks.
  • RUM has 2x or greater upside potential over the next 12 months as the company grows revenue through increased user monetization.
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Good. Navarro is one of the good ones.

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A lot of bases also have a contractor operated self help store (small hardware store) where they can buy DIY supplies to fix their dorm rooms, houses in base housing and unit facilities.

I know Civil Engineering used to keep one room looking awful so they could walk members of Congress through it on a base visit as a way to score more funding. Maybe that is what is going on here.

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Fuck Mikey Weinstein.


He went to USAFA and repaid them by suing them over and over again because he didn't like that the cadet chapel assigns space by how many people of each religion attend school. So if 70% are Protestant ten they get the fancy upstairs, the Catholics get the downstairs because our group is smaller, then the Jewish then the Muslims. He turned everything into some bullshit antisemitism argument and made his whole legal career from being a bitch

Then, after saying how much he loathed USAFA, he sends his children there. What the absolute f**k...if you honestly think the place is antisemitic why would you send your kids there?

Cadets can't even place a written prayer on their corkboard next to their beds, but they are expected to risk their lives for the Constitution while being deprived of their First Amendment rights

F**k the Freedom from Religion foundation. They're a huge scam.

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I'm with you. Second engines on fighter aircraft just get the pilot to the ground faster, in a bad way. Many single engine fighter planes out there so the truth makes no sense unless it is comms.

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My alternate theory is that the plane never took off. The amount of propaganda it would take to turn your typical military pilot to be a traitor to their country is insane. Military pilots are usually very very patriotic.

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Also after a crash two groups show up...the Accident Investigation Board and a Safety Investigation Board.

If no investigation board is present then there was no crash and all of this is puppet show for idiots.

Critical thinking is required for these ridiculous current events.

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I will simply say this. Ejection seats have survival kits in them. The kits include a radio.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • why would a trained pilot use an open phone line and not the encrypted radio?
  • why would the wingman in the second F-35 not follow the plane after verifying that his fellow pilot was safe?
  • ejection seats have beacons so finding the pilot was never a problem.
  • why would the local sheriff be guarding the wreck and not USMC police that is trained to secure a crash site involving highly classified equipment?
  • the only way to remove a tail number from the inventory is through a crash, why would that be relevant here? Who would want to buy an F-35?
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I would say the Saudi Arabia is not a singular entity.

Prince MBS is much different than Prince Al Waleed bin Talal.


Based on what Jan Halper-Hayes said Trump saved MBS in Las Vegas. MBS then cut off bin Talal and took the family money back (after hotel imprisonment and torture).

I think the Saudis are cleaning house just as much as the US is trying to do.

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"Whatever is opposed to life itself, such as any type of murder, genocide, abortion, euthanasia, or wilful self-destruction, whatever violates the integrity of the human person, such as mutilation, torments inflicted on body or mind, attempts to coerce the will itself; whatever insults human dignity, such as subhuman living conditions, arbitrary imprisonment, deportation, slavery, prostitution, the selling of women and children; as well as disgraceful working conditions, where people are treated as mere instruments of gain rather than as free and responsible persons; all these things and others like them are infamies indeed. They poison human society, and they do more harm to those who practise them than to those who suffer from the injury. Moreover, they are a supreme dishonour to the Creator".

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